8 Kids Thanksgiving Crafts

November 8, 2013

I’m so excited to share some awesome Kids Thanksgiving Crafts with everyone.  These are all great because they can vary in age level and ability, and things the whole family can do together.  I love great ideas that bring everyone together to share good times.  Kids Thanksgiving Crafts

These First Thanksgiving Bead Bracelet by 365ish Days of Pinterest are perfect kids Thanksgiving craft.  You can teach your kids about the first Thanksgiving, while keep their hands busy.  It can serve as a reminder of why we have Thanksgiving and where the tradition came from.


This Leaf Banner by Rad Mom Cool Kid is such an easy, but cleaver idea.  I love it.  The family can take some time together, gather some amazing leaves, and come back and make this cute banner to hang up, and make things feel more like fall.  I love the simplicity of this, but it’s totally adorable.  We have so many extra leaves, and I think I’m going to have to do it.


I’m loving this Felt Feather Garland from Pretty Providence.  This is a great craft that you could easily let your child be involved in, and have such a fun result at the end.  I love the sparkle that she added to one of her leaves.


Aren’t these Gumdrop Turkeys from Events to Celebrate adorable?!?  I am totally in love with them.  This would be such a perfect activity to do with the kids while they are waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to finish up.  


I think this Pumpkin Pie Playdough from Dresses n’ Messes is such a fun and cleaver idea.  My kids LOVE playdough, so I think the addition making it a kids Thanksgiving craft is great!  This can keep anxious kids busy while waiting for dinner too!  Love it.


I love the idea of bringing nature inside with this Thankful Tree.  I think it’s so good to help kids, and ourselves remember the things we’re thankful for and to see the blessing we already have around is all the time.the thankful tree header

Oh this Hand Print Turkey by 365ish Days of Pinterest is so adorable!!  I love the layer effect of it, and it’s always so fun to see the different size hand prints from everyone in the family.  Then in later years it’s so fun to see how everyone has grown and changed.


This DIY Fall Wind Chimes for Kids by The Benson Street is so great!!  It’s collections of nature  combined with things that you already have that could make noise.  Such a simple idea, but awesome for families to work together on.Cute-Fall-Craft-for-Kids-Fall-Wind-Chimes-at-thebensonstreet.com_


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