Peppermint Kissed Christmas Popcorn

November 11, 2013

Christmas Popcorn   Are you ready for these amazing and easy peppermint kissed Christmas popcorn? They are SO easy you guys.  Only 3 ingredients are needed.  It’s true!  Of course, you can add (or subtract … if you really wanted to for some reason). Let’s dive right in.

What you’ll need:
Popcorn – I used just under 10 cups and it worked great.
1 package Candy Cane Hersey Kisses
1 cup M&M’s – I used the Christmas ones.

First of all, make sure you don’t have unpopped kernels in your popcorn.  That’s no fun to bite into when you’re not expecting it. Next you’ll want to unwrap all those kisses (it really doesn’t take as long as it sounds like it does), and put them in a microwave safe bowl.  Put them in for 30 seconds, stir, and repeat.  After that, mine were melted enough after stirring them a second time, that it was fine.  You don’t want to over melt them or they could go all weird on you.

Christmas Popcorn 1

Pour the kisses over the popcorn and stir until all the popcorn is covered. Add in the M&M’s and stir really well.  You can add more if you’d like.

Popcorn 3

Lay wax paper on a cookie asthma sheet, and you can either spread it all onto the cookie sheet, or use a 1/4 cup measure, and dish that out onto a cookie sheet covered in wax paper.

Popcorn 5

Put that in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to harden up the chocolate. Break up into chunks if you just spread it all onto to the cookie sheet.  If you did the balls it’s the perfect size to put in little baggies and tie with a cute ribbon, and tag to give to a friend.  🙂  It’s also the perfect size to just pop in your mouth and savor the awesome Christmas popcorn balls taste that is super yummy.  🙂

Alternatives: Omit M&M’s for some other candy you love. Use peppermint M&M’s instead. Use Oreo’s instead. Add candy canes for more peppermint flavor.

I’m so excited to be participating in a Virtual Bake Sale hosted by Our Thrifty Ideas!  Check out all the other awesome bloggers that have been baking this month too!  🙂

Christmas Popcorn 1

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