Hulk Birthday Party

November 15, 2013

Hulk Party Ideas

We just celebrated a birthday in our house, and it was a Hulk Birthday Party.

It was super easy, low key, and fun.  I love having low key, but fun parties, so this was perfect.  Since my 4 year old doesn’t have a ton of friends (yet), we just invited a couple little neighbors over, and of course he has 5 siblings, so it was 8 kids.  🙂 I found some of these ideas on Pinterest.  Some we changed up to do how it would work for us, or what was easiest to do in the moment. Alright, lets get this Hulk Birthday Party started.

Cake and Pudding:
The pudding cups are all over Pinterest.  Easy really, just vanilla pudding with green coloring, divided into individual small plastic cups, topped with crush Oreos. The cake I just made up, and it turned out good (I think … it’s easy, and obviously homemade, lol, but sometimes that’s fine).  I just made a cake mix, then divided it into two rounds, and then stacked the cakes with frosting in the middle.  Then I just made the icing green and added crushed Oreos for the hair, and some black frosting (from a tube) for facial features.  I guess I love that it totally matched the cups, exactly, so it was kind of funny.  My 4 year old knew who it was, and loved it, so it’s good.
Hulk Birthday Cake

Party Favors:
Because I didn’t have a lot of other kids coming, I thought it’d be fun to do Hulk masks.  I found them on Pinterest (of course), and pinned them to my party board.  They were easy, and simple.  It was a lot of fun.  I made crows for the girls, I figured I’d want them more than a Superhero mask – although I’m sure some girls would love the mask too.  I also grabbed some 87 cent cups and some stickers, and then frosted animal cookies that were green and white and some green fruity toostie roll things, to add to the cup.
Superhero Masks

Hulk Birthday Party Games:
We had the mask and hands on the front door (obviously from the above picture), and my husband just taped the mask on, and then used strings to keep the hands in place.  We just were running low on time to do anything else that might stay on the cold door.  It worked and looked fun.

We had everyone put on the mask and gloves and be the Hulk as they smashed down towers.  We used whatever boxes we could find in 5 minutes, and other on Pinterest were more prepared and made them wrapped and looking like buildings.  So … you can make it WAY more fancy, or just wing it and it’s still super fun for the kids.  🙂
Hulk Party Ideas 2

The next game we did was a laser game. I found it for a Superhero party, and it’s probably not Hulk related per say, but I thought it was still super fun. We just taped the paper in crazy ways through the hall way, and at the end they found their party favors. They kept doing it until it all fell down. 🙂
Hulk Party Ideas 2

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