Thanksgiving Printables Letter

November 20, 2013

I put together this Thanksgiving Printable. I love to help my kids remember those things they’re grateful for, but also the people they’re grateful for.  I also LOVE to help remind them of the PEOPLE they are grateful for.

I gave each of the kids one of the Thanksgiving Printables, and then I told them they could draw a picture or write a letter to someone they were grateful for.  We’d mail the letter, or hand deliver it, as needed.  It could be to anyone!  It was so fun!  One of the kids sent one to his grandma, another to her cousin, and the others picked friends.  They LOVED it.

I feel like often we remember the fabulous things that are all around, but sometimes forget about the many, many individuals that we are grateful for!  You can get my free Thanksgiving printables here.

Thanksgiving Printables


Who are you grateful for this holiday season?

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