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November 24, 2013

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Extra Gum Stocking Stuffer #shop

I love finding awesome stocking stuffer ideas that don’t cost a lot, and are awesome at the same time!  This week my kids and I have been working on a little project for their friends using Extra Gum that we bought while at Walmart, and a variety of other candies … but I think it’s something that we are going to secretly do for them as well (since they’re all begging to have one themselves!).

These really are so easy and so easy to personalize!  Which is what I love the most about them.  Here are a few samples of what we made and what we used.

Materials Needed:
2 Extra gum packs (15 sticks/pack) – get one to use for the base, and then another that you open and use individual sticks.  We love their mint flavors, they have 3 to pick from.
Circle candies (any variety, I wanted mine to be wrapped so they could be eaten)
Square candy
Any other creative candy ideas you can come up with, lol.
Hot glue gun (and sticks)

As a side note, as much as we hot glued everything, the kids picked what candy they wanted, and then I let them push the candy onto the package where they wanted it to be.  It turned out great.

Alright, so we started out by putting the “wheels” on first.Extra Gum Stocking Stuffer #shop 1

Then we put the “bumper” and the “spoiler” on next.
Extra Gum Stocking Stuffer #shop 1
After that we got creative and made some “seats” use 2 square candies just glued on the back edge.
Some of the kids really wanted a “steering wheel” also.Extra Gum Stocking Stuffer #shop 1

With this one, we used the individual gum pieces and glued those to the sides to make the sleigh blades.
Next I took a piece of gum, and a pencil and rounded the gum slightly.  I glued that (on it’s edge) to the back of the Extra package.  I repeated this step but glued it to the other piece of gum, so that I got the taller back to the sleigh.
Extra Gum Stocking Stuffer #shop 1

You could repeat that and put one piece on the front as well to get more a sleigh look.
To make more a bench we took 2 square candies and glued them together, and then glued 2 other ones on the edge/back of those.

Wreath Ornament (teacher gift):
I love these because they’re easy, quick, and can totally be a cute ornament.
Just grab some round candies and glue them in a circle around the gum package.
Add a cute little ribbon, and you’re good to go!
Extra Gum Stocking Stuffer #shop 1

Extra Gum Stocking Stuffer #shop 1

 Princess Carriage:
My almost 3 year old loves princesses so we made a princess carriage for her to give to her BFF.  She loves it.  It’s simple, but turned out pretty dang cute.Extra Gum Stocking Stuffer #shop 1

This was a simple one as well, but festive for the holiday’s.  Just glued the rolls on in the shape, and then glued the ribbon on the back.  It’d be cute on a tree for a fun little surprise gift as well.Extra Gum Stocking Stuffer #shop 1

My kids area always begging for gum, so I really think I’m going to have to make some of these for some stocking stuffer ideas for them. I love these! Easy, affordable, and a great family project that focuses on others. Perfect for the holidays.

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