Healthy Family Smoothie Recipes

November 26, 2013

Healthy Smoothie - Simplis

Every morning we have a smoothie. Well, almost every morning.  It’s a quick and easy recipe, but we love it, and we rarely change it up.  We’ve tried a couple other healthy smoothie recipes, but always come back to this basic one. Here it is in all it’s glory.

Simplistically Sassy Healthy Family Smoothie Recipe
*2 Bananas
*1 serving of carrots
*1 cup yogurt
*1 TBSP of honey
*3 TBSP of ground Flax
*1 serving Spinach
*2 cups strawberries
*1 cup mixed berries

Healthy Smoothie - Simplis

First you’ll add in the bananas,  carrots, spinach and yogurt.  Blend that up until there are no more chunks.Healthy Smoothie - Simplis

Next you’ll add the ground flax.Healthy Smoothie - Simplis

Then you add the berries.  Again, blend until no chunks remain.Healthy Smoothie - Simplis Healthy Smoothie - Simplis

Pour into a cup and enjoy.  These awesome yellow cups, are the same ones we use EVERY time we have a smoothie.  They’re our designated smoothie cups, lol.Healthy Smoothie - Simplis

What are some of your favorite healthy smoothie recipes?

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