20 Family Service Ideas

December 4, 2013

20 Family Service Ideas

I’m so excited to share 20 Family Service Ideas today. I love getting my kids involved in good deeds.  I think the holiday’s are always a fun time to help others and brighten someone else’s day.  There are so many fun things to do, and so many great things that can be done with small or large families, young or old families!  Here are a few fun ideas that we came up with!

1. Participate in Project Linus (a national charity you can make and donate blankets to, such as fleece blankets, and they donate them to pediatric units at the local hospitals).
2. Make dinner for a family, friend or neighbor that may need some extra love/help.
3. Participate or start a Sub-For-Santa.
4. Participate in a Giving Tree. These can often be found at various retail stores.
5. Volunteer your time at the Food pantry, or some place similar.
6. Deliver Christmas cookies to brighten someones day.
7. Donate some stuffed animals to your local police or fire station (these are used some a child is involved in a situation when police/fire cars/trucks come).
8. Donate to a local children’s hospital. Their website may have a section of various things they need, or you could call and ask.
9. Donate warm clothes to the homeless in your area.
10. Help someone unload their grocery cart in the parking lot of the grocery store.
11. Return carts to the cart return next time you’re at the store.
12. Make cards for out of town relatives letting them know you miss them and are thinking of them.
13. Donate money to the Salvation Army people standing outside.
14. Pay for someone else’s meal (in the drive thru, just tell them you want to do that, or you could give a free meal coupon to someone at a restaurant, etc).
15. Compliment someone you don’t know.
16. Visit a nursing home – ask if there is someone that doesn’t get many visitors that might want some. Or put on a family program and carol.
17. Give to a local toy drive.
18. Carol within your neighborhood.
19. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a long time, or have your kids call a relative they haven’t seen in a long time.
20. Do simple small services to your own family members. Make a fun game out of it each day.

What are some of your family service ideas? Do you encourage your kids and family members to do family services?

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