Santa Wreath Tutorial

December 12, 2013

Santa Wreath Tutorial

I’m super excited to bring back and share this Santa Wreath Tutorial with you all again.  It’s one of my FAVORITE Christmas decorations.  It’s so easy, and so adorable!

Materials Needed:
Wrapped Straw Wreath
Fuzzy Yarn
Fun Fur Yarn
Santa Hat
Glue Gun

First thing you’ll want to do is grab your fuzzy yarn.  You’ll want to wrap it about 2/3 the way around the wreath.  You can see that mine has gaps in it.  You can fill them in but you also don’t have to.  When you’ve done about 2/3 the way around, you’ll want to wrap it across to make the mustache part of the beard.  I wrapped mine about 3 times.Santa Claus Wreath  1

Santa Claus Wreath 1

Next, you’ll use you’re fun fur.  You’ll wrap it like you did with the fuzzy yarn, and you can fill in those gaps a little bit more.  Wrap this the exact same way, and also wrap across the wreath to create more a mustache look.Santa Claus Wreath 1

Alright, now you’ll want to see how your Santa hat fits.  Mine was totally not big enough (like, even for my little kids heads, this hat was really little).  I just cut mine right up the back, until when I set it on the wreath it wrapped around properly.Santa Claus Wreath 1

Before gluing my hat on, I got my ribbon (that is sheer here, so it’s harder to see), and I wrapped that around the wreath where I wanted it to be. Then I grabbed the glue gun, and just went to town with it.  🙂  Once it looked right, I let things dry and settle.
Santa Claus Wreath 1

Then you can hang it on your door for all to enjoy your adorable little Santa wreath.


I’m so excited to to be a part of A Crafty Christmas today!!  To check out Emily’s awesome site, you can click on the image.

Crafty Christmas

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