Meal Plan Printable

January 21, 2014

Meal Plan Printable

Having an easy to follow meal plan printable is so helpful in figuring out what you’ll make for any meal.  There are so many out there that help plan dinner, but I always want to know what we’re having for all 3 meals.  I’ve also included a free Grocery List as well!  I’ve found that doing so helps save money and time. 

The best part is, you could print off any color that you’d like, laminate it (at any local copy/print shop) for fairly cheap, and then you can use a dry erase marker to reuse it over and over.

Meal Plan Printable: Just click on which color you’d like, and print.  🙂

Black Meal Plan
Blue Meal Plan
Teal Meal Plan
Red Meal Plan
Green Meal Plan
Purple Meal Plan
Orange Meal Plan

Grocery List Printable: Click on the color you’d like and print.  🙂

Black Grocery List
Blue Grocery List
Teal Grocery List
Red Grocery List
Green Grocery List
Purple Grocery List
Orange Grocery List

Do you think having a meal plan printable is helpful?  What about having a grocery list you can just write things down as you go?  If you haven’t tried using a meal plan printable, try it out for a little while and see how it goes, and let me know!

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