Valentine’s Day Heart Attack (from you to your kids)

February 11, 2014

It seems like when people talk about coming from a large family, their biggest complaint is that they didn’t get the attention they wished they wanted.  Having a large family, that is always one of my concerns.  I don’t want my kids to feel like they aren’t loved or cared about because I was busy helping the babies, and they felt neglected in some area of life.

I love to make holiday’s fun in some way.  I’m still working on this in a major way.  But I’m slowly getting better at making the “super fun for kid” holiday’s awesome.  

Valentine's Day Heart Attack by Simplistically Sassy

As I got thinking about it, I decided I need to give each of my kids their own Valentine’s Day heart attack.  🙂  I always thought that was so fun to see/do growing up.  I also thought it’d be a great way to show each of the kids that I was thinking about them (as an individual) and that I took the time to do something specifically for them.

It was such a fun surprise for them.  I did it while they were in school so they had no idea that it was going on.  It also (somehow!) worked out that my littles (the 3 that aren’t in school) were super pre-occupied and didn’t come searching me out until after I’d finished their rooms (which I did first).  No idea how I lucked out. 

Valentine's Day Heart Attack by Simplistically Sassy

All you’ve got to do is cut out a bunch of hearts.  I have a Shilloutte — which I think was a necessity with how many hearts I had to do for all the kids, lol.  It took a bit of time still, but not too bad.  I cut out 20 hearts for each of the kids.  I wrote little sayings on about half of the hearts.  I grabbed some masking tape, and headed up to their bedrooms.  I decided to decorate their closet doors so they  could see them, and be reminded that they’re loved.

It’s simple, adorable, and the kids were so thrilled to find a fun surprise in their room when they got home (or for the littles, I had them close their eyes as they walked in their rooms.  Even my 18 month old was so excited about it).  

Do you have a tradition you like to do on Valentine’s Day for your kids?

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5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Heart Attack (from you to your kids)

  1. Amy

    What a fun idea! And so fun they were all surprised! For valentines day, each person in the family makes our own valentines box the first Monday night in February and they sit on the kitchen counter until February 14th. Through the following days, we write each other cards or give each other treats and have fun opening them together on valentines day.

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