The Perfect S’more Bar

April 23, 2014

S'More Bar by Simplistically Sassy  Spring break was approaching.  I wanted to find something super fun to do that week, well, several things. I wanted our family to spend time together, doing fun things, and making fun memories.   Last summer we ended up buying a little fire pit.  I love a good fire, roasting hot dogs, roasting mallows, making s’mores, ya know, all that fun stuff.  I decided we were going to have a grand time the Friday night of spring break.   Well, there was a slight problem with it all.  My husband doesn’t really love chocolate, neither does my 3 year old for that matter.  In fact, both prefer graham crackers with only mallows.  If they do have chocolate with them, they’d rather have which chocolate.  This is when I came up with the idea of doing the perfect s’more birth control bar.   S'More Bar by Simplistically Sassy I grabbed some regular chocolate bars, a peanut butter cup bar (perfect you guys!  Seriously, it’s a PB cup, but in a form of a bar instead of a cup, so it’s a perfect fit for a s’more bar.  I also grabbed a cookies n’ cream bar to mix things up for my husband and have something that he and my 3 year old would, hopefully, love.  S'More Bar by Simplistically Sassy As for the marshmallows, I had to go with some big classics.  Those are always perfect plain, and in a s’more.  Peeps were in season, and a MUST try for a s’more bar.  Adds another element that was super fun and the kids were SO excited.  There were like 4 other marshmallow flavors, and I went with vanilla (ya know, since my family like that flavor).  Those were yummy too. You could get super creative in your s’more bar here though and get loads of various flavors. S'More Bar by Simplistically Sassy I snapped a picture of each of my kids eating their s’mores.  Or in my daughters case, just before she crunched right in.  I love the various faces of the kids.  They all had a blast with picking their favorites from the s’more bar, and it’s something we will totally do again for a fun family treat.

S'More Bar by Simplistically Sassy

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