Helping Kids eat Healthy

May 4, 2014

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Recently I’ve set a goal to eat better.  Like a lot better.  Recently, I also decided if that was going to happen, then I need junk out of my house, and out of my pantry and cupboards.  Know what that meant?  Getting my kids on board.   Know what I did?  I clean out my pantry.  I posted this picture on Instagram recently.  See … totally cleaned up and out.  I did the same to my fridge … but no pictures sorry (must have been busy with those littles and dinner at the same time, lol).  Healthy Pantry

I decided that fruit and veggies, and protein all needed to be more of the snack star in our lives, rather than bread, treats and crackers.  So, I got rid of the crackers (mostly) and only have bread for lunch time, and not every day.  You’re probably wondering what in the heck I feed my kids for snacks (I would be if I were you).  I pulled this together as an after school snack.  For the record, I don’t always get around to making snacks looks so awesome and put together.  🙂  Sometimes the kids get to things before they ever get on a plate, lol.Helping Kids Eat Healthy by Simplistically Sassy

You can see that the kids ate it right up.  I just pulled out any fruit I had that was easy to throw on there.  You could easily add grapes, cuties, oranges, etc.  As for veggies, my kids are just PICKY!  So carrots is a constant because all six kids will eat them.  You of course could do celery, peppers, small tomatoes, etc. I put some peanut butter in the middle to dipping, and added 2 different cheeses in there too.  As a side note, my kids were getting mad at each other for not passing the tray fast enough, lol.Healthy snacks for kids

As far as drinks go, I found this fun drink that has great protein in it and is like a strawberry smoothie.  The kids loved it.  All of them said it was like drinking strawberry yogurt, lol.  It was not quite as thick as yogurt though.  We liked it and would buy it again.  Lifeway Kefir also carries frozen bars, fro-yo, Greek styles, kids products, etc.  I was really hoping my local grocery store would have some the bars or for-yo, and they didn’t.  I’m for sure keeping an eye out for them.  They also have a huge variety of flavors, so make sure to check them out.  Sweet ideas for the whole family.Helping Kids Eat Healthy by Simplistically Sassy

Beyond snacks, we’re also making an effort to implement protein in every meal.  We love smoothies an sometimes add protein powder to those.  My husband added some of the Lifeway Kefir to our smoothie and it was so great!  Loved it. We also have eggs for breakfast some mornings.  My husband made a great recipe for protein waffles I’ll have to share.  My kids devoured them!  For lunch, there is always nut butters for dipping, and for a sandwich.  At dinner we’re trying to have chicken in various ways and steak, or even add beans to various things.  

It’s a big change for our family, and it won’t be easy every step of the way.  All eight of us are going to be branching out, but it’ll be great once we’re more used to it.  I’ve been amazed how I have a hard time tolerating certain foods now.  I’m excited to share healthy ideas, recipes, products, and our experience as we continue to a healthier lifestyle.  

Last of all, I couldn’t leave out this gem … my 22 month old climbed onto the table to get the snacks.  She gobbled her drink down, and then couldn’t wait any longer.Healthy snacks for kids

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