Why Motherhood is Hard

May 21, 2014

Why motherhood is hard by Simplistically Sassy

Each week we have a family night.  We get together, look over the weeks calendar and happens, then each person is in charge of something different.  We have a prayer, sing a song, read a scripture, recite an article of faith, then we have a lesson on various religious topics, and then we have an activity, and a fun little treat.  

Recently, were talking about service and importance of helping each other.  You see, we have some large garden areas that needed to be weeded, and the kids were less than thrilled.  If I’m being honest, I wasn’t too thrilled either, but I also understand that importance of clearing the weeds, so we can lay the fabric that will keep the weeds out, so we don’t have so many.

For the lesson portion of our family night, we watch this video on service.  I was struck by some of what was said.

“Mothers suffer pain and lose of personal priorities and comforts to bare and rare each child. Fathers adjust their lives and priorities to support a family… None of this service asks what’s in it for me, all of it requires setting aside personal convenience for unselfish service”

See, I think sometimes I forget that motherhood is hard.  That sounds silly, since I spend all day/night with my kids.  I think though, that I forget that it’s SUPPOSED to be hard.  Why motherhood is hard has to do with the quote above … I’m setting aside my personal priorities most of the time, to make my KIDS my personal priority.  I think what’s SO hard about that, is finding balance and not losing who we are, even if our priorities have shifted.  

How do we do that though?  How do we keep our identity?  Do we have a new identity as a mother or even as a wife?  Or do they just add to our identity? 

I think finding that balance (oh, that infamous life balance) is how we can do that.  That is why motherhood is hard.  Finding something that makes you feel rejuvenated and like you can face all that motherhood brings you, is what can keep our pre-motherhood identity alive.  However, I also think that once we’re mothers, our identity is forever changed.  It’s added to what we’ve already built ourselves to be.  Sometimes we have to set aside the identity that we’ve built for ourselves to help build the identity and morals of our children.  That’s SO hard sometimes!  It’s overcoming that selfish part of us all and setting aside our desires to help strengthen, and teach our kids.

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2 thoughts on “Why Motherhood is Hard

  1. Karen Bourne

    I like your thoughts. Thanks for sharing. I love that quote about what mothers and fathers give.

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