EcoCarpet Cleaning Service Review = AWESOME!

May 26, 2014

Just over 4 years ago we were fortunate enough to be able to build a house.  While my husband was in school we’d drive around to smaller towns surrounding the college and pick out the houses we liked, the neighborhoods we’d love to live in and sometimes we’d even walk through the model homes.  We didn’t really think we’d ever get to live in one of those neighborhoods, but life worked out just so (and really, it was kind of miraculous how things played out) and my husband got a job in the area, and we were able to do what we’d hoped and planned to do.

When we first moved into our house, we had a 4, 3, 1.5 year olds and 6 month old.  Two of the kids were still in diapers … and two were yet to even join our already crazy crew.  If you’re a parent of littles you know how quickly they can make a mess.  As life progressed and kids got away from me before I ever noticed the food and drinks were out of the kitchen.  Life was going on, and so things happen.  There was running in and outside and that was MESSY before we got grass in.  The carpets and took quite the toll.  

I was able to team up with EcoCarpet Cleaning Services and try out their awesome service.  I was excited to see if they could get some tough spots out.  I decided we’d have them work on our heavy traffic areas – the family room, the stairs, and the upstairs hallway.  That’s for sure where we are always going and coming from.  

First off, when they first got there, they came and checked everything out.  He then explained that all their products were safe to have kids around, and that it wouldn’t be an issue for them.  That was a huge relief.  I always remember growing up when we’d get our carpets cleaned it would smell for hours.  That was never an issue at all.  It was fantastic.  My kids were totally fascinated by the entire thing and had a great time watching.  I will be using EcoCarpets Cleaning again for sure.

Here are the results!  As a quick side note – the lighting on the carpet is different since it was obviously done at different times of the day.  So the color varies a bit.  But I promise, the stains looked the same either way and the clean really is clean, not just the color change from lighting.  🙂

This was the worst part of my family room.  Looks SO much better!EcoCarpet Cleaning Review by Simplistically Sassy

Here is my hallway.  I feel like you can’t really tell as much with this one, but the worst was right by the top of the stairs.  It’s a lot better too.  Thank goodness!EcoCarpet Cleaning Review by Simplistically Sassy

Last is the stairs.  This image is the edge of one stair.  Oh, man.  They were all so blackish and gross.  I couldn’t stand looking at them.  Lol.EcoCarpet Cleaning Review by Simplistically Sassy

Just to keep things real – since I like to do that … My 22 month old totally spilled milk on the carpet like 4 hours after it’d be cleaned.  Sigh.  Just breakin’ it back into real life (and for the record, she took it in there while I wasn’t pay attention and tried to clean it up herself, lol).

Make sure to check them out.  I’m glad I was able to work with them, and for their great service!  Thanks!!  

EcoCarpet Cleaning Service
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  1. Vanessa Barker

    What great results. I love to clean carpets as part of my deep spring cleaning.

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