Simple Baking Birthday Party Ideas

June 5, 2014

Simple Baking Birthday Party by Simplistically Sassy

I love throwing parties.  While they aren’t always super extravagant like I seem to always see on Pinterest, my goal is to have the guests, and the guest of honor, leave with a smile on their face.  I loved pulling this party together.  I talked about the aprons I made for each of the guests in this post here.  Now, on to the details and the smiling faces.  🙂

Invitations: I decided to go simple and just create them on my own.  I went to the dollar store and grabbed some rubber scrapers.  They came in a variety of sizes, but that was fine with me.  I punched a hole in the invitation and used a ribbon to attach the rubber scraper.  I love how it turned out.  You could also use wooden spoons or measuring spoons or even cups. Simple Baking Birthday Party Invitations by Simplistically Sassy

Simple baking birthday party ideas:
Make easy chef hats using poster board for the bottom part, and a piece of tissue paper taped or stapled.  I wrote each of the guests names on the hats to make them more personal.
Buy or make aprons for each guest.Child Apron by Simplistically Sasy
Make sugar cookies and decorate them. Have the kids cut out sugar cookie dough first thing.  Bake while you move to another activity. Also, I realize they’re frosting cupcakes, and apparently that’s all I took pictures of, lol.  But I love this picture.Simple Baking Birthday Party Activities by Simplistically Sassy
Frost cupcakes.  Make the cupcakes the day before so they’re nice and cool.  Make the frosting ahead of time (or use store bought, and you can always color it if you get white).  Simple Baking Birthday Party by Simplistically Sassy
Make mini pudding pies.  Just whip up some instant pudding, and let the girls scoop some in their mini graham cracker pie crusts.  Throw them in the fridge – but don’t forget to hand them back out!

The day before the party, I made up some sugar cookie dough, and stuck it in the fridge covered.  I also made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes available so everyone could have what flavor they wanted.  I got enough frosting to frost the cupcakes and the cookies, and I made sure I had sprinkles on hand.  

Party Favors:
Obviously the kids got the hats and aprons.  However, I also wanted them to have something to take all their treats home in.  So I went to the dollar store and grabbed some cake keepers.  Then I used my Shilouette and added each of their names to keep track of all of them. It worked out perfectly.  Simple Baking Birthday Party Favors by Simplistically Sassy

Once everyone was done decorating we let the girls run and play outside.  It was perfect because by then they were ready to get out some energy.  It was really fun, and the guests had a blast!

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  1. Jenny

    Looks like super fun. I loved cooking at that age. I can’t imagine this being anything but a total hit. The hats and aprons are adorable.

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