Simple Twin Size Quilt Pattern

June 9, 2014

Piecing Your Backing:
1. Measure the length and width of your quilt.
2. Add 8 inches to the length and width. For example:
Width – 72” + 8” = 80”
Length – 96” + 8” = 104”
3.Then divide the length by 36 inches (to figure out how many yards are needed, and 36 inches is equal to one yard).  In the example below you can see that for the length, we’d need about 3 yards.
104” divided by 36” (1 yard) = 2.88 yards (just round it up to 3 yards).
4. In the above example, we have 80 inches, and the width of fabric usually comes in 45 inch width. So, we will need an addition 3 yards to cover that space as well.
5. Fold your backing length wise, then in half so you can cut it into TWO three yard pieces.
6.You now have two pieces that are about 3 yards (about 104 inches) x 44/45 inches.
7. Cut your edges to be nice and clean. 
8. Then sew the long edges together using a 5/8” seam allowance.  
**This is the ONLY time you ever use a 5/8” seam in a quilt.  
9. Sew and press the seam OPEN and your backing is ready. 
**This is the only time you’ll press the seam open.

** Doing it this way, you will have more then the required extra 8” (4” all the way around the quilt top gives the long arm quilter plenty of room for the machine rollers, if that’s the route you decide to go).  

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20 thoughts on “Simple Twin Size Quilt Pattern

  1. Stephanie T

    Love this kara! I cannot tell you how many quilts I would do if my mom had a long arm quilting machine! Holy moly you are one lucky gal!!

    1. Laurie

      Can you please give me the finished size of this quilt? I love it, and am going to make it with my granddaughter! Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt and pattern!

  2. April

    I love this! But maybe I’m understanding everything…is there a 1/2″ difference between the horizontal sets and the vertical sets? What am I missing? Lol, I’m trying to make this as I comment.

  3. Kate

    Im not a “blogger” but I ran across your blog when I “googled” 1/2 yard quilts. Your Simply Emma quilt is really cute and Im looking forward to trying it.
    I enjoyed reading your blog. Sorry to hear about your little boy breaking his arm, but kids heal so quickly, dont they? hopefully he healed completely without any complications.
    Thanks again for the pattern and allowing me to try it out.

  4. Yati

    The quilt is so lovely, am going to give it a go. But I am now stuck at this part of the instructions as I could not get 12 pieces out of 2×7.25″ from the 2 balance strips. Could you guide me along please. Thanks.I might have missed out a step somewhere and got my eyes crossed. Sorry.

    Under Making the Blocks
    No.7 we take 6pieces for the main 2×41.5″
    No.8 and 2 secondary we should get 12 of 2×7.25″

  5. Rachel

    Great tutorial! However, I think you could improve the pattern by simply adding in the size of each fabric cut to the beginning of the tutorial. I already know how to cut fabric and it would have been much simpler to have just read off the measurements and cut them myself. I also, see a flaw in the fact that you don’t mention cutting off the raw edge of the fabric in the directions. If this is someones first go at making a quilt this would be a good tip. Haven’t made it any farther into the quilt other than cutting.
    Thanks for such a cute and simple quilt idea! I’m making one for each of my two twin nieces.

      1. Rachel

        Just finished the quilts a few days ago. They look super cute! Pattern was simple and super quick to sew together. The only other problem I found was that if you use directional fabric the method used to cut the fabric makes it to where your fabric will be going different directions. With the fabrics I used this was not any problem, I had directional ones, but I didn’t think it was an issue.
        Super cute and simple. Biggest reason I liked it was because it really lets the fabrics stand out, since you keep them cut to a decent size. Thanks so much!

  6. Bonnie

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I’ve only made a few baby blankets before and this was my first attempt at a larger quilt. Such a simple, yet adorable layout! I only wish that I had the ability to do a fancier quilting job (I just stitched around the borders and rectangles) But I’m so happy with how it turned out!

    Directions were simple and easy to follow. Thanks again!

    I’m severely technologically impaired, haha, maybe the link will work and you can see my attempt!

    1. Kara @ Simplistically Sassy Post author

      I’m so glad you were able to use this! It is a fun and easy quilt. Your quilt is ADORABLE!!! I’m so glad you posted the link! Thank you for sharing that with me. I appreciate it so much.

  7. Anndee

    I used your quilt last year and am using it again this year…two quilts to donate for foster kids. Thanks for such an easy, good looking quilt!

  8. Amanda

    Hello, I’m looking for a pattern to make for my son/daughter’s bunk beds. Could you tell me the finished dimensions of this pattern? I want a slightly smaller drop than a standard twin quilt so we aren’t tripping over it. 🙂 For my son, I have 10 fat quarters, for my daughter I have yardage, so I’ll have to play with it to figure out the cuts, but I love how simple it looks, and how awesome it will be with the different fabrics. Thank you!!!

  9. Ness

    I love this! Do you know where I can get the information in regards to this in a TWIN XL size. I am specifically looking to make it 65×93. Thank you so much!

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