Summer Activities for Kids – Plus our Favorite Treat!

June 16, 2014

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Fun Activities for Kids by Simplistically Sassy #kandybarMy kids came home on their last day of school with some great little booklets the city had put together with ideas to keep unplugged with summer activities for kids.  We are LOVING it.  It’s keeping the kids busy in ways besides sitting at the computer, with the iPad, or in front of the TV.  

However, some days it’s making life, busy, messy, and the kids are playing outside in the sprinklers like crazy … which means there is a lot of cleaning up towels and swimming suits, and water all over the kitchen, lol.

I love how summer looks at our house though.  Friends, laughing, playing,running, and creating.  Don’t be fooled friends … we have loads of the opposite effects of all the above listed as well.  🙂  Here are a few of my favorite things that we’ve been doing these summer activities for kids.

Water Balloon Fights: Of course you could just do swimming, or sprinklers, or whatever, but sometimes a good ol’ classic water balloon fight is in order.  My kids all had a lot of fun.  The water balloon in the back ground of his picture were saved out for my son that has a broken arm to throw at people from the door – but no one was allowed to get him.  Lol.  I figured if he couldn’t swim, he could at least throw some balloons.  Seemed fair.  🙂Summer Activities for families by Simplistically Sassy

Cardboard box creating: Keep some cereal boxes, or toilet paper rolls around and make something new with them!  There are SO many options and it’s amazing the way kids will get creative when you just let them do whatever they want to.Summer Activities for Families by Simplistically Sassy Summer Activities for Families by Simplistically Sassy

Hiking: Look up some local hiking trails and find one that is family friendly that will be great for kids to do along with you.  Or even find a walking path that may be new or different. Hiking-View

Exploring a helicopter:  We were able to go to a local hospital, and the Air Med team there was available to do an Air Med Helicopter tour.  It was so great and slightly emotional for me.  If you’re not sure why, check out this post.  I’ve been waiting to look at one of these for 4 years now, and I’m so glad we were able to.Summer Activities for Families by Simplistically Sassy

Finding Bugs: Have the kids explore the neighborhood, the backyard, or along a hiking trail for new bugs.  If they find something awesome (and safe) make sure to take a picture and get excited with them (even if you’re not super excited about bug finding).Summer Activities for kids by Simplistically Sassy

Enjoying some of these Klondike KandyBars (these are kind of my new favorite thing ever.  I’m a little selfish with them … and may have enjoyed most of them without my children being awake after a couple long days of cleaning, laundrying, and having a lot of little people cry, whine and scream at me.):  Klondike Kandy Bar Summer Activities by Simplistically Sassy

 Cheers to yummy ice cream!!!

Klondike Kandy Bar Summer Activities by Simplistically Sassy 

These are my new favorite summer treat for sure!  Which flavor would you want to try of these new Klondike KandyBars?

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