How we Beat the Heat

July 5, 2014

With all the heat this summer, I teamed up with Kmart for this sponsored post, and I’m excited to tell you about my experience with the store and the awesome pool we bought, and as always, the opinions are all my own. #KmartSummerFunHow we beat the heat by Simplistically Sassy

Temperatures have been getting up into the 90’s here, and are expected to be in the 100’s in a day or two.  The kids hate playing outside when it’s so hot.  We’ve had a sprinkler this summer that the kids have really enjoyed.  However, when I saw this adorable dinosaur pool from Kmart, I knew that it was something that would change those crazy days of heat that were on their way. I figured it’d be another great way to beat the heat.   Kmart Summer Fun

Once the kids were in the bed for the night, I headed off for a little surprise shopping trip by myself.  I love getting alone time, and getting something that the kids were going to LOVE, is always so fun too.  Kmart is nice and close to my house, and so easy to run to for last minute ideas like this one.  I also love that I can check online before heading over there to make sure they have what I need.  Although, I did end up grabbing other things.  Always the nice thing about a store that has a variety of things.  Kmart Summer Fun

I was able to easily find the pool in the seasonal/kids area, and I was on my way.  I left the box on the counter for the kids to discover the next morning.  They were beyond excited.  I let them know I’d work on blowing it up when the baby went down for her nap.  They asked several times before then when it’d be time though, lol.  Once I got E settled for her nap, I pulled the pool from the box, and started at it.  How we beat the heat by Simplistically Sassy

It took a little while, but I finally got it all done.  My kids were having a really hard time waiting, so they were elated.  We got the water going, and got it all filled up and spraying everywhere.How we beat the heat by Simplistically Sassy

The kids LOVED it.  There is a variety of things to do and they were just having the grandest time.  How we beat the heat by Simplistically Sassy

They were seriously out there for hours.  HOURS. How we beat the heat by Simplistically Sassy

Soon my little one woke up and she love to cuddle while she wakes up all the way.  I asked if she wanted to swim with the kids, and she said no.  Then when she saw them in the backyard, she perked right now, “I wanna go outside.  I want to play in the water!”  She was down so fast and ready to be in her swimming suit.  It was adorable.How we beat the heat by Simplistically Sassy

She had a blast with her sister (the boys were done by this time, it’d been a while).  The girls had so much fun together though.How we beat the heat by Simplistically Sassy

I am so excited that we have some options with the heat.  The kids love the sprinkler, but sometimes they hate it spraying all over  their face.  They love having the pool and just being able to get wet without being sprayed if they don’t want to be, lol.  

I think it’s officially one of our favorite summer activities.  What do your kids love to do for backyard fun during the heat of the summer?

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