Kids School Display Board

August 11, 2014

Kids Display Board by Simplistically Sassy

I am totally in love with out this project turned out.  I was recently at IKEA for a catalog launch party, which was awesome.  I got to bring the kids, and we had an amazing breakfast, and then had to shop around once we were done.  IKEA

I found this great magnetic board that I totally fell in love with.  It was only $13, which made it even more appealing.  I knew right away that I wanted it to display the kids work from school.  Spelling tests, math tests, art work, etc.  I wanted a place that wasn’t my fridge.  Having my fridge full of papers makes me crazy and it feels like my kitchen is so messy.  This migraine kids school display board will make them smile to see the awesome things they’ve done and what their siblings have done too.Kids School Display Board by Simplistically Sassy

We hung it up right by our computer desk (in our dining area), where we can all see it, but it’s not in the midst of all the craziness that is the kitchen.  I added the fun quotes (using IKEA frames) too, hoping that as the kids struggle to want to do homework, or not getting a perfect score, we can be reminded of the important things, and that it’s important to keep trying.

There are more Dr. Seuss quotes and printables here.Quotes for Kids


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