Ice Cream Birthday Party

August 21, 2014

Ice Cream Birthday Party by Simplistically SassyWe recently celebrated my baby’s second birthday with an ice cream birthday party.  That basically means, I don’t have a baby any more … I have a toddler and she’s totally becoming a spunky, sweet little girl.  We had a blast celebrating.

My cute girl loves ice cream and I thought it would be a super fun way to celebrate her birthday. We all loved how this ice cream birthday party turned out, and had such a great time.

Of course the star of the birthday was this sweet little girl.  I’m so grateful she’s part of our family.  She is so loving and kind, and LOVES to play with her siblings.  She makes us all laugh, and she’s always quick to try new things if it means she gets to be with the other kids.  I feel like she’s such a blessing in our family, and I’m so glad that she’s mine.  Emma Jane

Well, first and for most, if you’re going to have an Ice Cream Birthday Party, you better have some amazing ice cream options.  I decided I really wanted to have homemade ice cream.  So we went with it.  This was done in advance so that the ice cream could harden a little more, and so we could make 3 batches before party day.  🙂  We made vanilla, chocolate, and raspberry.  It ended up being perfect for the party, and of course it tasted amazing!!  Ice Cream Birthday Party

Of course, if we’re having an ice cream party we needed toppings!!!  We had little marshmallows, crushed up Cookies and Cream Hershey bar, chopped chocolate Hershey bar, sprinkles, crushed Oreo, crushed nuts, and chopped Snickers. Ice Cream Birthday Party Toppings

The next thing that was a must would be waffle cones, and I LOVE waffle bowls.  I loved these tiny little waffle bowls.  They were the perfect size.  We also had regular bowls for those that didn’t want a waffle cone or bowl.  🙂     Ice Cream Birthday Party Cones


I also wanted to have the options of some syrup toppings, and of course whipped cream.  Ice Cream Birthday Party Toppings


I also wanted to have beverage options.  We had milk, and then also some water bottles (with a Sharpie marker hidden from kids, but handy for parents to write names on cups and/or water bottles).Ice Cream Birthday Party Water


I also wanted to have some games at the party.  We were having quite a few kids there.  My kids came up with the idea of Pin the Toppings on the Ice Cream Cone.  I had a poster board and drew a giant ice cream cone, and then I let the kids draw the toppings.  It was perfect.  I loved the toppings that my 7 year old came up with and drew.  She did a great job.Pin the toppings


I also created a coloring page and as the guests arrived they got to color a page.  Then we hung them up on the wall so everyone could see them through the party.Kids coloring


I think everyone had a great time.  My sweet birthday girl had so much fun.  She had some of her favorite people there to celebrate with us, and I’m so grateful that they came.  Happy Birthday baby girl!!  Thanks for bringing so much fun and light into our family.  Love you!Birthday girl




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