September 9, 2014

This is a sponsored post by Deseret Book. All opinions are mine.

 Have you noticed that family movies are hard to come by these days?  I feel like even certain cartoons aren’t really appropriate for all my kids to watch.  I was excited to be able to see this movie Believe.  There was no language I had to worry about in this movie, the message was amazing.  There was something for everyone of all ages to learn.

This is a story about a coach who is finally able to find a way to heal from tragity, and how he learns he can inspire others along the way.

This is a story about a boy and his mother who has experienced great loss, and who are able to finally see each other and heal and love each other the way they should.

This is a story about a teacher who is so strictly a teacher – who learns how to soften his heart and truly love his student and finds a way to help him succeed in his dreams.

This is a story about HOW to believe.  “With belief you’ll make a goal in the back of the net … You have to have belief. If you believe you can score with your eyes shut.”  

That line was inspiriting to me.  It’s so applicable to all of us.  We can all close our eyes – and see in our mind what we want so badly, what we dream, and what we already know we can do, but sometimes we are afraid to try.  

These are lessons that I hope my kids are learning.  These are lessons I hope I’m teaching my kids in some way.  We can all do hard things.  We can all put the work in to do it.  We can all Believe.  But will we do it?  Will we teach?  Will we learn?  Will we do hard things?  Will we put in the work?  Will we believe? 

This is getting me excited to share with you soon something that is close to my heart – something I’m learning, trying to teach my children, I’m doing something hard, and working each day to do better.  I’m trying so hard to believe that I can. 

What do you Believe?!?

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