What Holiday Birthdays are REALLY like

December 29, 2014

Holiday Birthday by Simplistically Sassy

Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to have your birthday on the same day as a major December holiday (or for that matter, the same week as the major December holiday’s).  Well, this week is my birthday, and I have decided to share with you all, what it’s really like to have a birthday on New Years Eve.

As a Disclaimer – my mother would like you all to know that I chose my own birthday, so the awesomeness that follows was all my choice.  I’ll also have you know that the doctor that spend his New Years Eve with me, was able to still make it to his party that night.  

The week of Christmas I have a brother-in-law, nephew, sister-in-law, husband, niece, and myself all with birthday’s between December 23rd and December 31st.  I also have a sister-in-law with a birthday earlier in the month.  We’re all pretty spread out though, so we don’t really do anything for everyones birthdays.  However, my nephew and my niece that have birthdays that week are brother and sister, and their mom has the earlier December birthday.  So, it’s a crazy month for them.  

So, as a New Years Eve birthday I’d like to relate the top 5 things that happen because my birthday is near Christmas/New Years.

5. Friends love to combine Christmas/Birthday gifts.  This isn’t necessarily a big deal, and I can totally see why they do it … but honestly, when I give a birthday gift to my July birthday friend, and a Christmas gift in December, it’s annoying when things are gifted together.  This was much more of a thing when I was growing up rather than now – now I wouldn’t really care.  If your child is giving out Christmas gifts to a friend with a December birthday – don’t combine the two.  

4.  Never being able to have a party on the actual day.  Ever.  People always have New Years Eve plans, or are gone for the Christmas holiday. Or it’s a family type of night.  
I remember when I was about 10 really wanting to have a party, and realizing that it couldn’t happen, and being SO bummed out.  
As an adult it’s harder to celebrate with friends since we’ve all spend money on Christmas, and everyone is on a tighter budget.  

3.  People just completely forget about your birthday.  Yep … it’s true.  I’ve even had close friends just forget.  It’s a much bigger deal when you’re younger.  It’s still not awesome though.

2.  Not being able to go out and celebrate.  I feel like this one is super specific to my birthday.  As an adult, we’ve never gone out to dinner on my birthday.  On New Years Eve you have to make reservations for anywhere half nice, and then if we did it’d be SO crowded that I don’t feel like it’d be worth it.  We have done lunch though.  But sometimes, it’d be nice to go out to dinner on my birthday.

1.  Never having school on your birthday.  As a kid this was for sure the best part.  Of course, in elementary school it’s fun for a few years to have school and things, but it’s always been a major plus. 

Do you have a holiday Birthday??  What can you relate to, or what would you add to the list that is awesome, or junky about having to share with the major December holiday’s?

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