How to Accomplish Your Resolution

January 9, 2015

How to Keep your resolution by Simplistically Sassy

As I’ve been reading my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I see so many people talking about I’ve resolutions, a word or the year, not setting resolutions, goals, etc.  It’s interesting to see the various views, what different people like to do, what has worked, what they hope works, etc.  

I think the biggest hurdle to it all is finding a way to accomplish what we set out to do, to accomplish each year.  We’re all really good at it for a few weeks, and then we get set back into our old habits, or it becomes hard, or we realize that we don’t care as much as we though it would.

So how can we change?  Really change?  How can we keep things organized?  How can we eat better?  How can we get the results that we’re so hoping to get? 

Last year I started on a goal that I’m still working on (and once I get to the my goal, I will happily share more details), and I’ve learned a few key things along the way that I wanted to share that can be applied to any goal. How to accomplish your resolution in 5 steps (plus a bonus 6th one).

1. Break your large goal, into smaller goals.  

If you want to lose 30 pounds, that won’t happen overnight.  Figure out how much you think you’ll be able to lose in a week or a month and work on getting that done.  

If you’re hoping to organize your house, pick a room each week, or even each month (maybe depending on the size of the room and all that needs to be done), and make a daily list of things you can actually have time to get done to help get that space organized.

2. Have a plan – a reasonable plan.

Once you’ve set your goal and kind of figure out how you might want to accomplish it, figure out what your plan will be.  Will you work out in the morning?  In the evenings?  Are you going to make a meal plan?  How will you follow through with that meal plan?  Are you organizing your house?  Which rooms will you do first, and then how will you do that room?  All at once, within a few days?  Have a plan, so you can keep yourself in check and also so that you can still weight loss live life, and not let that desire overwhelm and take over.  If it takes over everything, you may not be able to keep up with other things that need to get done, and in turn, you’ll stop working on your resolution.

3. Reevaluate Often.

Check on yourself.  Are you making the small changes you were hoping to?  If not, why?  What can you change, realistically, that will help you be able to reach those small goals.  Change your goals if needed.  Figure out a different time of day to do what you’re hoping to, or put reminders or motivators up around the house that may help you.

4. Why the resolution?

As you set your goals, your word of the year or make a resolution figure out WHY you want to do it.  When you’re reevaluating look at that too.  It’s great that you want a cleaner house, but WHY?  Really … ask the question, and figure out the answer to that question 4 times.  Is it so you can find things?  Why is that important?  So you’re not stressfully looking for things.  Well, why?  Get down to the real desire you have for your weight lose, for eating better, for getting things put together, or for why you want to focus on a specific word for the year.  Get to the heart of it.  If you can get to the heart of it – then it will be easier to keep going when the hype of the new year is gone.

5. Don’t be afraid of change.

If something isn’t working, FIX IT!  Change things up.  Try to see what isn’t working, and don’t be afraid to try something else.  You don’t have to give up on your desire to change, but sometimes we have to take a different path to get there.

6. You Will Fail – but it’s okay!

It’ll happen.  It’s life.  You’ll slip up in some way or another.  That doesn’t mean that you have to give up though!  Just realize the mistake was made and why it happened, and MOVE FORWARD!!!  That’s is the most important thing.  You don’t have to dwell on the slip up, you can notice that it happened, and just keep moving towards your goal, towards your life improvement, whatever it is.

What have you resolved to do this year?!?

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One thought on “How to Accomplish Your Resolution

  1. Amy

    Great post! I especially love the WHY question! We feel like we need to make resolutions just because it’s New Year’s, but that has led me to make resolutions I honestly didn’t care about. . .just because I felt like I was supposed to, so of course I never followed through!
    Anyway, this year, I have a few resolutions. All of them to help me achieve my greater hopes and goals for my life. The biggest one is to sift through our 1,000’s of digital pictures and get them organized and backed up in several ways so we don’t lose all those precious memories that didn’t make it into books 🙂
    Amy recently posted…Memorizing “The Living Christ” with MusicMy Profile

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