BYU Tween Boy Room Makeover

January 15, 2015

**Just a little disclaimer.  This project was done in the middle of the summer … like 6 months ago.  I just am finally sharing with you all.  I hope you love it!BYU-Tween-Boy-Room-Makeover by Simplistically Sassy

Every summer my in-laws have each of our kids sleep over, one at a time, for an entire week.  The kids LOVE this time away from all their siblings, the chance to be the only child, and time with grandma and grandpa.  It’s also super fun to see how the dynamics with the kids change when one of them is gone.  I love it.  

My oldest has been waiting VERY patiently for his room to be painted.  He decided on a BYU room (our favorite college team), which I loved because I felt like it was something he could grow up with and we wouldn’t have to change it in 2 years.  After dropping him off for his week away, I turned to my husband and said, “I have a great idea!!  Let’s surprise him and redo his room while he’s gone.  We’ll do this and this and this, and I can keep it within a budget!”  He kind of stared at me like I was insane.  I was determined though.  My husband was a painter back in his college days, and so he’s SUPER picky about paint.  Which is great with me (he’s good at it, so he’s allowed to be picky). Once I told him my grand plans, he said he was okay helping me when I needed it.  SWEET!  I was so excited to get going on it knowing I’d have the paint help as needed.

I searched around and found some awesome ideas on Pinterest (of course).  I did get several of my ideas from Kristen Duke Photography blog.  She has some adorable printable that I used, and use altered some of her ideas.

Here is our BYU tween boy room makeover!!  Hope you enjoy the tour!

We’ll start with my favorite view.  🙂  I love how this desk area worked out.  We had the shelves in his room already (purchased at IKEA for a great price), and we already had the desk as well, in his room even.  I just bought a pack of 4 cork board squares, and printed out some picture of a helmet and cut, and then used and x acto knife to cut around it.  I free handed the football – and then my husband fixed it to look like a football. 😉

BYU Bedroom by Simplistically Sassy

Here is a close up of the boards. BYU Bedroom by Simplistically Sassy

Then his closet actually has a dresser that was sitting in the garage waiting to be painted and fixed up a little bit.  I painted that blue and we got knew knobs.  His name above the door was actually red, so I redid the entire sign.  Luckily I have a Silhouette so it was possible.

BYU Bedroom by Simplistically Sassy

Here is the full view.  The bookcase was red, white and blue.  So I painted the shelves black and the side blue, and left the white on the edges – I did have to touch it up, but it was easy.

BYU Bedroom by Simplistically Sassy

View of the bed area.  The desk is just to the left of the window (if you like perspective like that).   My friend has great prices on vinyl and was able to get the giant oval Y done for me.  I found a large piece of wood that was really thin in my basement and painted it white.   Then we just put the Y on it.

I printed off the sayings I liked and wanted on the walls (the upper two) in 8×11 and just bought some cheap frames from Walmart.  

I happen to have a gray piece of wood stuff (lol, no idea what it really is) in the basement, and my husband said it was fine to use.  I painted the edges in the dark blue, and used my vinyl cutter to print off the BYU Fight Song.  I LOVE that part.  

BYU Bedroom by Simplistically Sassy


Close up of the Y.



BYU Bedroom by Simplistically Sassy


Here is the close up of the sayings that he has above his bed.  I love the dark blue one since he’s the oldest of 6, I thought it was a great reminder for him about how awesome he really is.




BYU Bedroom by Simplistically Sassy

Here is a close up of the fight song, and also a closer look at the pain we did on the walls.  I got the idea from Jenna Burger Design.  Here are the measurements we used to paint:

The widths of the stripes from top to bottom are: 9 inch, 1-1/4 inch, 3 inches, and 1/4 inch.

Between each stripe is one painters tape width. So, while painting, we had tape on top, painted blue, tape, painted black, tape, painted blue, tape, painted black.  Then the white of course is left when we take the tape off.  I LOVE how it turned out.

BYU Bedroom by Simplistically Sassy

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