Fortify Your Family

January 21, 2015


I am so excited to be a part of this awesome Blog Tour.  I also love getting books that are uplifting and can benefit and help my entire family to draw closer to our Savior.  

Each morning before my husband leaves for work, we make an effort to study the scriptures.  As you can imagine this doesn’t always happen nice and quietly while everyone sits and listens, lol.  The effort is made, and the younger kids seem to maybe be learning that someday they’ll have to stop poking and once they can read, it’ll help a lot.  My husband and I really want to make our family scripture time into a morning devotional.  We haven’t done it as detailed as we’d like because of the focus time of our kids.  That is why I’m SO excited about this new book by Nicole Carpenter.  

When I first got the book I wasn’t too sure what to expected, but was so excited to find that the book is divided up into weeks (obviously), but then each week is broken up into days.  There are thoughts and scriptures that can be shared and discussed with each day.  I think this is a great idea for any age family.  You can always gear your discussion towards your kids needs and what they can understand.  It’s a great opportunity to take time and teach kids, and learn from kids, and from your spouse.  

I know that taking the time to strengthen our families and grow closer to our Savior will only add to our day and to our lives.  We will all be better, and even if we have a hard day, starting the day out by trying to bring Christ into our lives will always help our lives be better, our perspective be happier, and our faith to be unwavering.  

Purchase this book:  Amazon or Fortify Your Family Website.

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