For Real Friday Series

January 23, 2015

For Real Friday with Simplistically SassyI have a couple neighbors and friends that were talking a while back about how on Pinterest and Instagram and Facebook everything and everyone’s lives always look to perfection.  Everyone is cute, everyone’s kids are adorable, their homes are wonderfully clean and it’s so much to take in when you think about your real life.

I think we’re all a little guilty of posting our best pictures on social media.  These two friends decided that every Friday they were going to do a For Real Friday ( #ForRealFriday ) post and show something that was just real life – the not beautiful part of real life.  I thought this was brilliant.  I decided that I wanted to start this on my blog.  I want to always try to be real with you all.  

So starting today, we’re doing a #ForRealFriday.  I plan to use the hashtag in my social media as well.  I hope you’ll check in as well and participate.  As for today … here is my real life that isn’t glamorous from this week.


I’d like to share my For Real Friday moment with you from this week.  I had to run to Walmart to get some things for an upcoming post.  I  was trying to get my kids excited about going to the store, and getting a new movie, and some treats, etc.  I had my 5, 4 and 2 year old with me.  The kids wanted the “fun” cart (aka the awful huge cart), but there were none, there just weren’t ANY.  This was out of my control.  My 4 year old totally broke down.  Full fledge break down right there in the entrance of Walmart.  All the while, my 5 year old is totally having a melt down because he doesn’t want to be in the store.  At all … AT ALL!  Then my 2 year old was insisted that I HOLD her (and her blanket), while pushing the cart. I got all 4 of us at least past the cart area, and into the store to try to get out of the way while I tried to talk to each of the kids one at a time and calm them down. I thought about taking a picture, but I felt like there were a gazillion people lined up behind me.  Have you ever felt that way? It was ridiculous.  I eventually gave into holding the 2 year old, got the 4 year old happy enough, and just let my 5 year old walk close behind me crying.  Sigh.  This is real people.  It can’t get more real.  They all calmed down eventually, and we were able to snap this picture of the kids happy for a moment (5 year old was just standing on the other side of the cart, he’s there, and happily holding some crackers).  But do NOT be fooled by their adorable smiles … it wasn’t all fun and games that day. For Real Friday by Simplistically Sassy

Comment and let me know what kind of crazy day you had this week!  Let’s hear your real story!

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