5 Last Minute Mother’s Day Ideas

May 2, 2016

#5 – Amazon Gift Card

Who doesn’t like Amazon?  It’s perfect for browsing, and finding EVERYTHING.  You can’t go wrong with a gift card to Amazon, where mom can pick out whatever she wants.  Last Minute Mother's Day Ideas

Although, I’m pretty sure I’d pick this 8 qt Kitchen Aid if I could get anything for Mother’s Day.  🙂Last Minute Mother's Day Ideas

Bounus!  I added one more of my very favorite things!

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#6 – Our Best Bites Oils! 

Seriously, I LOVE these.  I have 3 in my pantry, and ran out of my favorite, and need to stalk back up.  I was able to go to a book signing where they had these out to taste, every single one is incredible!!  

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

What will your mom love for Mother’s Day?!?

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