Frozen Fever Birthday Party

June 6, 2016

#2 – The Happy Birthday Sign

The Happy Birthday sign is one of the fun and funny focuses on the first few scene I decided to recreate it.  I just used crayons, and went in the same order that the movie has the colors.  All my kids thought it was a huge hit.  I just hole punched through the top and strung some twine through the letters.

Frozen Fever Sign

#3 The Table Set Up:  

I dipped some pretzels in some blue chocolate that I’d melted.  Then we put some sprinkles that looked like glitter on them.  I grabbed some fake Sunflowers and stuffed a vase with cotton balls.  We found some snowflake plates and napkins too.  I got a flower chocolate mold, and used brown chocolate and filled the center, and once that dried, I filled yellow chocolate on the top.  They turned out so cute.

Frozen Fever Party

#4 Frozen Fever Cake

This cake was so fun.  I had a flower cake pan, and used that to create the Sunflower.  I use chocolate frosting on the middle, and then topped them with malt ball candy.  I used the sparkle gum around the outside to add a little bit more fun and color to the cake.  


Frozen Fever Birthday Cake

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