Punctuality = Jord Women’s Watches

June 28, 2016

I’ve got to know, are you one of those people that has to be one time, early, or are you always running 10 minutes behind (but all your friends know that about you she they just expect it)?  

I’m a little bit crazy about being early/on time to everything.  With 6 kids I feel like we’re already a spectacle and showing up late somewhere just adds to that.  When we’re early it makes life so much easier for everyone involved.  

You can imagine my excitement when this adorable box arrived in my mailbox.  Did you catch my Facebook Live that I did last week??  I’m a little bit in love with this box.  It’s SO beautiful.

Jord Women's Watch

Even MORE excitement as I saw what was INSIDE the box.  Jord creates these amazing women’s watches that are made of WOOD, and they’re custom sized for you.  Isn’t it gorgeous??  In my mind watches are heavy and bulky – not Jord’s women’s watches.  These are light weight, and will go with anything (think dressy night out, to beach day to the neighborhood BBQ).

Jord Women's Watch

I usually wear a fitness tracker, but when I dress up I hate that I don’t have a nice watch to wear (since a watch is a must in my life with my addiction to being on time).  I love that this is classy, but not over the top either, and again, it’s light weight so I don’t feel like I have a 5 pound weight on my wrist (especially in summer). Here is the watch I picked out.

Jord Women's Watch

Would you love to have $75 towards your own Jord watch?  Click Here!  Don’t worry if you don’t win the $75 you’ll still receive $20 towards your watch purchase.

Wooden Watch Review


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