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Frozen Fever Birthday Party

June 6, 2016

Frozen Fever Birthday Party

We love Frozen Fever at our house! My daughter turning five wanted a Frozen Fever Party!  It sounded easy enough, and so much fun.

#1 – The Goodie Bags & Activities

Activity #1: One of the activities was making Snowgies from pom-poms.  It was really easy and the girls loved it.  They each got to make 2, and once they were dried, we put them in their goodie bags.

Activity #2: Bingo.  We used candy hearts and I just found a general Frozen Fever Bingo board on Pinterest

Activity #3:  We used blue and yellow beads, and some snowflake beads and created necklaces.  All the girls really loved this activity.  It was a little time consuming (since they all had their own patterns in mind) but it was so fun to see what they created.

Activity #4: Snow ball toss.  I got 5 buckets (like pictured) lined up in a row and yarn snowballs and each bucket was worth various amounts.  The girls took turns throwing from the first bucket to the last bucket.  

Goodie bags: I included a packet of Sunflower Seeds, a Elsa lollipop, some sparkly gum balls I found at the craft store, a sunflower chocolate, and then the necklace they made, and the snowgies they made.

Frozen Fever Party Ideas

Click next to see the Happy Birthday Sign, table ideas, and the CAKE!

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Witch & Goblin Halloween Treats

September 29, 2015

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Witch and Goblin Halloween Treat

Holidays are magical with little kids.  I feel like Halloween is really the start of the holiday season, and getting the kids involved in activities and making goodies has become a MUST at our house.  The kids and I came up with an idea to make a pumpkin patch and I had a vision of what I wanted it to look like to make it even more festive.  These would be perfect as an after school activity with the kids, or even for a party!  

The kids and I headed to Walmart to grab the necessities.  Here is what you’ll need to make Witch and Goblin Halloween treats:

The OREOs and Fanta were pretty easy to find.  Fanta was in the soft drink section.  There were cans I almost bought too, so the kids could make their own drink, but decided against that.  But that might be a perfect solution for a party.

The OREOs were actually right as I walked into the store.  However, I found some more right with the Halloween candy!  So make sure to check there. 

Witches Graveyard:

*OREO glow in the dark package (these come as packages of 2 OREOs, which I LOVE because then I just gave each of the kids a package, and they could help make 2 at a time, and it wasn’t overwhelming – plus they glow in the DARK!  They were in love with that.).
*Green Chocolate Melt
*Pumpkin candies
*Witch cupcake toppersOREO Graveyard

  1. First you’ll want to hold the OREO package up to the light, then take it into a dark room, and see how awesome it is when they glow in the dark.  After seeing how great it is, get ready for a graveyard.  😉  Here is the package that has the 2 OREOs in it.  I held it to the light.OReo

Like MAGIC … it was glowing SO well!  These would be so fun to pass out on Halloween.  They’re just fun to stand in your pantry with and admire too.  Lol.Glowing-Oreo

  • You’ll want to cut some pumpkin candies in half and make sure those are ready first.
  • Melt the chocolate 30 seconds at a time, or just by following the package directions.  
  • Once the chocolate is melted you’ll take your OREO and dip the top of the OREO into the melted chocolate.  
  • While the chocolate is still wet, you can place a pumpkin in the middle.Pumpkin-Patch
  • To create a witch crashing a pumpkin, put half a pumpkin on the dipped cookie, then the witch, then the other half of the pumpkin.  The pumpkin will act as book ends to keep the witch in place.Witch-by-kids
  • Let chocolate harden and cool, then enjoy!  Witch-Crash-kids
  • Always make sure to appreciate the imperfections too.  🙂  My kids loved it and were so proud of their creations even though they weren’t perfect.  That’s what makes it awesome!Witch-Kids-Crash

Goblin Freeze and Juice:

*Fanta Orange Soda
*Vanilla ice cream
*Straws/spoons & cupsGoblin-Juice-Recipe

Goblin Freeze:

  1. Pour Fanta Orange soda into an ice cream maker for 20 minutes.  The amount will depend on how big your ice cream maker is.  
  2. Once the Fanta Orange soda is starting to resemble a freeze drink, alternate scooping vanilla ice cream, and the Fanta into the cup.

Goblin Juice:

  1. Fill cup about half way with Fanta Orange Soda.
  2. Scoop 2 medium sized scoops of vanilla ice cream into the cup.
  3. Take a large spoon, and smash the ice cream around until it’s almost melted, or just falling apart. 
  4. It should be thicker than the soda with melted ice cream, it should be the consistency of soft serve ice cream.  So add a little ice cream or Fanta, depending on your drink.Witch Graveyard and

The kids and I drank this all up!  It was super yummy!  I didn’t get any pictures of it because we were too busy drinking away … lol.  It’s so fun and easy, and slightly different than a typical float, which makes it fun for a Halloween party and just a fun and different snack!

What are your families favorite #spookysnacks for Halloween?  Need some ideas?!?  Come check out some more here.  

Make sure to check out Evette Rios, host of the CBS show Recipe Rehab, she will be creating a custom Walmart-exclusive recipe that uses both Fanta and OREO.  It will be shown on the #SpookySnacks social hub. It’s always fun to get new holiday treat ideas!

Step by Step Easy Princess Cape

September 11, 2015


Does your princess in your house that LOVES to dress up?  This is an easy, and fun princess cape that she will love wearing over her dress ups.  
Easy Princess Cape by Simplistically Sassy

My Jedi Robe is one of my most popular posts.  It is incredibly easy, and so fun for all ages to become a Jedi.
 Jedi Robe

I decided I needed a more girly version (although, my girls do enjoy being Jedi’s as well!).  I used the same process to create a step by step easy princess cape, and my girls are loving how it turned out.  I’ve only made one so far, and really, that’s the bigger issue.  😉


Pinkalicious Party

September 3, 2015

You know we love a good party on the budget at our house!  A while back my daughter turned 4, and wanted a Pinkalicious party.  It was super easy, and super fun!  She (of course) got all dressed up in pink, and before the party started her nails HAD to be pink as well.  Pinkalicous Party By Simplistically Sassy

The table was super easy and fun to do too.  I headed to Walmart and got their inexpensive packages of pink forks, plates, napkins, and cups.  We were having less than 8 girls, so I didn’t have to buy large amounts of these items either, which is always a bonus.

For the wall, I wanted to do something different than just a plastic table cloth.  It wasn’t covering well, and I wanted it to look nice.  I went and grabbed an inexpensive roll of wrapping paper and just fit it to the wall, and added some balloons at the bottom to give it a bit more texture.  

I usually make a cake, but she saw this cake and begged for it, so we decided we could splurge a bit and get it. 

I used pink cupcake wrappers and scooped ice cream skin care into them, and kept them frozen until the girls were ready to eat.  It was so easy and no mess during the party.  We also had pink blow pops (since Pinkalicious loves bubble gum, and we also had pink cotton candy (not pictured) for the girls to all take home.  

The cupcakes on the wall say Happy Birthday.  I created those with my Shilouete.  It was easy and fun to do.  Then I just made some holes in them and strung twine through them.Pinkalicous Party By Simplistically Sassy

We just played super simple games.  We blew up some balloon and wrote all the girls names on them, and then we let them keep them from touching the ground.  They LOVED this game and thought it was so fun to see who could keep them up the longest.Pinkalicous Party By Simplistically Sassy

Hannah and her BFF.  They’re always so fun together.  This cute little girl is the daughter of the wonderful blogger at Events to CelebratePinkalicous Party By Simplistically Sassy

This is how the birthday girl felt about this super fun and pink party.  🙂  I love her spunky and loving personality.  She’s amazing and I’m so grateful she’s mine.  🙂   Pinkalicous Party By Simplistically Sassy

Ice Cream Cone Parfait

July 22, 2015

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Ice-Cream-Cone-Parfait by Simplistically Sassy

I went to Walmart by myself the other day (I know, I was just as shocked as you are now that I didn’t have any of my 6 kids with me!  My husband is a rock star like that though), and met these adorable ladies!  They were passing out Blue Bunny vanilla ice cream with peaches.  Hello yummy!  I stopped and chatted for a moment (because, again, I was there alone and so I could) and they really were super nice.  Not to mention the ice cream was amazing!  Good company, good food.

Ice Cream Cone Parfait by Simplistically Sassy

I headed over to the ice cream section and found this giant selection of Blue Bunny ice cream.  Ice Cream Cone Parfait

I grabbed some chocolate and vanilla.  If you’ve been around my blog you know my family is totally split about vanilla and chocolate, so I wanted options for everyone.

I headed home with some ice cream, mini ice cream cones (also from Blue Bunny) and some strawberries and peaches.Ice-Cream-Cone-Parfait-Recipe by Simplistically Sassy

During the summer when I have all six kids at home, I love to include the kids whenever I can, especially when it comes to making fun treats!  My oldest was up for holding my phone while we did a time-lapse video of how to make these ice cream cone parfaits.  

These turned our super, super yummy.  I preferred the chocolate and strawberry.  I used the chocolate mini cones, chocolate ice cream and strawberries.  Amazing!  Ice Cream Cone Parfait by Simplistically Sassy

The peaches and cream also turned out great.  I used the vanilla mini cones, vanilla ice cream, and fresh peaches.  I loved the slight added chocolate from the mini cone, but even without that, it would have been wonderful!  

Ice Cream Cone Parfait by Simplistically Sassy

These are going to be a new family favorite. I love how simple they are that even some of my older kids could do these by themselves, or come up with new combos!

What is your favorite fruit/ice cream comb?
What kind of ice cream cone parfait would YOU make?

Ice Cream Cone Parfait
Serves 1
Easy fruit and ice cream parfait.
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Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. 1 Blue Bunny Mini Ice Cream Cone
  2. 1/4 Peach or 3 Strawberries
  3. 1 cup Blue Bunny Ice Cream
  1. Chop up the mini ice cream cone.
  2. Chop up the fruit.
  3. Layer the cone, fruit, and ice cream as desired.
Simplistically Sassy

Spa Birthday Party

April 6, 2015

This sweet girl of mine just turned EIGHT! I can hardly believe it.  When my kids turn 8, we have a big ol’ celebration with way too many friends, and a party to perfection.  🙂
Birthday Girl

It all started with a birthday cake.  We found one similar to this and Kate fell in LOVE with it.  So we had to do it.  It was super simple.

We used 1 chocolate cake mix and 1 vanilla cake mix.  We divided them into 4 6 inch cake pans (2 vanilla pans, 2 chocolate pans) and made 4 cupcakes (2 of each flavor).  Once they were nice and cooled down, we evened off the tops, and stacked them, into two cakes.  Each was 1/2 vanilla, 1/2 chocolate.  We stacked the one cake (with buttercream frosting in the middle), and then got a 5 inch cake board and put that on top (with a small dollop of frosting to help it stick), and then we stacked the next cake on top of the cardboard.   
Spa Birthday Party by Simplistically Sassy

We did that so that we basically had 2 cakes, and we weren’t handing out super thin tall pieces of cake.  They all got a normal sized piece of cake.  Then some of my kids got the cupcakes on the top.  I frosted the outside with all buttercream.  I did a crumb coat with white that was just a thin layer, but it in the fridge overnight, and the day of the party, I made the frosting and frosted the cake.
Spa Birthday Party by Simplistically Sassy 


As the girls arrived they got got to paint their nails, and I did a little Jamberry nail wraps on each of them.  It was fun to see what they picked and they just loved to paint their own nails.

Spa Party Polish

After nail painting we divided up into groups.  We had a face mask group, making bath salts, and making face masks.


The relaxing face masks were totally a bust.  The mask we found to make was TOTALLY running and crazy, and not okay for the purpose we had.  SO … they just relaxed and put cucumbers on their eyes while we played relaxing music.  Each of the girls got a headband to keep their hair out of the way while we did this as well.relax spa


We had 2 different Epsom salts that I just got Walmart.  I labeled them and had a little plastic scooper in each one.  Then, the girls did about 2 scoops of salt in a bowl, and then sprayed some food coloring mixed with water (in the small spray bottles) on their salt, and mixed with a spoon.  Then they just scooped the colored salt into their labeled jar. 

Spa Birthday Party by Simplistically Sassy

I LOVE these jars.  They were $1 each at the local JoAnn store. I was shocked they were so inexpensive, and so delighted.  I used my Shilouette with pens to write the names, and then the cutting option to cute a cute tag out.  Spa Birthday Party by Simplistically Sassy

I think the little jars of salt turned out super cute. Spa party bath salts


I bought some of the felt squares at the crafts store.  I was able to get 3 masks on one square of felt. I got one cute colorful square, and one black felt square with sticky on the back.  I cut out a mask shape on the black felt.  Spa Party Beauty Mask by Simplistically SassyThen at the party, the girls got to pick 2 ribbons (I’d pre cut to be correct length), and they peeled the back of the black felt off, stuck the two ribbons on the edge, and then they stuck them onto the colorful felt that was cut into a rectangle that fit the black felt.  They got to cut around the black mask to create the full mask.  Spa Party Beauty Mask by Simplistically SassyAs a note on this – some of the masks stayed okay and some didn’t.  I just had my hot glue gun on hand and glued those ribbons in if they fell out.  


All the girls got to go home with a goody bag that included a little bath loofa, and manicure kit (both dollar store fines), and a lip stick shaped pen from Hobby Lobby.  They took their bath salts home and facial masks, both made during the party.  Spa Party Party Favors


We ended the party with some fun snacks.  We had Strawberries, grapes, carrots, crackers, cheese, M&M’s, and fruit infused water.  Of course we also enjoyed some cake.  

Spa party table scape

I always love watching my kids blow out their candles.  They’re always so excited and so is everyone else.  It’s kind of magical.  🙂

Spa Blowout