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How to Accomplish Your Resolution

January 9, 2015

How to Keep your resolution by Simplistically Sassy

As I’ve been reading my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I see so many people talking about I’ve resolutions, a word or the year, not setting resolutions, goals, etc.  It’s interesting to see the various views, what different people like to do, what has worked, what they hope works, etc.  

I think the biggest hurdle to it all is finding a way to accomplish what we set out to do, to accomplish each year.  We’re all really good at it for a few weeks, and then we get set back into our old habits, or it becomes hard, or we realize that we don’t care as much as we though it would.

So how can we change?  Really change?  How can we keep things organized?  How can we eat better?  How can we get the results that we’re so hoping to get? 

Last year I started on a goal that I’m still working on (and once I get to the my goal, I will happily share more details), and I’ve learned a few key things along the way that I wanted to share that can be applied to any goal. How to accomplish your resolution in 5 steps (plus a bonus 6th one).

1. Break your large goal, into smaller goals.  

If you want to lose 30 pounds, that won’t happen overnight.  Figure out how much you think you’ll be able to lose in a week or a month and work on getting that done.  

If you’re hoping to organize your house, pick a room each week, or even each month (maybe depending on the size of the room and all that needs to be done), and make a daily list of things you can actually have time to get done to help get that space organized.

2. Have a plan – a reasonable plan.

Once you’ve set your goal and kind of figure out how you might want to accomplish it, figure out what your plan will be.  Will you work out in the morning?  In the evenings?  Are you going to make a meal plan?  How will you follow through with that meal plan?  Are you organizing your house?  Which rooms will you do first, and then how will you do that room?  All at once, within a few days?  Have a plan, so you can keep yourself in check and also so that you can still weight loss live life, and not let that desire overwhelm and take over.  If it takes over everything, you may not be able to keep up with other things that need to get done, and in turn, you’ll stop working on your resolution.

3. Reevaluate Often.

Check on yourself.  Are you making the small changes you were hoping to?  If not, why?  What can you change, realistically, that will help you be able to reach those small goals.  Change your goals if needed.  Figure out a different time of day to do what you’re hoping to, or put reminders or motivators up around the house that may help you.

4. Why the resolution?

As you set your goals, your word of the year or make a resolution figure out WHY you want to do it.  When you’re reevaluating look at that too.  It’s great that you want a cleaner house, but WHY?  Really … ask the question, and figure out the answer to that question 4 times.  Is it so you can find things?  Why is that important?  So you’re not stressfully looking for things.  Well, why?  Get down to the real desire you have for your weight lose, for eating better, for getting things put together, or for why you want to focus on a specific word for the year.  Get to the heart of it.  If you can get to the heart of it – then it will be easier to keep going when the hype of the new year is gone.

5. Don’t be afraid of change.

If something isn’t working, FIX IT!  Change things up.  Try to see what isn’t working, and don’t be afraid to try something else.  You don’t have to give up on your desire to change, but sometimes we have to take a different path to get there.

6. You Will Fail – but it’s okay!

It’ll happen.  It’s life.  You’ll slip up in some way or another.  That doesn’t mean that you have to give up though!  Just realize the mistake was made and why it happened, and MOVE FORWARD!!!  That’s is the most important thing.  You don’t have to dwell on the slip up, you can notice that it happened, and just keep moving towards your goal, towards your life improvement, whatever it is.

What have you resolved to do this year?!?

Meaningful Tradition

December 17, 2014

If you’ve been around Simplistically Sassy for a while, you know about our Miracle story.  My youngest son, and 4th child, had a stroke when he was 9 days old, and we were able to figure that out, and he was life flighted to Primary Children’s Medical Center, where doctors decided to do brain surgery, to remove the blood clot, and that decision saved his life.  In turn it helped him to not have any physical or mental problems because of his stroke.  

My husband and I are always reminded of those times when our little boy has his birthday, and as the days after his birthday pass.  Because of the amazing things that PCMC did for us, we love to give back to them each year.  In December Utah does a Festival of Trees, and 100% of the proceeds are given to PCMC.  This is our way to contribute each year.  Some years we’ve just gone, and we’ve done a large tree before.  This year … this year, was 5 years since Jack’s life was given another chance.  We HAD to do something.  

Our family LOVES Legos, LOVES them.  We had to do a Lego tree.  It was so so so much fun.  I’m so grateful for those that donated to this cause and helped us out.  My husband an I got to spend the afternoon together putting it all together.  (Please excuse the slight blur from the random kind person who took our picture, lol)Life's Building Bricks 2014 by Simplistically Sassy  

Jack’s wonderful story got spread around the Festival of Trees employees, and soon, I was on the phone with PR people, and getting emails from other people asking to use or pass on Jack’s story.  It was so strange.  Then … then, a local TV show contacted me and asked if they could come and film our family and Jack’s story.  It was so fun to share that and to help promote Festival of Trees.  You can watch our segment here.

Here are some pictures we have of our tree.  We made each ornament and had to Kragle (GASP!!!) them all together (as per Festival rules) and then we used plumbing piping from the hardware store to make the Lego Garland.  We put 1×2, 1×3 and 1×4 Legos in the piping.  It was tricky, but turned out awesome.  Life's Building Bricks by Simplistically Sassy

I used this pattern to make the Lego tree skirt.  I modified it slightly.  It was about 24 hours of crocheting to make the entire thing (which wasn’t big).  I LOVE how it turned out.  Life's Building Bricks by Simplistically Sassy

Our awesome friend made our Lego star.  He was kind enough to donate it to us for the top of our tree.  He spend some time helping to fit to to the tree.  Thanks so much Brian!!  It turned out perfect, much better than I imagined it would.Life's Building Bricks by Simplistically Sassy

Then we were able to put some sets with the tree, along with The Lego Movie.  It was wonderful.Life's Building Bricks by Simplistically Sassy

Does your family have a meaningful tradition to help keep things in perspective and help remember that Christmas is more than getting gifts?  If so, what is it?

Creating a Christ Centered Christmas

December 6, 2014


I feel like every year my husband and I are talking about how to make sure that Christmas isn’t all about getting the kids excited to open presents on Christmas morning, or about what they’ll be getting, and talking about all the overly priced toys that they want to get.  It gets daunting to listen to that.  I want my kids to be talking about services they can do, how to help others, how to be more like our Savior.  I want to be creating a Christ centered Christmas and to let that sink deep into their hearts, to have an impact on them, and to have that eventually be far more important than what they open on Christmas morning.  I want them to remember that Mary and Joseph were there with Jesus and they were loving and caring and had an incredible experience and opportunity to be His parents here for a short time.

I’m so excited that We get the chance to read this new book available at Deseret Book now!!  It’s called A Christ Centered Christmas.  I am in love with it!!  

Celebrating A Christ-Centered Christmas.F

 This is a Christmas book that will be a tradition for forever.  Emily Belle Freeman goes through the various people that were involved in the birth of Christ.  She shares her thoughts, what part of Christmas they remind her of, and help her remember Christ, and what lesson we learn from them.  Each person has a little family meeting outline with a song, scripture, and something to talk about.  Then, at the end of each lesson, you get to add that person to your nativity scene.  I LOVE it.  You could do one each day right after Thanksgiving, or right before Christmas.  One a week, or one every few days.  There are so many options.  I think this is a book that will only add to family traditions and pointing ourselves and children to know how to remember Christ at Christmas!  

What are some Christmas traditions you have that help your family remember that Christmas is really about Christ?

Forth of July Fact Sheet for Kids

June 20, 2014

The 4th of July is such a fun holiday filled with BBQ’s, friends, family, fun treats, parades, activities, fireworks, red, white, blue and flags everywhere.  I realized thatI haven’t really ever talked to my kids about some of the Forth of July fact sheet that surround celebrating the 4th ofJuly though.  

I put this Forth of July fact sheet for kids together and thought it’d be perfect for a BBQ waiting game or a party to see what kids (and adults alike) knew about the 4th of July.  I also added to the 4th of July Fact sheet, some fun jokes!  These are silly and sure to get everyone laughing.

Grab your copy here (there are 2 on each page).
4th of July Fact Sheet for Kids

4th of July Fact Sheet for Kids by Simplistically Sassy

What is your favorite 4th of July tradition?  Do you have a Forth of July Fact sheet for kids that you know and love?

St. Patrick’s Day Kids Crafts

March 7, 2014

I’ve been keeping a small secret.  🙂  I have been a pinner for Looksi Square for a while now, and I’m loving it.  It’s so fun.  Recently I became a curator for them as well.  Super, super fun!  I’m excited to get the word out about Looksi Square and share some great ideas with all of you.  

St. Patrick's Day Kids Crafts by Simplistically Sassy

If you’re a fellow blogger, make sure to head over to Looksi Square to submit your projects and get some awesome traffic to your site.

If you’re one of my awesome readers, make sure to check it out for some awesome ideas.  There are so many and they range from jewelry, to kids stuff, to home decor and more.  

Alright, on the awesome St. Patrick’s Day Kids Crafts!  Love how adorable and easy these are!

Quick St. Patrick’s Day Toddler Craft by Pebbles & PigtailsSt. Patrick's Day Kids Crafts by Simplistically Sassy 

Free Shamrock Printable Pinwheels & Tutorials by Love The DaySt. Patrick's Day Kids Crafts by Simplistically Sassy   

St. Patricks Day Craft by The NY Melrose FamilySt. Patrick's Day Kids Crafts by Simplistically Sassy

St. Patricks Day Shirt by Dukes & DuchessesSt. Patrick's Day Kids Crafts by Simplistically Sassy

Easy Shamrock Craft by Fantastic Fun and LearningSt. Patrick's Day Kids Crafts by Simplistically Sassy

Washi tape Laced Shamrock by I Heart Crafty ThingsSt. Patrick's Day Kids Crafts by Simplistically Sassy

St. Patricks Day Fun by Events to CelebrateSt. Patrick's Day Kids Crafts by Simplistically Sassy

Tissue Paper Shamrock by Sew Crafty CatSt. Patrick's Day Kids Crafts by Simplistically Sassy

Hair Clip Rossetts by Simplistically SassySt. Patrick's Day Kids Crafts by Simplistically Sassy

Valentine’s Day Heart Attack (from you to your kids)

February 11, 2014

It seems like when people talk about coming from a large family, their biggest complaint is that they didn’t get the attention they wished they wanted.  Having a large family, that is always one of my concerns.  I don’t want my kids to feel like they aren’t loved or cared about because I was busy helping the babies, and they felt neglected in some area of life.

I love to make holiday’s fun in some way.  I’m still working on this in a major way.  But I’m slowly getting better at making the “super fun for kid” holiday’s awesome.  

Valentine's Day Heart Attack by Simplistically Sassy

As I got thinking about it, I decided I need to give each of my kids their own Valentine’s Day heart attack.  🙂  I always thought that was so fun to see/do growing up.  I also thought it’d be a great way to show each of the kids that I was thinking about them (as an individual) and that I took the time to do something specifically for them.

It was such a fun surprise for them.  I did it while they were in school so they had no idea that it was going on.  It also (somehow!) worked out that my littles (the 3 that aren’t in school) were super pre-occupied and didn’t come searching me out until after I’d finished their rooms (which I did first).  No idea how I lucked out. 

Valentine's Day Heart Attack by Simplistically Sassy

All you’ve got to do is cut out a bunch of hearts.  I have a Shilloutte — which I think was a necessity with how many hearts I had to do for all the kids, lol.  It took a bit of time still, but not too bad.  I cut out 20 hearts for each of the kids.  I wrote little sayings on about half of the hearts.  I grabbed some masking tape, and headed up to their bedrooms.  I decided to decorate their closet doors so they  could see them, and be reminded that they’re loved.

It’s simple, adorable, and the kids were so thrilled to find a fun surprise in their room when they got home (or for the littles, I had them close their eyes as they walked in their rooms.  Even my 18 month old was so excited about it).  

Do you have a tradition you like to do on Valentine’s Day for your kids?