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Fun Family Activities

February 2, 2015

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 We decided a while back that we were going to take our Friday nights back a little while ago.  We were going to schedule that time for our family.  We would either make or pick up pizza (depending on the day and if I actually remember to make it), and then watch a movie.

Sometimes we like to mix it up and so something a little different.  We play games, or make a fun treat.  The other day the girls and I were at Walmart (I think we go there at least once a week, lol), and we saw they had The Boxtrolls movie.  We decided it’d be a fun new movie to grab and watch.  I knew for sure my older kids were going to love it.  We also couldn’t pass up on the great deal Walmart had on the 10 pack Pop-Secret Homestyle popcorn.  (Side note: This popcorn is AMAZING.  I don’t really love over buttered popcorn, and this is perfect.  Slight butter/salt, and not over doing it at ALL!  It was perfect for our fun little treat for the evening.)

The Boxtrolls and Pop-Secret

We wanted to have a fun treat for the middle of the movie.  So, I grabbed one of the 10 pack Pop-Secret popcorns, and got that all popped up.  Then, I decided that it’d be super fun to just grab whatever random thing we had around and let the kids create their own popcorn treat.  I thought this went along PERFECTLY with the movie.  The Boxtrolls often find things and make something new with them.  We had a variety of chocolate chips, red hots, gummy hots, pretzels and sprinkles.  The kids loved it!  It was a little Popcorn Bar that was such a fun thing for the kids to pick and chose what they wanted.

Pop Secret Popcorn Bar

Fun and easy creations were made from this fun Popcorn Bar.  Loving this idea.  We’ll be doing it again!

Pop Secret Popcorn Bar Treat

The Boxtrolls is such a fun movie.  It’s so fun to see the amazing claymation that is done, and the story line is fun, and I think it has a great lesson.  I thought it’d be super fun to grab some clay, and have the kids pick their favorite character or part from the movie and re-create them with their own clay.  Then we went ahead and baked them up.  It was SO fun.  The kids LOVED it.  The best part of all?  It wasn’t a huge messy project (if you’ve been reading my blog, you know how much I hate big messy projects from this post).

Family Fun with Clay

We loved mixing this up and really spending time together creating something new.  I am so excited to let the kids play with clay again, and create.  I loved seeing what they chose to make from the movie too.  It was fun to see the character they wanted to make.  Fun family Night Activities by Simplistically Sassy

I love this weekly time we carve out for our kids.  Life is crazy and busy and we’re running here and there, and rushing off to bed to make sure everyone gets enough sleep, etc.  Friday nights are our nights.  I think if you just really want the time, you can make the time.  You can create fun memories, and just sitting together for a movie allows kids to sit with you, and have your attention and interest on something that they like.  

The Boxtrolls is a great family time movie.  Try doing your own family night.  Grab The Boxtrolls from Walmart (while supplies last) and some 10 Pack Pop-Secret Homestyle Popcorn.  Make it a night, and get creative.  Have some fun and just ENJOY being together!!!  It’s worth changing things up. 

BYU Tween Boy Room Makeover

January 15, 2015

**Just a little disclaimer.  This project was done in the middle of the summer … like 6 months ago.  I just am finally sharing with you all.  I hope you love it!BYU-Tween-Boy-Room-Makeover by Simplistically Sassy

Every summer my in-laws have each of our kids sleep over, one at a time, for an entire week.  The kids LOVE this time away from all their siblings, the chance to be the only child, and time with grandma and grandpa.  It’s also super fun to see how the dynamics with the kids change when one of them is gone.  I love it.  

My oldest has been waiting VERY patiently for his room to be painted.  He decided on a BYU room (our favorite college team), which I loved because I felt like it was something he could grow up with and we wouldn’t have to change it in 2 years.  After dropping him off for his week away, I turned to my husband and said, “I have a great idea!!  Let’s surprise him and redo his room while he’s gone.  We’ll do this and this and this, and I can keep it within a budget!”  He kind of stared at me like I was insane.  I was determined though.  My husband was a painter back in his college days, and so he’s SUPER picky about paint.  Which is great with me (he’s good at it, so he’s allowed to be picky). Once I told him my grand plans, he said he was okay helping me when I needed it.  SWEET!  I was so excited to get going on it knowing I’d have the paint help as needed.

I searched around and found some awesome ideas on Pinterest (of course).  I did get several of my ideas from Kristen Duke Photography blog.  She has some adorable printable that I used, and use altered some of her ideas.

Here is our BYU tween boy room makeover!!  Hope you enjoy the tour!

We’ll start with my favorite view.  🙂  I love how this desk area worked out.  We had the shelves in his room already (purchased at IKEA for a great price), and we already had the desk as well, in his room even.  I just bought a pack of 4 cork board squares, and printed out some picture of a helmet and cut, and then used and x acto knife to cut around it.  I free handed the football – and then my husband fixed it to look like a football. 😉

BYU Bedroom by Simplistically Sassy

Here is a close up of the boards. BYU Bedroom by Simplistically Sassy

Then his closet actually has a dresser that was sitting in the garage waiting to be painted and fixed up a little bit.  I painted that blue and we got knew knobs.  His name above the door was actually red, so I redid the entire sign.  Luckily I have a Silhouette so it was possible.

BYU Bedroom by Simplistically Sassy

Here is the full view.  The bookcase was red, white and blue.  So I painted the shelves black and the side blue, and left the white on the edges – I did have to touch it up, but it was easy.

BYU Bedroom by Simplistically Sassy

View of the bed area.  The desk is just to the left of the window (if you like perspective like that).   My friend has great prices on vinyl and was able to get the giant oval Y done for me.  I found a large piece of wood that was really thin in my basement and painted it white.   Then we just put the Y on it.

I printed off the sayings I liked and wanted on the walls (the upper two) in 8×11 and just bought some cheap frames from Walmart.  

I happen to have a gray piece of wood stuff (lol, no idea what it really is) in the basement, and my husband said it was fine to use.  I painted the edges in the dark blue, and used my vinyl cutter to print off the BYU Fight Song.  I LOVE that part.  

BYU Bedroom by Simplistically Sassy


Close up of the Y.



BYU Bedroom by Simplistically Sassy


Here is the close up of the sayings that he has above his bed.  I love the dark blue one since he’s the oldest of 6, I thought it was a great reminder for him about how awesome he really is.




BYU Bedroom by Simplistically Sassy

Here is a close up of the fight song, and also a closer look at the pain we did on the walls.  I got the idea from Jenna Burger Design.  Here are the measurements we used to paint:

The widths of the stripes from top to bottom are: 9 inch, 1-1/4 inch, 3 inches, and 1/4 inch.

Between each stripe is one painters tape width. So, while painting, we had tape on top, painted blue, tape, painted black, tape, painted blue, tape, painted black.  Then the white of course is left when we take the tape off.  I LOVE how it turned out.

BYU Bedroom by Simplistically Sassy

Birthday Cards for Kids

September 15, 2014

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Birthday Cards for Kids by Simplistically Sassy

With birthday’s and Holiday’s around these parts require a lot of planning – ahead of time.  All six of my kids have a birthday in a different month, and my husband and I have our birthdays in the same month, but it’s a different month than any of our kids.  So, 7 out of 12 months we have a birthday in our family.  Those 7 months are almost consecutive.  Which makes for lots of parties, cake, and planning in what seems like endless amounts.  I was so excited when I saw these adorable birthday cards for kids at Walmart that were more than a card!  The awesome thing is if you buy 5 cards from Walmart, you’ll be able to earn Hallmark Card Rewards.  You can sign up here to start earning those rewards.

Birthday Cards for Kids by Simplistically Sassy

I’m rarely prepared for birthday’s with cards.  I love giving cards, but after all the other planning it often ends up being over looked.  I decided this year to get our birthday season off to a good started, and I stalked up on these amazing poster birthday cards for my kids.  They have an awesome variety of cards that I was able to find one for all my kids.  I also love that the cards have good messages for the kids!  They can be reminded and inspired as they remember the love that was given to them.


I also love that these are a great price, and would be awesome for the kids to give to friends as well.  That’d be another option to stalk up on these great cards, and grab some candy bars, and give an easy gift of a fun poster, and a little treat.  Easy to grab and go, and store for those last minute gifts you may forget about.Birthday Cards for Kids by Simplistically Sassy

Our birthday season starts the very beginning of November and goes through July – our months off are February and April.  So, it’s time to bring it on.  Birthdays, celebrations, holiday’s, and lots and lots of fun.  I’m so excited to see my kids reactions with these full size posters and they celebrate their special days, and also get to have an awesome message hanging in their room.Birthday Cards for Kids by Simplistically Sassy

Make sure you check out Hallmark Collections to sign up for Hallmark Rewards, and to see great content from other bloggers. Join in the #kidscards conversation on Twitter!  

What months are you busiest with birthday’s in your house?  

Birthday Cards for Kids by Simplistically Sassy  


Girls Who Choose God

September 3, 2014

This post is sponsored by Deseret Book but all opinions are mine.

Girls Who Choose God

So, something incredible has happened for me.  I have 3 of my kids in school all day, and then one in preschool 3 mornings a week.  With some of this time without so many kids around, I have taken up reading.  In the past week I’ve read 1 1/2 books (longer chapter books).  It may not seem like much, but it’s a huge accomplishment for this mom of six.  

I am so excited to share this book with you!  This book is inspiring and perfect for the entire family.  This is a book that is empowering for girls especially as we are taught in a simple way how wonderful women of the bible served God, chose the right, and solved problems.  It helps young girls see that making the right choice, even if it’s hard, can be a wonderful experience and opportunity to help and serve others.  It teaches the choices that the women had and why she chose the right one and after each women, asks the girls something similar they’ve done to strengthen those around them.  

As a mother of 3 young girls, I wanted this book in my home.  I wanted to show my girls that the scriptures aren’t all about wonderful men, but there are many stories that are very inspiring about wonderful women.  My oldest daughter has enjoyed looking through and reading this book by herself and being able to easily understand these various stories in a simplified way that she can understand.

Forth of July Fact Sheet for Kids

June 20, 2014

The 4th of July is such a fun holiday filled with BBQ’s, friends, family, fun treats, parades, activities, fireworks, red, white, blue and flags everywhere.  I realized thatI haven’t really ever talked to my kids about some of the Forth of July fact sheet that surround celebrating the 4th ofJuly though.  

I put this Forth of July fact sheet for kids together and thought it’d be perfect for a BBQ waiting game or a party to see what kids (and adults alike) knew about the 4th of July.  I also added to the 4th of July Fact sheet, some fun jokes!  These are silly and sure to get everyone laughing.

Grab your copy here (there are 2 on each page).
4th of July Fact Sheet for Kids

4th of July Fact Sheet for Kids by Simplistically Sassy

What is your favorite 4th of July tradition?  Do you have a Forth of July Fact sheet for kids that you know and love?

Helping Kids eat Healthy

May 4, 2014

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media® and Lifeway Kefir, but all my opinions are my own. #weavemade #

Recently I’ve set a goal to eat better.  Like a lot better.  Recently, I also decided if that was going to happen, then I need junk out of my house, and out of my pantry and cupboards.  Know what that meant?  Getting my kids on board.   Know what I did?  I clean out my pantry.  I posted this picture on Instagram recently.  See … totally cleaned up and out.  I did the same to my fridge … but no pictures sorry (must have been busy with those littles and dinner at the same time, lol).  Healthy Pantry

I decided that fruit and veggies, and protein all needed to be more of the snack star in our lives, rather than bread, treats and crackers.  So, I got rid of the crackers (mostly) and only have bread for lunch time, and not every day.  You’re probably wondering what in the heck I feed my kids for snacks (I would be if I were you).  I pulled this together as an after school snack.  For the record, I don’t always get around to making snacks looks so awesome and put together.  🙂  Sometimes the kids get to things before they ever get on a plate, lol.Helping Kids Eat Healthy by Simplistically Sassy

You can see that the kids ate it right up.  I just pulled out any fruit I had that was easy to throw on there.  You could easily add grapes, cuties, oranges, etc.  As for veggies, my kids are just PICKY!  So carrots is a constant because all six kids will eat them.  You of course could do celery, peppers, small tomatoes, etc. I put some peanut butter in the middle to dipping, and added 2 different cheeses in there too.  As a side note, my kids were getting mad at each other for not passing the tray fast enough, lol.Healthy snacks for kids

As far as drinks go, I found this fun drink that has great protein in it and is like a strawberry smoothie.  The kids loved it.  All of them said it was like drinking strawberry yogurt, lol.  It was not quite as thick as yogurt though.  We liked it and would buy it again.  Lifeway Kefir also carries frozen bars, fro-yo, Greek styles, kids products, etc.  I was really hoping my local grocery store would have some the bars or for-yo, and they didn’t.  I’m for sure keeping an eye out for them.  They also have a huge variety of flavors, so make sure to check them out.  Sweet ideas for the whole family.Helping Kids Eat Healthy by Simplistically Sassy

Beyond snacks, we’re also making an effort to implement protein in every meal.  We love smoothies an sometimes add protein powder to those.  My husband added some of the Lifeway Kefir to our smoothie and it was so great!  Loved it. We also have eggs for breakfast some mornings.  My husband made a great recipe for protein waffles I’ll have to share.  My kids devoured them!  For lunch, there is always nut butters for dipping, and for a sandwich.  At dinner we’re trying to have chicken in various ways and steak, or even add beans to various things.  

It’s a big change for our family, and it won’t be easy every step of the way.  All eight of us are going to be branching out, but it’ll be great once we’re more used to it.  I’ve been amazed how I have a hard time tolerating certain foods now.  I’m excited to share healthy ideas, recipes, products, and our experience as we continue to a healthier lifestyle.  

Last of all, I couldn’t leave out this gem … my 22 month old climbed onto the table to get the snacks.  She gobbled her drink down, and then couldn’t wait any longer.Healthy snacks for kids