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Tiny Laundry Room Makeover

February 2, 2016

Tiny Laundry Room Makeover by Simplistically Sassy

I have a tiny laundry room.  It’s slightly bigger than a closet … but it’s tiny.  It’s also amazing in it’s shape.  Seriously though, it’s almost non-functional to some degree because of the shape.  It just had a boring shelf that was WAY too high for my five foot three inch self.  I could barely reach to get my detergent when it was on the very edge.  I really wanted to re-do it, but that takes time, and money, and planning.  It just wasn’t happening.

Tiny Laundry Room Makeover by Simplistically Sassy

Then mid-December (of course right?  Right during the holiday’s), the washer started to smell like it was burning.  It’d happened before, I called a great repair guy.  He told me hopefully it’ll last a couple more years, but it may not.  If it started to smell again, I needed a new one.  Sigh.  So here we are, a week before Christmas, and apparently I was getting a new washer/dryer.  Which was great, but not really either.  My husband and I found ones that we liked (but mostly what I liked), and we got them.  They were being shipped to us, so we had a couple weeks.

Insert me deciding we were redoing the laundry room ASAP!  YAY!  First things first, we knocked out the too high shelf.  By we, I mean my amazing husband.  🙂  After the shelf was knocked down we put a 2×4 board up using a level, and screwed that into some studs.   My husband then fixed up the area where the shelf had come, and painted it all white to match the walls.Tiny Laundry Room Makeover by Simplistically Sassy

We were able to find two cabinets on a local classified website, that were the height we wanted.  I took some time to sand it down, and then painted it a light blue.  We decided to to paint the cupboards the color I wanted to incorporate into the room instead of painting the walls.  It saved us a lot of money since we had enough paint to do the cupboards, but would have had to buy more for the walls.  We screwed these into some studs as well, and having the 2×4 under the cupboards helped in holding it all up when it was being screwed in, and keeping them level.Tiny Laundry Room Makeover by Simplistically Sassy

Next we just needed to wait for our new washer and dryer to come.  I knew once they arrived I’d be able to finish up the details.  The first detail I KNEW I wanted was to print off some vinyl decals that were laundry signs.  

I made these before we got the new appliances.  Once they were in place, I decided it’d be so fun to have the “Machine Wash” and “Tumble Dry” above the washer and dryer.  I love how they turned out.

Tiny Laundry Room Makeover by Simplistically Sassy

Tumble Dry decal sign.

Tiny Laundry Room Makeover by Simplistically Sassy

The other decals that I made were put up on the wall as a boarder on a couple small walls.  I hope to make more at some point, but I LOVE how it looks.  Plus if I ever need help understanding how to wash my clothes, I’ve got some my own key in the laundry room.

Tiny Laundry Room Makeover by Simplistically Sassy Tiny Laundry Room Makeover by Simplistically Sassy

I had a plain clock that may not even work … but I decided I could still use it.  I use paint to make little sunflowers on it, and then added a mason jar and some sunflowers that I used for my daughters Frozen Fever birthday party.     Tiny Laundry Room Makeover by Simplistically Sassy

I love how it all turned out.  It makes it so much nicer to do laundry when I love the room that I’m in.  It’s nice to be able to take the time to make a space nicer so that I can truly enjoy it better.  The best part is that we were able to do it on a small budget (besides the new washer and dryer, lol).  We spent around $150 for the cupboards, other wood, screws, pegs for shelves, and vinyl.  

What room would you redecorate in your house if you could?

Kids School Display Board

August 11, 2014

Kids Display Board by Simplistically Sassy

I am totally in love with out this project turned out.  I was recently at IKEA for a catalog launch party, which was awesome.  I got to bring the kids, and we had an amazing breakfast, and then had to shop around once we were done.  IKEA

I found this great magnetic board that I totally fell in love with.  It was only $13, which made it even more appealing.  I knew right away that I wanted it to display the kids work from school.  Spelling tests, math tests, art work, etc.  I wanted a place that wasn’t my fridge.  Having my fridge full of papers makes me crazy and it feels like my kitchen is so messy.  This migraine kids school display board will make them smile to see the awesome things they’ve done and what their siblings have done too.Kids School Display Board by Simplistically Sassy

We hung it up right by our computer desk (in our dining area), where we can all see it, but it’s not in the midst of all the craziness that is the kitchen.  I added the fun quotes (using IKEA frames) too, hoping that as the kids struggle to want to do homework, or not getting a perfect score, we can be reminded of the important things, and that it’s important to keep trying.

There are more Dr. Seuss quotes and printables here.Quotes for Kids


How to Easily Remove Smeared Waterproof Mascara

March 18, 2014

How to easily remove smeared waterproof mascara I was chatting with one of my best friends while she was doing her make-up, and she’d applied her mascara, and had a little clean up to do, and I learned how to easily remove smeared waterproof mascara in seconds!  I was shocked!  

Now, I must share with you!  🙂  Having messed up mascara right after I put on my make-up is always SO annoying.  So I am so grateful for this tip too.

Grab some vaseline and a tissue, square of toilet paper, whatever.  That’s all you need.   Get a bit of vaseline on the tissue, and just rub it on the mascara that is on your skin, and it will wipe away with out any problem!  Done, and perfect!  

That is how to easily remove smeared waterproof mascara when you’ve had a little mishap.  Ta-da!   As a side note, this is just to remove mascara on your skin that rubs off as the day goes on, or if you accidentally get it around your eyes while applying mascara.  

Do you have any tips for how to remove smeared waterproof mascara?

The how to’s for Dying Eyebrows and False Eyelashes

March 12, 2014

I recent got to try a pair of KISS lashes but had no idea how to put on false eyelashes.  My friend Amy, on the other hand, is a pro at it (she wears them on a regular basis).  Well, Amy and my other friend Kate have started a new You Tube video.  I am so excited to have been able to be a guest in their most recent video!  

Watch below as Amy and Kate show you the how to’s for dying eyebrows and false eyelashes.  Make sure to follow The Layered Life so you can get their awesome weekly videos!

Have you ever put on false eyelashes?  Do you know how to put on false eyelashes?  Is it something you’d ever try if you haven’t yet?

Quick Paint Clean up (with kids)

March 4, 2014

I was getting things ready for the kids to do a painting project today, and needed a quick paint clean up and something that is effective.  Usually I’d use newspaper, but we didn’t have any around.  Then I remembered a great tip I learned from my friend Hillary.  

Quick Paint Clean up

All you do, is grab a garbage bag and cut the long sides of it.  Then lay it out on the counter, and use masking anti anxiety tape (I’m sure other tape could work, just be careful), and tape the bag down under the counter, and along the other edges.  It works like a charm.  It also makes for AMAZINGLY easy clean up!  Love it!  Maybe we’ll paint more often … maybe.

Painting Protection

 Ta-da!  Something that stays in place while painting, that won’t get the counters dirty, and is a super quick paint clean up.  Love it!  

Transitioning from crib to bed easily

January 28, 2014

transition from crib to bed

My baby just turned 18 months old this month, and we decided to do the big transition from crib to bed.  Having 6 kids in 7 years made it so a few of our kids had to make the transitioning from crib to bed early because we couldn’t afford another crib in our earlier years (and didn’t have space for 2 cribs either).  Along the way I’ve learned a few tips that I wanted to share with you.

Transitioning from Crib to Bed Easily

1: Do it early.  Obviously not TOO early, but before they start climbing out of their crib, or before they can even open the door.  🙂  It makes it easier for them to stay in their room if they can’t open the door.  DISCLAIMER: That doesn’t mean you ignore your child when they are knocking or crying at the door.  It means that you can go in and help them when you know they need your help.  Just like if they were in a crib.

Side note: If you don’t transition until your child is able to open door, or your child needs the door open slightly, I think that’s when you have to be really diligent and follow through with whatever you say  So, if your toddler is coming out of their room a lot, then you just need to follow through with putting them back in their bed and helping them realize why they need to stay.

2: Start with Mattress on the floor. If you’re worried about a bed being too high, you could start with the crib mattress, or just a twin size mattress on the floor.  It allows your toddler to be able to easily get in and out of bed.  That way if they get a little sad at nap time, they can easily go crawl back in bed.

3: Or start with a twin size bed. This is really how I like to do it.  We just get a bed side rail and put that up where the toddler is.  We’ve also had beds that have headboards and footbaords and up against the wall.  That way they can still be a little bit blocked in while they learn the ropes of having a bigger bed. We also have a little stool to put by the bed so they can get in and out safely.

4: The sad toddler:  It’s always been a rough day or two when we’ve moved the kids to their beds.  They get out, and just come to the door and cry, or knock, or play even.  After a minute or two, going in to comfort, help, or remove toys from the situation and then tucking them back in will help.  Without fail, with every one of our kids, they fall asleep in front of the door for the first couple of days.  At night, my husband would quiet get in, and move them back to their beds.  They soon learn that sleeping in bed is much better than the floor.  

5: Make it fun! It’s fun to get them a new set of sheets of something they love.  You could also get them a special comforter.  I have made each of my kids a quilt when they’ve moved into a bed.  Not the day they move in, but I try to do it for Christmas or their birthday after they’ve moved.  It’s nothing super fancy, just a simple quilt that is made by mom.  

What have you found that works when transitioning from crib to bed?