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Frozen Fever Birthday Party

June 6, 2016

Frozen Fever Birthday Party

We love Frozen Fever at our house! My daughter turning five wanted a Frozen Fever Party!  It sounded easy enough, and so much fun.

#1 – The Goodie Bags & Activities

Activity #1: One of the activities was making Snowgies from pom-poms.  It was really easy and the girls loved it.  They each got to make 2, and once they were dried, we put them in their goodie bags.

Activity #2: Bingo.  We used candy hearts and I just found a general Frozen Fever Bingo board on Pinterest

Activity #3:  We used blue and yellow beads, and some snowflake beads and created necklaces.  All the girls really loved this activity.  It was a little time consuming (since they all had their own patterns in mind) but it was so fun to see what they created.

Activity #4: Snow ball toss.  I got 5 buckets (like pictured) lined up in a row and yarn snowballs and each bucket was worth various amounts.  The girls took turns throwing from the first bucket to the last bucket.  

Goodie bags: I included a packet of Sunflower Seeds, a Elsa lollipop, some sparkly gum balls I found at the craft store, a sunflower chocolate, and then the necklace they made, and the snowgies they made.

Frozen Fever Party Ideas

Click next to see the Happy Birthday Sign, table ideas, and the CAKE!

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Pinkalicious Party

September 3, 2015

You know we love a good party on the budget at our house!  A while back my daughter turned 4, and wanted a Pinkalicious party.  It was super easy, and super fun!  She (of course) got all dressed up in pink, and before the party started her nails HAD to be pink as well.  Pinkalicous Party By Simplistically Sassy

The table was super easy and fun to do too.  I headed to Walmart and got their inexpensive packages of pink forks, plates, napkins, and cups.  We were having less than 8 girls, so I didn’t have to buy large amounts of these items either, which is always a bonus.

For the wall, I wanted to do something different than just a plastic table cloth.  It wasn’t covering well, and I wanted it to look nice.  I went and grabbed an inexpensive roll of wrapping paper and just fit it to the wall, and added some balloons at the bottom to give it a bit more texture.  

I usually make a cake, but she saw this cake and begged for it, so we decided we could splurge a bit and get it. 

I used pink cupcake wrappers and scooped ice cream skin care into them, and kept them frozen until the girls were ready to eat.  It was so easy and no mess during the party.  We also had pink blow pops (since Pinkalicious loves bubble gum, and we also had pink cotton candy (not pictured) for the girls to all take home.  

The cupcakes on the wall say Happy Birthday.  I created those with my Shilouete.  It was easy and fun to do.  Then I just made some holes in them and strung twine through them.Pinkalicous Party By Simplistically Sassy

We just played super simple games.  We blew up some balloon and wrote all the girls names on them, and then we let them keep them from touching the ground.  They LOVED this game and thought it was so fun to see who could keep them up the longest.Pinkalicous Party By Simplistically Sassy

Hannah and her BFF.  They’re always so fun together.  This cute little girl is the daughter of the wonderful blogger at Events to CelebratePinkalicous Party By Simplistically Sassy

This is how the birthday girl felt about this super fun and pink party.  🙂  I love her spunky and loving personality.  She’s amazing and I’m so grateful she’s mine.  🙂   Pinkalicous Party By Simplistically Sassy

Drive in Movie Birthday Party Ideas

July 31, 2014

Drive in Movie Party Ideas by Simplistically SassyWe had big plans to do a camping party for my son turning 6.  Then two weeks before his birthday he broke his arm.  He broke it good too, lol.  Since he wasn’t going to be able to run around outside and participate in games that would end up being hard for him, we went with something simple, but still so fun.

Spencer LOVES to watch movies or just TV.  So, I figured throwing together some drive in movie birthday party ideas would be a huge hit.  He loved the ideas that we found, and came up with, so we ran with it.  Here are the invitations we handed out.Drive in Movie Party by Simplistically Sassy

First things first, we had to collect boxes so each person could have a car.  I was planning on doing apple boxes at first, but the produce section of my grocery store only ever had enough banana boxes.  Banana boxes have wholes in the bottom.  Since I wasn’t using them to pack, I decided they’d actually work PERFECT for cars.  The awesome thing is, banana boxes are slightly bigger, so I think it was great for the six year olds.  So head to your grocery store in the morning or the later evening, and ask the people that are working in the produce section if they have extra boxes.  They’re usually more than happy to hand them out.  🙂Drive in Movie Party by Simplistically Sassy

Once you’ve got your boxes, you just glue some paper plates on the sides, and one inside for a steering wheel.  Drive in Movie Party by Simplistically Sassy

Next I grabbed a marker, and wrote the kids names on the back of the boxes for the license plates.  It was super easy, but a fun little touch. 

Next we decided to make our TV room into a parking lot.  We measured the boxes to make sure that we’d give enough space on all sides of the “cars” so the kids could have room to get in and out, and around and between as needed.Drive in Movie Party by Simplistically Sassy

First thing, when everyone got there, we had crayons out, and the kids got to color their boxes while we waited for all the kids to get there.  Once everyone was there, they still had a bit of time so the later kids could color their boxes.  A couple kids were a bit slower, so we just started the movie and they kept on coloring.  No big deal at all.  It worked out great.

Once everyone was settled we did a little dinner.  We let the kids pick a hotdog or nachos.  I just made a list with two columns.  One side said hot dogs at the top, one side said nachos at the top, and both had everyones names on them.  Then, I just circled their name under their preference.  It worked really easy, and I didn’t have to write their names, it was quick circle so there was less waiting.  They started the movie while we got everything warmed up and ready to eat.Drive in Movie Party by Simplistically Sassy

We made a little concessions stand with popcorn, mini candy bars, and other little random candies.  Each of the kids also got a glow necklace. About half way through the movie we paused it and everyone was able to come to the concession stand and pick some treats.  It was great for them to have a little bit of a break I think too.  Drive in Movie Party by Simplistically Sassy Drive in Movie Party by Simplistically Sassy   

Drive in Movie Party by Simplistically Sassy

Once the movie was over the kids went outside and ran around a bit while they ate cupcakes, got some wiggles out while we waited for their parents to come pick them up.  It was a perfect way to end the party.Drive in Movie Party by Simplistically Sassy


Overall it was a huge success and everyone had a great time!  We loved this party!

Simple Baking Birthday Party Ideas

June 5, 2014

Simple Baking Birthday Party by Simplistically Sassy

I love throwing parties.  While they aren’t always super extravagant like I seem to always see on Pinterest, my goal is to have the guests, and the guest of honor, leave with a smile on their face.  I loved pulling this party together.  I talked about the aprons I made for each of the guests in this post here.  Now, on to the details and the smiling faces.  🙂

Invitations: I decided to go simple and just create them on my own.  I went to the dollar store and grabbed some rubber scrapers.  They came in a variety of sizes, but that was fine with me.  I punched a hole in the invitation and used a ribbon to attach the rubber scraper.  I love how it turned out.  You could also use wooden spoons or measuring spoons or even cups. Simple Baking Birthday Party Invitations by Simplistically Sassy

Simple baking birthday party ideas:
Make easy chef hats using poster board for the bottom part, and a piece of tissue paper taped or stapled.  I wrote each of the guests names on the hats to make them more personal.
Buy or make aprons for each guest.Child Apron by Simplistically Sasy
Make sugar cookies and decorate them. Have the kids cut out sugar cookie dough first thing.  Bake while you move to another activity. Also, I realize they’re frosting cupcakes, and apparently that’s all I took pictures of, lol.  But I love this picture.Simple Baking Birthday Party Activities by Simplistically Sassy
Frost cupcakes.  Make the cupcakes the day before so they’re nice and cool.  Make the frosting ahead of time (or use store bought, and you can always color it if you get white).  Simple Baking Birthday Party by Simplistically Sassy
Make mini pudding pies.  Just whip up some instant pudding, and let the girls scoop some in their mini graham cracker pie crusts.  Throw them in the fridge – but don’t forget to hand them back out!

The day before the party, I made up some sugar cookie dough, and stuck it in the fridge covered.  I also made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes available so everyone could have what flavor they wanted.  I got enough frosting to frost the cupcakes and the cookies, and I made sure I had sprinkles on hand.  

Party Favors:
Obviously the kids got the hats and aprons.  However, I also wanted them to have something to take all their treats home in.  So I went to the dollar store and grabbed some cake keepers.  Then I used my Shilouette and added each of their names to keep track of all of them. It worked out perfectly.  Simple Baking Birthday Party Favors by Simplistically Sassy

Once everyone was done decorating we let the girls run and play outside.  It was perfect because by then they were ready to get out some energy.  It was really fun, and the guests had a blast!

Hulk Birthday Party

November 15, 2013

Hulk Party Ideas

We just celebrated a birthday in our house, and it was a Hulk Birthday Party.

It was super easy, low key, and fun.  I love having low key, but fun parties, so this was perfect.  Since my 4 year old doesn’t have a ton of friends (yet), we just invited a couple little neighbors over, and of course he has 5 siblings, so it was 8 kids.  🙂 I found some of these ideas on Pinterest.  Some we changed up to do how it would work for us, or what was easiest to do in the moment. Alright, lets get this Hulk Birthday Party started.

Cake and Pudding:
The pudding cups are all over Pinterest.  Easy really, just vanilla pudding with green coloring, divided into individual small plastic cups, topped with crush Oreos. The cake I just made up, and it turned out good (I think … it’s easy, and obviously homemade, lol, but sometimes that’s fine).  I just made a cake mix, then divided it into two rounds, and then stacked the cakes with frosting in the middle.  Then I just made the icing green and added crushed Oreos for the hair, and some black frosting (from a tube) for facial features.  I guess I love that it totally matched the cups, exactly, so it was kind of funny.  My 4 year old knew who it was, and loved it, so it’s good.
Hulk Birthday Cake

Party Favors:
Because I didn’t have a lot of other kids coming, I thought it’d be fun to do Hulk masks.  I found them on Pinterest (of course), and pinned them to my party board.  They were easy, and simple.  It was a lot of fun.  I made crows for the girls, I figured I’d want them more than a Superhero mask – although I’m sure some girls would love the mask too.  I also grabbed some 87 cent cups and some stickers, and then frosted animal cookies that were green and white and some green fruity toostie roll things, to add to the cup.
Superhero Masks

Hulk Birthday Party Games:
We had the mask and hands on the front door (obviously from the above picture), and my husband just taped the mask on, and then used strings to keep the hands in place.  We just were running low on time to do anything else that might stay on the cold door.  It worked and looked fun.

We had everyone put on the mask and gloves and be the Hulk as they smashed down towers.  We used whatever boxes we could find in 5 minutes, and other on Pinterest were more prepared and made them wrapped and looking like buildings.  So … you can make it WAY more fancy, or just wing it and it’s still super fun for the kids.  🙂
Hulk Party Ideas 2

The next game we did was a laser game. I found it for a Superhero party, and it’s probably not Hulk related per say, but I thought it was still super fun. We just taped the paper in crazy ways through the hall way, and at the end they found their party favors. They kept doing it until it all fell down. 🙂
Hulk Party Ideas 2

Planes Party Games & Play date

October 21, 2013

Planes Party Games

The other day, the kids and I put together some Planes party games, and then they each got to invite a friend over for a Planes Play date!  It was so so so fun!  I loved having a fun time, that was stress-free from the actual party part, lol. I made some simple invitations so their friends could remember the date/time/etc.

Planes Party Games Invitations Planes Party Games Invitations

 We did a few different activities that were about 15 minutes each.  The official Planes play date was about an hour long.  However, some of the kids stayed a bit longer (since it was neighborhood friends and they are the kids every day friends).

We started out with all the kids coloring a Planes picture.  You can just do a search for Planes coloring pages, and there are pages and pages that will come up.  It was simple, but even the older kids were excited about it, and I honestly wasn’t sure how they were going to feel about it.

Planes Party Games & Play date coloring

After that I let the kids each pick a color of construction paper.  I had looked up a fun airplane to make earlier in the day, and I taught the kids how to make an airplane.

Planes Party Games & Play date paper airplanes

Some of them were too little to do it alone, but we just went slowly and helped everyone along.  Once they were done making them, we made sure everyone’s names were on the wing before they ever took flight.  🙂

Planes Party Games & Play date paper airplanes

Next it was racing time!  We had two different starting spots, depending on the age of the kids, and then I put some pharmacy lines down the hallway for them to see how far they could get them.  They all loved it so much!  Then I just let the kids have at it with racing their planes.  They took them out in the backyard too, and just flew them everywhere, it was great.

Planes Party Games & Play date paper airplanes

Planes Party Games & Play date paper airplanes

Planes Party Games & Play date paper airplanes


After a little while, we gathered the pilots back inside, and they got to decorate sugar cookies.  I had a blast making these with my younger kids, while the other ones were at school.  I also make Jell-o Jigglers that were blue, and use a cookie cutter to make “clouds” for the planes to fly in.

Planes Party Games & Play date cookies

We helped the kids with the frosting (I did a glaze), and they got to swirl  colors together which was super fun.

Planes Party Games & Play date cookies

I love this picture of my little (almost) 4 year old.  He figured out to take the toothpick, and “fly” his plane.  He was so proud of himself.  🙂
Planes Party Games & Play date cookies

Once they were done with their cookies, they were off to fly their planes again.  I was amazed how long that entertained all the kids.  Best Planes party games!  Seriously, girls and boys alike were totally take by flying, making, and racing of the planes.

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