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Creating a Christ Centered Christmas

December 6, 2014


I feel like every year my husband and I are talking about how to make sure that Christmas isn’t all about getting the kids excited to open presents on Christmas morning, or about what they’ll be getting, and talking about all the overly priced toys that they want to get.  It gets daunting to listen to that.  I want my kids to be talking about services they can do, how to help others, how to be more like our Savior.  I want to be creating a Christ centered Christmas and to let that sink deep into their hearts, to have an impact on them, and to have that eventually be far more important than what they open on Christmas morning.  I want them to remember that Mary and Joseph were there with Jesus and they were loving and caring and had an incredible experience and opportunity to be His parents here for a short time.

I’m so excited that We get the chance to read this new book available at Deseret Book now!!  It’s called A Christ Centered Christmas.  I am in love with it!!  

Celebrating A Christ-Centered Christmas.F

 This is a Christmas book that will be a tradition for forever.  Emily Belle Freeman goes through the various people that were involved in the birth of Christ.  She shares her thoughts, what part of Christmas they remind her of, and help her remember Christ, and what lesson we learn from them.  Each person has a little family meeting outline with a song, scripture, and something to talk about.  Then, at the end of each lesson, you get to add that person to your nativity scene.  I LOVE it.  You could do one each day right after Thanksgiving, or right before Christmas.  One a week, or one every few days.  There are so many options.  I think this is a book that will only add to family traditions and pointing ourselves and children to know how to remember Christ at Christmas!  

What are some Christmas traditions you have that help your family remember that Christmas is really about Christ?

Keeping Christ in Christmas

December 23, 2013

Keeping Christ in Christmas

It’s always a little challenging to focus on keeping Christ in Christmas.  I love the fun lights, and decorations, visiting Santa, leaving him cookies, making and giving treats/gifts to friends and neighbors, and sending Christmas cards.  

Sometimes I need to  stop and just remind myself what is is all about.  WHY we are doing all these things.  WHY this time of year is so jolly and happy and full of love.  For me, it’s because it’s all so focused on Christ.  

Here are 5 ways that you can help your family  Christ with the hustle and bustle of Christmas day coming closer.

1. Read Luke 2: We have a tradition of reading Luke 2 before we head to our presents.  We just gather the kids together on our bed, and read, and remind them of WHY we are GIVING gifts.  We try to remind them of the excitement of giving, not just getting.

2. Give Christ a Gift: On Christmas Eve get together and hand out a piece of paper to everyone in the family.  Ask antibiotics everyone to write down a gift they’d like to give Christ in the coming year.  If could be to be more patient with your kids, for siblings to be kinder to one another, to be more involved with serving other, etc. You could keep these in a place that is viable all the time for the reminder for yourself throughout the year.

3.  Have a Party: Celebrate the day by having a birthday party for Jesus.  After you’ve had your Christmas dinner, you could eat cake.

4. Hide & Seek Nativity: You could take the a Nativity set and hide the various pieces around the house.  As a family search out the story of Christ, and see if you can put the store together again.

5. See what it may have been like: This is a great video to watch together as a family about the birth of Christ.

How does your family work on keeping Christ in Christmas during the holiday’s?