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Fun Family Activities

February 2, 2015

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Universal Pictures, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #BoxtrollsFamilyNite http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstVThe Boxtrolls and Pop-Secret

 We decided a while back that we were going to take our Friday nights back a little while ago.  We were going to schedule that time for our family.  We would either make or pick up pizza (depending on the day and if I actually remember to make it), and then watch a movie.

Sometimes we like to mix it up and so something a little different.  We play games, or make a fun treat.  The other day the girls and I were at Walmart (I think we go there at least once a week, lol), and we saw they had The Boxtrolls movie.  We decided it’d be a fun new movie to grab and watch.  I knew for sure my older kids were going to love it.  We also couldn’t pass up on the great deal Walmart had on the 10 pack Pop-Secret Homestyle popcorn.  (Side note: This popcorn is AMAZING.  I don’t really love over buttered popcorn, and this is perfect.  Slight butter/salt, and not over doing it at ALL!  It was perfect for our fun little treat for the evening.)

The Boxtrolls and Pop-Secret

We wanted to have a fun treat for the middle of the movie.  So, I grabbed one of the 10 pack Pop-Secret popcorns, and got that all popped up.  Then, I decided that it’d be super fun to just grab whatever random thing we had around and let the kids create their own popcorn treat.  I thought this went along PERFECTLY with the movie.  The Boxtrolls often find things and make something new with them.  We had a variety of chocolate chips, red hots, gummy hots, pretzels and sprinkles.  The kids loved it!  It was a little Popcorn Bar that was such a fun thing for the kids to pick and chose what they wanted.

Pop Secret Popcorn Bar

Fun and easy creations were made from this fun Popcorn Bar.  Loving this idea.  We’ll be doing it again!

Pop Secret Popcorn Bar Treat

The Boxtrolls is such a fun movie.  It’s so fun to see the amazing claymation that is done, and the story line is fun, and I think it has a great lesson.  I thought it’d be super fun to grab some clay, and have the kids pick their favorite character or part from the movie and re-create them with their own clay.  Then we went ahead and baked them up.  It was SO fun.  The kids LOVED it.  The best part of all?  It wasn’t a huge messy project (if you’ve been reading my blog, you know how much I hate big messy projects from this post).

Family Fun with Clay

We loved mixing this up and really spending time together creating something new.  I am so excited to let the kids play with clay again, and create.  I loved seeing what they chose to make from the movie too.  It was fun to see the character they wanted to make.  Fun family Night Activities by Simplistically Sassy

I love this weekly time we carve out for our kids.  Life is crazy and busy and we’re running here and there, and rushing off to bed to make sure everyone gets enough sleep, etc.  Friday nights are our nights.  I think if you just really want the time, you can make the time.  You can create fun memories, and just sitting together for a movie allows kids to sit with you, and have your attention and interest on something that they like.  

The Boxtrolls is a great family time movie.  Try doing your own family night.  Grab The Boxtrolls from Walmart (while supplies last) and some 10 Pack Pop-Secret Homestyle Popcorn.  Make it a night, and get creative.  Have some fun and just ENJOY being together!!!  It’s worth changing things up. 


September 9, 2014

This is a sponsored post by Deseret Book. All opinions are mine.

 Have you noticed that family movies are hard to come by these days?  I feel like even certain cartoons aren’t really appropriate for all my kids to watch.  I was excited to be able to see this movie Believe.  There was no language I had to worry about in this movie, the message was amazing.  There was something for everyone of all ages to learn.

This is a story about a coach who is finally able to find a way to heal from tragity, and how he learns he can inspire others along the way.

This is a story about a boy and his mother who has experienced great loss, and who are able to finally see each other and heal and love each other the way they should.

This is a story about a teacher who is so strictly a teacher – who learns how to soften his heart and truly love his student and finds a way to help him succeed in his dreams.

This is a story about HOW to believe.  “With belief you’ll make a goal in the back of the net … You have to have belief. If you believe you can score with your eyes shut.”  

That line was inspiriting to me.  It’s so applicable to all of us.  We can all close our eyes – and see in our mind what we want so badly, what we dream, and what we already know we can do, but sometimes we are afraid to try.  

These are lessons that I hope my kids are learning.  These are lessons I hope I’m teaching my kids in some way.  We can all do hard things.  We can all put the work in to do it.  We can all Believe.  But will we do it?  Will we teach?  Will we learn?  Will we do hard things?  Will we put in the work?  Will we believe? 

This is getting me excited to share with you soon something that is close to my heart – something I’m learning, trying to teach my children, I’m doing something hard, and working each day to do better.  I’m trying so hard to believe that I can. 

What do you Believe?!?

20 Family Service Ideas

December 4, 2013

20 Family Service Ideas

I’m so excited to share 20 Family Service Ideas today. I love getting my kids involved in good deeds.  I think the holiday’s are always a fun time to help others and brighten someone else’s day.  There are so many fun things to do, and so many great things that can be done with small or large families, young or old families!  Here are a few fun ideas that we came up with!

1. Participate in Project Linus (a national charity you can make and donate blankets to, such as fleece blankets, and they donate them to pediatric units at the local hospitals).
2. Make dinner for a family, friend or neighbor that may need some extra love/help.
3. Participate or start a Sub-For-Santa.
4. Participate in a Giving Tree. These can often be found at various retail stores.
5. Volunteer your time at the Food pantry, or some place similar.
6. Deliver Christmas cookies to brighten someones day.
7. Donate some stuffed animals to your local police or fire station (these are used some a child is involved in a situation when police/fire cars/trucks come).
8. Donate to a local children’s hospital. Their website may have a section of various things they need, or you could call and ask.
9. Donate warm clothes to the homeless in your area.
10. Help someone unload their grocery cart in the parking lot of the grocery store.
11. Return carts to the cart return next time you’re at the store.
12. Make cards for out of town relatives letting them know you miss them and are thinking of them.
13. Donate money to the Salvation Army people standing outside.
14. Pay for someone else’s meal (in the drive thru, just tell them you want to do that, or you could give a free meal coupon to someone at a restaurant, etc).
15. Compliment someone you don’t know.
16. Visit a nursing home – ask if there is someone that doesn’t get many visitors that might want some. Or put on a family program and carol.
17. Give to a local toy drive.
18. Carol within your neighborhood.
19. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a long time, or have your kids call a relative they haven’t seen in a long time.
20. Do simple small services to your own family members. Make a fun game out of it each day.

What are some of your family service ideas? Do you encourage your kids and family members to do family services?

Five Family Water Games

July 12, 2013
Five Family Water Games

My kids LOVE playing water games.  They are so content to just be outside as long as there is water to play with.  They’ve been asking for forever to have a water balloon fight/games, and we haven’t done it yet.  It’s on our “must-do” list before summer is over.  Tying water balloon for 5 kids to play with, makes my hands just hurt thinking about it.

I wanted to make a great list for my awesome readers of five family water games that you could add to your “must-do” list before school gets under way.

                                                                                                 Next Arrow 

Family time …

February 27, 2012
Posts are better with pictures.
This is Hannah.  She’s 13 months old and on the verge of walking.
I love this picture.  She’s so stinkin’ cute.
Did you know that I’m pregnant?
It’s true.  Baby #6 is on the way.
I’m almost 20 weeks.
I don’t know the gender.  Yet.
We find out soon though.
Did you know that b/c I have 4 kids at home all day long,
sometimes I’m just super tired?
Yeah … I’ve been working on an afghan.
Then I ran out of one color.
I had to undo it all.
Start over.
I’d have pictures to share.
But I don’t.
Because I had to start over, remember?  Sigh.
It’ll be here soon.
Guess w hat?
It’s even a pattern!
WHOA!  Awesome huh?
Did you know that when you have 6 babies in 7 years it does a number on your body?
Yeah, I’m reminded every time I’m pregnant, lol.
I’m tired by 2 PM (more than just mom with little kids tired),
My hips hurt like crazy and I walk funny.  🙂
So, sometimes I just can’t get to doing something awesome for my blog.
I have a HUGE list of tutorial ideas.
I have a HUGE list of things to do.
Don’t we all though?
I’ll get them up and posted though.
No today though.
It’s sleeping time, and it’s family time.
My body aches, and my hips hurt, and I’m tired.
Luckily my darling daughter has 2 friends over to entertain her (and my 2 sons).
My baby is sleeping (crossing my fingers that she stays that way with the friends and siblings playing),
and it’s time for me to go make a caesar salad
(the Dole mixes, have you tried it?!?  Amazing, I’m obsessed right now.
Ask my husband.  I can eat the whole bag in a sitting.  Crazy right?!  lol)
and put my feet up for a bit while the baby is napping.