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Frozen Fever Birthday Party

June 6, 2016

Frozen Fever Birthday Party

We love Frozen Fever at our house! My daughter turning five wanted a Frozen Fever Party!  It sounded easy enough, and so much fun.

#1 – The Goodie Bags & Activities

Activity #1: One of the activities was making Snowgies from pom-poms.  It was really easy and the girls loved it.  They each got to make 2, and once they were dried, we put them in their goodie bags.

Activity #2: Bingo.  We used candy hearts and I just found a general Frozen Fever Bingo board on Pinterest

Activity #3:  We used blue and yellow beads, and some snowflake beads and created necklaces.  All the girls really loved this activity.  It was a little time consuming (since they all had their own patterns in mind) but it was so fun to see what they created.

Activity #4: Snow ball toss.  I got 5 buckets (like pictured) lined up in a row and yarn snowballs and each bucket was worth various amounts.  The girls took turns throwing from the first bucket to the last bucket.  

Goodie bags: I included a packet of Sunflower Seeds, a Elsa lollipop, some sparkly gum balls I found at the craft store, a sunflower chocolate, and then the necklace they made, and the snowgies they made.

Frozen Fever Party Ideas

Click next to see the Happy Birthday Sign, table ideas, and the CAKE!

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15 Ways to Celebrate Dr. Seuss

February 20, 2015

It’s almost time to Celebrate Dr. Seuss and all the wonderful stories he’s brought into our lives!  I’ve collected a few of my favorite wonderful ways you can celebrate Dr. Seuss and his birthday on March 2nd with your family!  Here you are!  

Fifteen ideas to CELEBRATE DR. SEUSS!!

Celebrate Dr. Seuss by Simplistically Sassy

If you haven’t been to Ashley Marie‘s page, go!  She’s an amazing cake decorator, and blogger.  She’s got these adorable Cat in the Hat Cake Pops that are totally easy!

Celebrate Dr. Seuss by Simplistically Sassy

Utah Sweet Savings has your Dr. Seuss Party Ideas!  They’re SO fun! Celebrate Dr. Seuss by Simplistically Sassy

My kids LOVE playing Bingo.  It’s just a fun classic that even little ones can play.  Head over to A Sparkle of Genius to get your Free Dr. Seuss Printable!Celebrate Dr. Seuss by Simplistically Sassy

Ashlee Marie has these Cat in the Hat Party Invitations!  So amazing!Celebrate Dr. Seuss by Simplistically Sassy

40 Eighteen created Green Eggs and Ham, in real life!!  These totally look amazing!  Head over to get your Dr. Seuss dinner recipe!Celebrate Dr. Seuss by Simplistically Sassy

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Simple Baking Birthday Party Ideas

June 5, 2014

Simple Baking Birthday Party by Simplistically Sassy

I love throwing parties.  While they aren’t always super extravagant like I seem to always see on Pinterest, my goal is to have the guests, and the guest of honor, leave with a smile on their face.  I loved pulling this party together.  I talked about the aprons I made for each of the guests in this post here.  Now, on to the details and the smiling faces.  🙂

Invitations: I decided to go simple and just create them on my own.  I went to the dollar store and grabbed some rubber scrapers.  They came in a variety of sizes, but that was fine with me.  I punched a hole in the invitation and used a ribbon to attach the rubber scraper.  I love how it turned out.  You could also use wooden spoons or measuring spoons or even cups. Simple Baking Birthday Party Invitations by Simplistically Sassy

Simple baking birthday party ideas:
Make easy chef hats using poster board for the bottom part, and a piece of tissue paper taped or stapled.  I wrote each of the guests names on the hats to make them more personal.
Buy or make aprons for each guest.Child Apron by Simplistically Sasy
Make sugar cookies and decorate them. Have the kids cut out sugar cookie dough first thing.  Bake while you move to another activity. Also, I realize they’re frosting cupcakes, and apparently that’s all I took pictures of, lol.  But I love this picture.Simple Baking Birthday Party Activities by Simplistically Sassy
Frost cupcakes.  Make the cupcakes the day before so they’re nice and cool.  Make the frosting ahead of time (or use store bought, and you can always color it if you get white).  Simple Baking Birthday Party by Simplistically Sassy
Make mini pudding pies.  Just whip up some instant pudding, and let the girls scoop some in their mini graham cracker pie crusts.  Throw them in the fridge – but don’t forget to hand them back out!

The day before the party, I made up some sugar cookie dough, and stuck it in the fridge covered.  I also made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes available so everyone could have what flavor they wanted.  I got enough frosting to frost the cupcakes and the cookies, and I made sure I had sprinkles on hand.  

Party Favors:
Obviously the kids got the hats and aprons.  However, I also wanted them to have something to take all their treats home in.  So I went to the dollar store and grabbed some cake keepers.  Then I used my Shilouette and added each of their names to keep track of all of them. It worked out perfectly.  Simple Baking Birthday Party Favors by Simplistically Sassy

Once everyone was done decorating we let the girls run and play outside.  It was perfect because by then they were ready to get out some energy.  It was really fun, and the guests had a blast!

Easy and Adorable Child Apron

May 1, 2014

Child Apron by Simplistically Sassy

My friend Tia, from Events to Celebrate posted a while back about a baking party.  I LOVED the idea of it, and I knew that I had to do it for my daughter who would be seven soon.  I talked with her and she was on board.  I loved planning this party.  It was so so much fun.  Make sure to check back, I’ll have full party details this week.

I knew right away that I wanted to take on the task of making aprons for the girls that would be coming.  I looked into a few ideas, and found this one.  It was similar to what I wanted, but I knew I wanted to add my own twist into it as well.

Materials for an easy Child’s Apron
1 fat quarter (or a piece of fabric 18×22)
1/8th of a yard of fabric (for ties)
Pattern (doubles as pocket)


You’re going to take your fat quarter and fold it in half, so it’s measuring 9×22.Child Apron by Simplistically Sasy

You’ll print and cut the pattern piece, and then pin it to the non folded side, and cut.Child Apron by Simplistically Sasy

Once that was done, I went ahead and surged the edge, but that is totally optional.  You could easily double fold the edge, press it, and then sewed the edge, so you’ve got a clean edge.  Even with surging it, I still folded it over, pressed it, and then sewed it down to have a clean edge.Child Apron by Simplistically Sasy


Take your two pieces that you cut from the pattern.  Put them right sides together, and sew around two of the edges, and then on the third edge make sure to leave a hole to turn the pocket right side out.

Before flipping the pocket, clip the corners of the pocket, being careful not to clip the edge you’ve just stitched. 

Flip the pocket right side out.  Then you can flip the edges of the hole down into the pocket, and sew along the outside of the pocket side that you left the hole.  Child Apron by Simplistically Sasy

Then place the pocket where you’d like it on the apron.  Pin, then stitch it onto the apron making the outside stitching that should match the stitching in the above step.Child Apron by Simplistically Sasy

Apron Ties

For the longer ties that will go around the back, I cut 2 pieces of fabric 22×3, and then for the tie around the neck I cut it 14×3.Child Apron by Simplistically Sasy

Next, I pressed each of the stripes in half to measure 22×1.5, and then I surged the ends to make a boat almost.  Again, if you don’t have a surger, just do a zig-zag stitch.  Child Apron by Simplistically Sasy

Clip the corners. like we did in a previous step, flip it so wrongs sides are together.  I just surged the edges again here, and left them like that.  However, if you’d like a clean edge all the way, you can clip the edge in, and sew down, and you’ll have an outer stitch just like on the pocket. 

Once that is all done, position the ties as you’d like.  The longer at the waist, the shorter at the top.

Sew those into place really well, and you’re done!Child Apron by Simplistically Sasy

Ta-Da!  A new adorable child apron that you can now use while you cook, bake, or party.  🙂