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Witch & Goblin Halloween Treats

September 29, 2015

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Witch and Goblin Halloween Treat

Holidays are magical with little kids.  I feel like Halloween is really the start of the holiday season, and getting the kids involved in activities and making goodies has become a MUST at our house.  The kids and I came up with an idea to make a pumpkin patch and I had a vision of what I wanted it to look like to make it even more festive.  These would be perfect as an after school activity with the kids, or even for a party!  

The kids and I headed to Walmart to grab the necessities.  Here is what you’ll need to make Witch and Goblin Halloween treats:

The OREOs and Fanta were pretty easy to find.  Fanta was in the soft drink section.  There were cans I almost bought too, so the kids could make their own drink, but decided against that.  But that might be a perfect solution for a party.

The OREOs were actually right as I walked into the store.  However, I found some more right with the Halloween candy!  So make sure to check there. 

Witches Graveyard:

*OREO glow in the dark package (these come as packages of 2 OREOs, which I LOVE because then I just gave each of the kids a package, and they could help make 2 at a time, and it wasn’t overwhelming – plus they glow in the DARK!  They were in love with that.).
*Green Chocolate Melt
*Pumpkin candies
*Witch cupcake toppersOREO Graveyard

  1. First you’ll want to hold the OREO package up to the light, then take it into a dark room, and see how awesome it is when they glow in the dark.  After seeing how great it is, get ready for a graveyard.  ūüėČ  Here is the package that has the 2 OREOs in it.  I held it to the light.OReo

Like MAGIC … it was glowing SO well!  These would be so fun to pass out on Halloween.  They’re just fun to stand in your pantry with and admire too.  Lol.Glowing-Oreo

  • You’ll want to cut some pumpkin candies in half and make sure those are ready first.
  • Melt the chocolate 30 seconds at a time, or just by following the package directions.  
  • Once the chocolate is melted you’ll take your OREO and dip the top of the OREO into the melted chocolate.  
  • While the chocolate is still wet, you can place a pumpkin in the middle.Pumpkin-Patch
  • To create a witch crashing a pumpkin, put half a pumpkin on the dipped cookie, then the witch, then the other half of the pumpkin.  The pumpkin will act as book ends to keep the witch in place.Witch-by-kids
  • Let chocolate harden and cool, then enjoy!  Witch-Crash-kids
  • Always make sure to appreciate the imperfections too.  ūüôā  My kids loved it and were so proud of their creations even though they weren’t perfect.  That’s what makes it awesome!Witch-Kids-Crash

Goblin Freeze and Juice:

*Fanta Orange Soda
*Vanilla ice cream
*Straws/spoons & cupsGoblin-Juice-Recipe

Goblin Freeze:

  1. Pour Fanta Orange soda into an ice cream maker for 20 minutes.  The amount will depend on how big your ice cream maker is.  
  2. Once the Fanta Orange soda is starting to resemble a freeze drink, alternate scooping vanilla ice cream, and the Fanta into the cup.

Goblin Juice:

  1. Fill cup about half way with Fanta Orange Soda.
  2. Scoop 2 medium sized scoops of vanilla ice cream into the cup.
  3. Take a large spoon, and smash the ice cream around until it’s almost melted, or just falling apart. 
  4. It should be thicker than the soda with melted ice cream, it should be the consistency of soft serve ice cream.  So add a little ice cream or Fanta, depending on your drink.Witch Graveyard and

The kids and I drank this all up!  It was super yummy!  I didn’t get any pictures of it because we were too busy drinking away … lol.  It’s so fun and easy, and slightly different than a typical float, which makes it fun for a Halloween party and just a fun and different snack!

What are your families favorite #spookysnacks for Halloween?  Need some ideas?!?  Come check out some more here.  

Make sure to check out Evette Rios, host of the CBS show Recipe Rehab, she will be creating a custom Walmart-exclusive recipe that uses both Fanta and OREO.  It will be shown on the #SpookySnacks social hub. It’s always fun to get new holiday treat ideas!

Trick or treat bags

October 15, 2013

Pillowcase to Trick or Treat BagOne of my favorite memories was going out with my brothers trick-or-treating with out pillow cases. ¬†When we got home, we’d dump them out on the living room floor and check out the goods. ¬†It was a blast. ¬†My kids have always just used those plastic treat buckets that are found at every store for super cheap. ¬†This year though, I wanted to make something adorable, easy, and functional the entire month of October.

I decided to make a Halloween Pillowcase that can be converted into an easy carry pillowcase trick or treat bags! ¬†They turned out so great, I love it! ¬†They’re so easy too! ¬†Even if you don’t sew much, these are just a few straight (ish) lines.



How to make Easy Sew Trick or Treat bags and pillowcases

Materials Needed:
7/8 yard of main fabric
1/4 of a yard of secondary fabric
Coordinating thread
Coordinating Ribbion

1. First, keep your main fabric folded in half and you’ll cut it to be 44 x 27.
2. Cut your secondary fabric to be 6 x 44
Trick or Treat Pillowcase Bags

3. Then you’ll take your secondary fabric, and on one of the long edges you’ll either serge it, or if you don’t have a serger, fold over the edge slightly, and then fold it over again (so the raw edge is tucked under. ¬†You’ll want to pin that down and use your zig-zag stitch to sew that down.
4. ¬†Once that edge is nice and clean, you’ll want to fold it down 1 inch. ¬†This is going to be the casing for the ribbion to be the handle for the bag. ¬†Sew that along the clean edge.
Trick or Treat Pillowcase Bags

5. ¬†Next, you’ll take your main fabric and secondary fabric and you’ll want to sew them together along the 44 inch side (and the raw edge of the secondary, not the casing side). ¬†If you aren’t going to serge them, again, use the zig-zag stitch.
Trick or Treat Pillowcase Bags

6. ¬†If you’d like the do the letter, you can add that here. ¬†I just free handed my letters, then folded the fabric for the pillow case in half, so I could see the size, and location I wanted the letter. ¬†Then I pinned the letter on. ¬†I then just used a zig-zag stitch on my machine to secure the letter in place.

Pillowcase to Trick or Treat Bag

Pillowcase to Trick or Treat Bag

7. ¬†Finally, you’ll want to put right sides together, and start at the bottom corner and serge or zig-zag stitch along the bottom edge of the of the pillowcase, then up the long side. ¬†STOP sewing as you get the casing part. ¬†You’ll want to make sure to back stitch on this part so that the thread is secure as you pull on your ribbon to open and close it.

Pillowcase to Trick or Treat Bag

8. ¬†When you’re ready to put the ribbon in, use a safety pin, and pin it to one end of the ribbon, and feed it through the casing. ¬†Tie a knot to make sure you don’t lose either end, and then you can just pull it tight.

Pillowcase Trick or Treat bag

**Make sure to be careful with sleeping with the ribbon in, you don’t want it to be a hazard for your kids. ¬†ūüôā



Halloween Tree

October 4, 2013

Toilet Paper Bats & GhostsAfter making some toilet paper bats and ghosts, and getting them all hung out, they seemed so out of place for DAYS. ¬†I just wasn’t sure I loved them. ¬†Then I was just passing by and thought, they need a forest to be in. ¬†I need to make a Halloween tree. ¬†Say what? ¬†Lol.

I’m all about easy crafts around here, that can be fun and kid friendly. ¬†All I had in the house was some tape, scissors, and black card stock. ¬†So I went for it.

Black card stock/construction paper



All you’ll need to do it start cutting. ¬†I started with the base of the Halloween tree, and made that almost as wide as the paper (the 8 inch part of the paper). ¬†Then I lined it up a bit with my next anti fungal cut, and eventually made it smaller as I went.

For the branches, I turned my paper, so I was cutting them 8 inches long.  I used 2-3 of those stripes to make one of the longer branches.  Then for the short little ones, I just used 4 inch pieces (so I cut 8 inch pieces in half).  I just squiggled the cuts I made, and made a few sharp edges or whatever.  Just be creative.  I gathered them and just started taping.  I think I may try to laminate it somehow, so that I can keep it for another year.  We all love it.  At night this Halloween Tree looks awesome and creepy with only a nightlight in the entry way.
Toilet Paper Bats, Ghosts and Halloween Tree

Toilet Paper Roll Bats and Ghosts

October 3, 2013

Toilet Paper Bats & GhostsI am super excited to be teaming up with some other awesome bloggers to bring you some great Halloween crafts, treats, and costume ideas!!

I was saving toilet paper rolls for months.  Literally people, months!  I had no idea what I was going to do with them.  Then one day, it just dawned on me.  They were calling me from the bag.  They wanted to be Toilet Paper Roll Bats and Ghosts!  I knew I had to do it.

It’s so easy and my kids LOVED it! ¬†I just grabbed some random craft supplies for decorating them that I had on hand, and let the kids enjoy them.

They were flying lonely, and I had to add the tree! ¬†I’ll have my quick tree tip on the blog tomorrow, so make sure to check back.


Toilet Paper Rolls
Black cardstock or construction paper
Googly eyes
String (to hang them once you’re done)
Craft supplies for decorating
White Tissue Paper
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts



Let’s start with the bats!

First you’ll want to paint your toilet paper roll black. ¬†Let that dry while you make the wings.
Fold your black paper in half so it’s thin and long.
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts

Next, you’ll need to draw some bat wings. ¬†I just kind of winged it (ha ha ha, don’t laugh too hard), and think they turned out well. ¬†I was able to draw two on each paper.
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts

Then you cut it out, and obviously you just cut where you drew the wings, and not down the middle where it’s folded. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Then your wings will look the same on each side.
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts

Once your tube is dry, you just put some glue along the fold of the wings, and stick the tube right on there. ¬†Let that dry for a few minutes, and then you’re ready to decorate it however you’d like!
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts


These are fun.  Just grab your toilet paper roll, and pain it white.  I had to do two coats of white to really get it to not show the cardboard through.  Let that dry while you work on getting the tissue paper ready.
I left my tissue paper so it was folded in half. ¬†Then I cut a stripe a couple inches wide (this is totally however you’d like to do it).
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts

Then I cut the strips in half.  So I had 4 strips of tissue.
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts

Next I just stuffed the tissue into the toilet paper roll. ¬†I left the bottom long, and the top short. ¬†Then you could use glue dots, or tape, or glue, whatever, and just tape each of the tissue papers into place. ¬†I didn’t have issues with them staying put. ¬†If you glue, remember to let it dry though. ¬†I stuffed the top down a little bit once it was done. ¬†My kids did all sorts of funny things.
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts

You can draw a mouth on.  Some of the kids used a pom pom for a mouth.  Even on the bats we drew fangs with paint.  Lol.
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts

Pom Pom bat mouth, and a ghost with really really long hair, lol. ¬†It almost ¬†looks scared don’t you think? ¬†ūüôā ¬†Love the different ways kids create things.
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts

I used some elastic stuff I’d used for necklaces back here, to hang them up. ¬†I just taped them to the ceiling. ¬†Easy. ¬†ūüôā
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts

Our little haunted forest! ¬†ūüôā ¬†We love it.
Toilet Paper Bats & Ghosts


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Marshmallow Ghosts

October 2, 2013

My (almost) 4 year old is in love with marshmallows right now. ¬†We had a few extra from a baby shower I recently hosted, and I was trying to think of a fun treat to make with them (read that as: to get rid of them ASAP and get them out of the house). ¬†It just dawned on me how fun it’d be to just grab some mini chocolate chips and make little marshmallow ghosts.

I decided to just grab my phone and do these photos, and share on Instagram! ¬†If you don’t follow us on Instagram, you should!! ¬†You can click up above, or just search for @karasimpsass. ¬†It’s a fun behind the scenes look into the life of a mom with 6 little kids!
Marshmallow Ghosts


What you’ll need:
Large Marshmallows
Mini Chocolate chips
Marshmallow Ghosts


First you’ll want to take the toothpick, and poke two holes in each of the marshmallows.
Marshmallow Ghosts

Once you’ve done that, you just take a couple mini chips, and stick them in the holes. ¬†You kind of need to push them in there so they stay, but it’ll work. ¬†ūüôā

Ta da! ¬†Easy, cute little marshmallow ghost for a party, or just to make with the kids. ¬†ūüôā
Marshmallow Ghosts

Bell Spiders and Paper Pumpkins

September 30, 2013

Pintrest Spider
I am so excited to share TWO craft tutorials with you today.

Today I have tutorials for Bell Spiders and Paper Pumpkins.  These are so inexpensive to make, and so easy, AND tons o fun!  The kids will love spending time with you and helping out.










First we’ll work on the pumpkin tutorial. ¬†These are so easy and make a cute little pumpkin patch if you make enough.
Paper Pumpkin Bell Spider

Orange construction paper or card stock (toilet paper roll could be used too)
Green construction paper or card stock
Paper Pumpkin

First you’ll want to make a tube for the center of your pumpkin. ¬†This is great because it can vary in size. ¬†You could cut your paper in half either way, and roll it up, and staple it. ¬†You’ll want to make sure it’s wide enough to fit the strips of paper though. This is where you could also use your toilet paper roll and cover it with the orange paper if you’d like to do that.
Paper Pumpkin

Here is how big mine was.  
Paper Pumpkin

Cut your strips about 3/4 inch – 1 inch wide. ¬†I did wider for one of the pumpkins, and we didn’t get as many strips of paper in it. ¬†You can play around with it though and see what you like. ¬†Put a piece of tape at the top end of all your strips.
Paper Pumpkin

Stick them all in one end of your tube. ¬†It totally looks like a squid doesn’t it? ¬†Lol.¬†
Paper Pumpkin

Then you’ll put tape on the other end of the strips, and bring it to the opposite side of the tube. ¬†It reminds me a sword in this picture, lol. ¬†You’ll do that with all of your strips though.
Paper Pumpkin

You’ll want to cut a really, really thin strip of green paper. ¬†Then you’ll take a pencil, and wrap the green strip around the paper. ¬†Then let it fall off the pencil, and you’ll have a little curly piece of paper to go on the top of your pumpkin.
Paper Pumpkin

Cut out some leaves, and just tape the leaf, and curly into the tube of the pumpkin, and you’re done! ¬†I love it! ¬†You can easily make a little pumpkin patch to decorate with.
IMG_7243 copy (1)



Alright, lets move onto the spiders.  Oh how I LOVE these little guys!  Seriously, my new favorite decoration that I have.  So so easy too.
Bell Spider

Big bells (when I went to the craft store there were TONS of Christmas things out and I was irritated because it wasn’t even close to Christmas … but it ended well, because I got these big bells to make these adorable spiders. ¬†It’s all about cross holidaying, lol).
Pipe Cleaner (I loved the puffy ones, they’re perfect for spider legs)
Googly eyes
Black paint

Bell Spider

To get started you’ll take 4 pipe cleaners, and you’ll take 2 in each hand, cross them in the middle, then twist them together, so they look like the image below.
Bell Spider

You’ll need to pain your bell black, and let that dry. ¬†It doesn’t take too long to dry. ¬†I only needed one coat as well, it covered really easily. ¬†With the pipe cleaners, bend them in the middle right where you twisted them together.
Bell Spider

Once the bell is dry, you’ll take the middle of the pipe cleaners and put them into the middle of the bell hole (at the bottom). ¬†Then you’ll spread them out into the side holes of the bell.
Bell Spider


Then you’ll just bend them at the top. ¬†With the fluffy pipe cleaner, I just bent them between the fluffy parts. ¬†Then just bend them out at the bottom to make them little feet. ¬†

If you want, you can at ribbon or twine and hang them. ¬†These would be ADORABLE hung with orange ribbon on the door. ¬†My door is black though … so that wouldn’t work for me. ¬†Or, you leave them without ties, and put them on a mantle (like the picture at the top of the tutorial). ¬†Love them!¬†
Bell Spider