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Ice Cream Cone Parfait

July 22, 2015

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Ice-Cream-Cone-Parfait by Simplistically Sassy

I went to Walmart by myself the other day (I know, I was just as shocked as you are now that I didn’t have any of my 6 kids with me!  My husband is a rock star like that though), and met these adorable ladies!  They were passing out Blue Bunny vanilla ice cream with peaches.  Hello yummy!  I stopped and chatted for a moment (because, again, I was there alone and so I could) and they really were super nice.  Not to mention the ice cream was amazing!  Good company, good food.

Ice Cream Cone Parfait by Simplistically Sassy

I headed over to the ice cream section and found this giant selection of Blue Bunny ice cream.  Ice Cream Cone Parfait

I grabbed some chocolate and vanilla.  If you’ve been around my blog you know my family is totally split about vanilla and chocolate, so I wanted options for everyone.

I headed home with some ice cream, mini ice cream cones (also from Blue Bunny) and some strawberries and peaches.Ice-Cream-Cone-Parfait-Recipe by Simplistically Sassy

During the summer when I have all six kids at home, I love to include the kids whenever I can, especially when it comes to making fun treats!  My oldest was up for holding my phone while we did a time-lapse video of how to make these ice cream cone parfaits.  

These turned our super, super yummy.  I preferred the chocolate and strawberry.  I used the chocolate mini cones, chocolate ice cream and strawberries.  Amazing!  Ice Cream Cone Parfait by Simplistically Sassy

The peaches and cream also turned out great.  I used the vanilla mini cones, vanilla ice cream, and fresh peaches.  I loved the slight added chocolate from the mini cone, but even without that, it would have been wonderful!  

Ice Cream Cone Parfait by Simplistically Sassy

These are going to be a new family favorite. I love how simple they are that even some of my older kids could do these by themselves, or come up with new combos!

What is your favorite fruit/ice cream comb?
What kind of ice cream cone parfait would YOU make?

Ice Cream Cone Parfait
Serves 1
Easy fruit and ice cream parfait.
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Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. 1 Blue Bunny Mini Ice Cream Cone
  2. 1/4 Peach or 3 Strawberries
  3. 1 cup Blue Bunny Ice Cream
  1. Chop up the mini ice cream cone.
  2. Chop up the fruit.
  3. Layer the cone, fruit, and ice cream as desired.
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Ice Cream Birthday Party

August 21, 2014

Ice Cream Birthday Party by Simplistically SassyWe recently celebrated my baby’s second birthday with an ice cream birthday party.  That basically means, I don’t have a baby any more … I have a toddler and she’s totally becoming a spunky, sweet little girl.  We had a blast celebrating.

My cute girl loves ice cream and I thought it would be a super fun way to celebrate her birthday. We all loved how this ice cream birthday party turned out, and had such a great time.

Of course the star of the birthday was this sweet little girl.  I’m so grateful she’s part of our family.  She is so loving and kind, and LOVES to play with her siblings.  She makes us all laugh, and she’s always quick to try new things if it means she gets to be with the other kids.  I feel like she’s such a blessing in our family, and I’m so glad that she’s mine.  Emma Jane

Well, first and for most, if you’re going to have an Ice Cream Birthday Party, you better have some amazing ice cream options.  I decided I really wanted to have homemade ice cream.  So we went with it.  This was done in advance so that the ice cream could harden a little more, and so we could make 3 batches before party day.  🙂  We made vanilla, chocolate, and raspberry.  It ended up being perfect for the party, and of course it tasted amazing!!  Ice Cream Birthday Party

Of course, if we’re having an ice cream party we needed toppings!!!  We had little marshmallows, crushed up Cookies and Cream Hershey bar, chopped chocolate Hershey bar, sprinkles, crushed Oreo, crushed nuts, and chopped Snickers. Ice Cream Birthday Party Toppings

The next thing that was a must would be waffle cones, and I LOVE waffle bowls.  I loved these tiny little waffle bowls.  They were the perfect size.  We also had regular bowls for those that didn’t want a waffle cone or bowl.  🙂     Ice Cream Birthday Party Cones


I also wanted to have the options of some syrup toppings, and of course whipped cream.  Ice Cream Birthday Party Toppings


I also wanted to have beverage options.  We had milk, and then also some water bottles (with a Sharpie marker hidden from kids, but handy for parents to write names on cups and/or water bottles).Ice Cream Birthday Party Water


I also wanted to have some games at the party.  We were having quite a few kids there.  My kids came up with the idea of Pin the Toppings on the Ice Cream Cone.  I had a poster board and drew a giant ice cream cone, and then I let the kids draw the toppings.  It was perfect.  I loved the toppings that my 7 year old came up with and drew.  She did a great job.Pin the toppings


I also created a coloring page and as the guests arrived they got to color a page.  Then we hung them up on the wall so everyone could see them through the party.Kids coloring


I think everyone had a great time.  My sweet birthday girl had so much fun.  She had some of her favorite people there to celebrate with us, and I’m so grateful that they came.  Happy Birthday baby girl!!  Thanks for bringing so much fun and light into our family.  Love you!Birthday girl




Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies

March 27, 2014

Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich by Simplistically Sassy

A little while back I shared these Oreo ice cream sandwich cookies with the readers of Cupcake Diaries, and I’m excited to finally share them here too.

When I was a teenager, I had a church youth leader bring treats to church one day, and she brought these amazing homemade Oreo cookies, and I LOVED them.  Years, and years later, I got her recipe and my family really enjoys making them.  I decided it’d be a fun twist to add in some Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream (my all time favorite) instead of the usual frosting, and create an Oreo ice cream sandwich cookies.  I love how they turned out.  I think these mint chocolate chip Oreo ice cream sandwich cookies are my new favorite.  

Click on through to get this super simple recipe.

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How to make a No Drip Waffle Cone

June 26, 2013
My husband came home from work with an awesome Tuesday Tip (although, I do realize it’s Wednesday, it’s been a crazy week, lol).  Although I try to plan my blog posts out in advance, I had to rearrange some things to fit this one in ASAP.
How to make a no drip waffle cone
Waffle cones are a favorite summer treat.  The biggest problem??  That fun little tip breaks off at the bottom, and the ice cream seems to flow from both ends as the summer sun melts it into a puddle.  Adult or child can be seen licking, then sucking, then licking then sucking to keep up with the flow.  There is a grand solution for the sucking/dripping part.  A MARSHMALLOW!  Say what?  Let me show you.

All you do to make a no drip waffle cone is take a small marshmallow, and push it down into the cone.  Then scoop your ice cream as desired.  That’s it.  It keeps the ice cream from flowing through the bottom of your cone.  Isn’t that awesome?  And so easy.  We happen to have a few small mallows that have been around a little too long, and might not be awesome for eating … a little too hard (not HARD hard … but ya know, marshmallow hard, lol).  So even less than fresh, can still work great! 
I asked my awesome FB followers their cone preference the other day.  What do you love?
Do you love the classic waffle cone?  
Do you prefer a classic cake cone?
Or do you prefer a bowl (or maybe a waffle bowl?)?