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More than Physical Changes

June 30, 2015

Trust in God

My sister-in-law asked me how my physical changes I’d made over the last year had impacted me spiritually.  I have thought about that a lot as I just kept going.  I have found a love for myself that I have never had before.  I have found a love for my physical strength that I didn’t know was there before.  I think in that same light, I found mental strength as well (seriously, remember that 4:30 AM wake up call I took for almost an entire year … I’m working on that mental strength again, lol).

I think for me, my life is very chaotic.  My kids start waking up at 6:00 AM and don’t go to sleep until 8:30 or 9:00 PM.  I have a very small window of time to myself.  In the evenings, I prefer to spend my time with my husband, and honestly, I hate working out at night most of the time.  As I’ve set aside my mornings they have become SO precious and almost sacred to me.  It is the only time that the other 7 people in my house are asleep.  My house is TOTALLY calm, and totally quiet.  I could get dressed, get my self ready and go for a short drive to the gym.  I could pray in the car on the way for my day to have a good start.  I could talk to my Father in Heaven for just a moment when the world just seemed to be asleep.  The stars were shining and the air always crisp.  Those moments, are so sacred.  They’re peaceful.  They’re MINE and no one else’s.  I think those quiet mornings are when I pleaded for help most often with all I was doing.  It was HARD to get up early, early, early.  It was HARD to workout sometimes.  It was HARD to eat what I was supposed to.  I was HARD.  When I got out of that car each morning, I left my stress behind.  I focused on ME for 30 minutes.  Just me.  I lift weights for me, and not for anyone else.  Know what?  It’s scary to walk into a gym with super fit people who you later learn compete sometimes, and not be a fit person.  Know what is amazing though?  To look into those gym mirrors and finally see changes!  But I always knew those changes were not made by me alone.  There anti inflammatories were mornings and days and times when I was carried, walked with, strengthened.  Do-something

I saw God’s hand in my changes.  I recognized that.  I sought Him when I needed Him. I trusted that He was helping me on my journey.  

Some might say that it’s just losing weight, or just getting fit.  For me, all along, I knew it was more than that.  It was finding ME.  It was become ME.  I was lost inside myself, and I knew there was a person BURSTING to come out, but I was being held back by my own fears and my own self doubts.  I also knew that the only way I was going to be able to get to the finish line was with Him.

I’m not a size 2 or a size 4.  I have lost quite a bit of weight, and would be fine losing some more.  I think the best thing that happened to me was that I learned to love ME.  I learned that I am okay.  I am okay if I’m not super skinny, or if I’m not super fit showing every muscle.  I sometimes wouldn’t mind, lol, but I’m okay NOT being that person too.  I’m okay being average.  I’m okay with me and how I am living my life now.  I’m exercising more, and teaching my kids the importance of that.  I’m eating better, and so is my family, and that is important.  I’m still eating brownies and ice cream sometimes, and that’s important too! 

I think as I took my journey to be healthy and lose some weight, I found myself.  Part of finding myself was seeking out the help of the Lord to figure out WHY I was on my journey in the first place, and where I wanted to end up, and WHY I wanted to end up there.  As I took a close look at those things, I naturally looked closer to heaven, and received the help that I needed.  I think the biggest thing that has changed was learning to love my body and being SO grateful for all that it can do!! I made more than physical changes as I learned how to be healthy.  I gained a greater sense of myself and a greater testimony that I can turn to my Savior for anything I need help with.

Fit is Possible

March 25, 2015

About twelve months ago I set out on a journey that I wasn’t sure the path of.  I was putting trust in people I didn’t know, and hoping that the drive I’d discovered, and the small faith in myself that I’d found would lead me to become the person I knew was inside.
(Photo Credit Emily Hayes Photography)Fit is Possible by Simplistically Sassy

As I reflect on the past year, I have realized that there are lessons I learned from those around me, and today I wanted to share a couple of those.

I have a friend named Kim.  She’s an incredible. She’s inspiring.  Kim has her own story, and her own journey of weight lose, and becoming fit and healthy.  I met Kim after she’d been down her path for a while, and I remember finding out that she would go to the gym to get her workout in at FOUR THIRTY AM!  I was shocked.  I remember telling her more than once that I had no idea how in the world she did that.  It was the option that worked best for her, and she was determined enough to do it.  It was the time that worked for her.  That was inspiring to me.  It stuck with me.  Kim taught me that sometimes we have to do things that seem impossible, and make things work when and how we can.  There are no excuses.

I also reconnected with an old friend, Molly.  Molly, too, had lost weight and had her story of getting fit and healthy.  She shared that in a blog post that completely inspired me.  I’m not sure why it resinated with me so much.  I just knew as I read through that blog post that I could do what she did.  I KNEW I could do it.  I have known Molly for about 8 years, and to see the changes that she was able to make in her life and after talking with her through some messages for a little while, I knew that the changes I wanted to make, and that she’d already made, were exactly what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it.  Molly taught me that there is always a way to do what we want, if we can dedicate our lives to something new and different.

1. Get Rid of Excuses.

As a mom of 6 kids, I felt like I had a plethora of excuses to keep me from making good choices.  I did, actually.  There are always plenty of excuses for all of us to make.  We are all busy people.  We are busy moms, or busy employees, or busy wives, or busy friends, or busy whatever.  We all lead busy lives in our own way.  After reading Molly’s story, and looking through John’s program (which, I’ll touch on another day), I KNEW that was exactly what I needed.  I knew that I needed to learn to work out and eat right.  I wanted to find someone that could teach me to eat right with REAL food … I wanted to go shop at my local grocery story for my entire family, and not order food from a company that I was going to have to learn to eat, only to learn not to eat it and learn to eat real food.  That just wasn’t what I needed (it’s great for some and works awesome, just not for me). 

I had to get rid of my excuses.  I needed to find a time to work out.  My husband plays basketball every morning at 6:00 AM Monday – Friday.  He plays, comes home, gets ready for work and leaves by 7:30.  Financially we couldn’t pay for day care at the gym.  I needed to figure it out.  No excuses.  Remember my friend Kim?  Yeah … I knew that I could do what she did, because it was the ONLY time I could go to the gym.  I started going to the gym to lift weights 3 times a week at 4:30 AM.  I wanted to be back home in time to get ready for the day before my husband left for basketball.  I became that insane person that I always told Kim she was.  I wasn’t perfect, but I did it pretty well and plan to continue to do it as long as I have kids at home.  Once they’re all in school, I will be able to be more flexible with my schedule if I want to be.

2. Decide That You’re Ready to Change, then DO IT!Fit is Possible

I had to change my eating habits.  I had to learn how to eat. I knew I needed to eat better, but I didn’t understand HOW to do that and incorporate that into my life and my family.  That’s hair loss where John and his awesome program, Bod-E-Volv was priceless for me.  I give 100% of my new knowledge to him and his willingness to answer questions and take the time when I needed to understand.  I love the community that I found there with others going through the program as well and we could ask each other questions, or ask those that had been there before what they did.  Like I said before, I needed real food to learn with, and I needed to be able to cook for my family while I was learning.  My kids are crazy picky eaters and we’re still working on some things with them, but we’ll get there.  It’s a process, and now that I know what I’m doing, I feel confident that I can share that knowledge with them.  

3. Find Positive Support!

My adorable friend Sara was also a huge inspiration to me.  She’d shared her story on her blog (I couldn’t say enough good things about this blog, so just go, read, and make everything you see.  It’s good, it always is, lol).  I emailed her and asked her some questions.  She was so encouraging to me when I started and I hope she knows how much I appreciated that!  My husband was the other person I found a lot of support in.  He’d help me get up to the alarms that blare in the morning (and wake him up, lol).  He’d try to help encourage me to eat what I was supposed to and was willing to try a variety of things that we weren’t used to eating on a normal basis.  I really didn’t share the changes I was making with many.  It was just something I knew I needed to do and as I talked to various people it’d come up or whatever.  But I liked my little support system.  It was what I needed.

4. Keep Going … Even After the Excitement Is Gone.Fit is Possible

I feel like after a while I get sick of waking up early, and I had days where that just did not happen. Sometimes my drive to eat well and work out where just depleted.  It was worn out.  Life had just worn me down and that was just more to do.  I think sometimes we just have to let something become a habit, so that when we get to those times where we just don’t feel like it, we do it anyways.  We drag ourselves out of bed, or we force ourselves to eat what we know is best.  We just need to remind ourselves of the greater good.  We need a great support system to remind ourselves of the greater good.  We’ll get through it and we’ll see results and it’ll help get that excitement back.

5. Let Yourself Fail Sometimes, Then Move On.Fit is Possible

Isn’t there always an initial high for things?  We get so determined and excited for knew things, and then that wears off eventually, and it’s hard and life happens … and then we fall short.  Guess what?!?  If we recognize this, we can STAND UP AGAIN!  It’s awesome.  If you eat a brownie, and your’e trying to not eat brownies, that’s okay!  Stop at 1, and decide that it was amazing, and move on.  Just because you mess up, or fail once or twice or twenty times, does not mean that you’ve forever failed.  It means that you’re a person!  It means that you were tired, so you slept in or you were being a mom and you just couldn’t get your workout in that day, or it means that you ate out of stress one day, or just because you love cookies.  It’s okay.  Accept it and move on, and remember that you can do better!  


Fit is Possible

I feel like I get to live my life without feeling bogged down by things that used to bring me down.  I eat a cookie or a candy bar sometimes, but it doesn’t take over my life.  When I bake cookies, I bake them with someone else in mind that I can share them with, or several someones.  I’ve learned what food triggers me to sit and eat the entire thing (Oreos anyone?) and I’ve learned what healthier foods I love, even if they don’t sound good, once I eat them, they’re incredible, lol.  

I know I can do hard things.  I know I can be happy.  I know that as a mom, I can play with my kids more easily and have a fun time.  I know that now, I am closer to being who I hope and want to be.  

I can be that person I know is inside and that has made all the difference for me.