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Easy Jedi Robe Tutorial

April 20, 2012

Jedi Robe Tutorial Welcome Step By Step Jedi Robe Tutorial by Simplistically Sassy


Have you ever thought of yourself as a Jedi Master Mom before?

Well, know that you are now officially part of the best group of mom’s out there.  You have found the best tutorial, and are willing to do whatever it takes for your young Jedi to be all that he can be – AND you found the EASIEST way to do it!!!  Hooray! 

With 3 boys, and a husband that all LOVE Star Wars, you better believe it gets a lot of talk around here.  My sons may or may not know more about Star Wars than me.  Lol.  
If you happen to be a Jedi Mom with a Princess in your house too, make sure to check out my Princess Cape tutorial too. 

This Jedi Robe will be the icing on the cake at any party, be the highlight of dress ups, the BEST costume at Halloween, OR Help your Jedi accomplish his DREAMS when he gets picked in Disneyland to be in the Jedi Academy and actually have a duel with Darth Vader himself!

Before we get started, I wanted to make sure to answer some questions you may have.  

Here are the top THREE questions I get asked the most about the Easy Jedi Robe:

  • What fabric do I use?  You really can use whatever you’d like.  I used felt.  It’s often on sale, and if not, there are several fabric stores that carry 40% off coupons, and even 50% off coupons.  You could also use linen fabric.  It’s lighter weight.  It’s more flowy like the robes in the movies.  They aren’t as warm – which if you’re using on Halloween, and you live somewhere that it gets chilly on Halloween, it may not be the best option.  However, it’s totally up to you and how you want it to look.  The ones I’ve made from felt have held up for more than 7 years!  They’re fantastic.
  • How long does the Jedi Robe take to make?  This will depend.  Once you have the fabric, and the children settled for a moment (they’ll find you though, I promise), then I’d guess 1-3 hours depending on your sewing skills.  Less time if you know what’s going on, and more time if you’re still figuring out how to do things.  It’s pretty quick though.  So don’t be discouraged by all the steps, I just wanted to make sure they were detailed well.
  • What size does this make?  You’ll be measuring specifically for your Jedi.  It’ll make an adult size Jedi Robe, child size Jedi Robe, infant size Jedi Robe.  In fact, this could be converted into a wizard robe, using a different fabric you could even make it a Princess Cape.  The possibilities are endless – and it’s so easy to create!

This is going to be EASY!
You’re going to love how fun this pattern is to make. 

Hit the Next arrow and let’s get started on your Easy Jedi Robe.

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