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4 Activities to do WITH your Kids

April 27, 2016

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Earlier this week I decided I need to let the laundry be.  I needed to let the dishes be.  I needed to BE with my kids. Four activities to do with your kids by Simplistically Sassy

I probably have a GIGANTIC pile of laundry in front of the laundry room.  Somedays I feel like laundry, dishes, and general tidying keep me busy all day long.  

Do you know what I’m talking about?  Do you ever feel like there are days were all you do is house work?  Then no one even notices?!?

You guys, this is what the entry to my tiny laundry room looks like right now.all laundry detergent by simplistically sassy

Don’t be fooled.  ALL those clothes are totally clean and in piles for each of the rooms the kids are in (some share).  I’ve just been a little behind, so I haven’t had them take them yet to take care of until all the clothes are out of the washer and dryer.  

I better just let them grab them and put them away huh?  I’m always behind on laundry.

all laundry detergent by simplistically sassy

Since we’re talking about laundry (literally though, we’re not going to get into anyones dirty laundry), I have always LOVED all® fragrance free dry free detergent.  My oldest daughter has eczema pretty badly, and I found when she was tiny that if I got all® fragrance free dry free detergent it made a huge difference. I found this new product called all® fresh clean Essentials™ you can buy on Amazon (anyone else LOVE Amazon?!?) and it’s also Sulfate Free and preserves the colors in your clothes!  They made it even better you guys!  It makes me love it even more.  Make sure to always follow directions exactly when using this product.

Sometimes stepping away from the laundry, the dishes, the tidying can be HARD!  There is always a to-do list.  Spending time with my kids is HARD but I’ve learned I am more productive when I step away and DO something WITH them. 

Here are Four FUN activities to do WITH you kids.

Disclaimer – these are activities that will bring you back to childhood and make you have fun with your kids.  They may be messy and you may have to do more laundry, and more sweeping, but I promise you’ll have a blast and you’ll be okay doing more laundry and more sweeping.  

#1 – Finger Painting

Activities to do with your kids by Simplistically SassyA while ago I wrote about how much I hate glitter.  Finger painting is a close second.  However, when I told my kids what we were doing … the joy that filled their eyes was amazing.  I loved it.  Activities to do with your kids by Simplistically Sassy

The next morning they were begging me to hang up their pictures.  Activities to do with your kids by Simplistically Sassy
Helpful hint #1

Grab a garbage bag, and then cut one long side, and the short side of it.  Use tape and tape the bag down onto the table your kids will be painting on.  Super easy clean up, and you don’t have to worry about the mess on the table.  You’re still winning because you’re letting kids be kids, and make a huge mess and they’ll love every moment of it.Activities to do with your kids by Simplistically Sassy
Helpful hint #2:
Grab a napkin or paper towel for your kids so they don’t start wiping their finger paint on their clothes between colors instead of something normal, like a napkin or something similar.  Luckily for me, I love my all® Fresh Clean Essentials™.  For the record – the all® Fresh Clean Essentials got this stain out after it sat overnight without any scrubbing or pre-treatment at all.  I love that it’s a powerful clean without harshness. Activities to do with your kids by Simplistically Sassy

#2 Play Dough

I had a friend that convinced me that play dough wasn’t the worst thing to let kids play with.  I had a hard time with it when I had little little ones that weren’t old enough to play with it, but old enough to know they were missing out.  Activities to do with your kids by Simplistically Sassy

Play dough really can provide HOURS of fun.  Just know you’ll need to sweep.  It’s so inexpensive, don’t be afraid to just ditch it after your kids are done with it, or when you’re done with it.  My oldest was the one that was excited to do the play dough first.  He loved creating his favorite ships and showing me how great they looked. Activities to do with your kids by Simplistically Sassy

I love seeing the creative spark that arrises in kids as they just see what their minds and hands can create together. 

Helpful hint #1

Be prepared for color mixing to happen if you have little kids.  This is the work of my youngest. Some of my older kids were a little upset about it.  Just roll with things.  It’ll be okay.

Activities to do with your kids by Simplistically Sassy

Helpful Hint #2

Not only will this activity result in hours of fun, your kids may end up preparing a dinner party for you that you didn’t know would be happening.  My daughter was obviously fine with the color changes she made, and excited to host a dinner party and prepare for it for me tonight.  Anyone want to join us?Activities to do with your kids by Simplistically Sassy

#3 Tic-Tac-Toe

Not just your normal tic-tac-toe.  Grab some masking tape and make a HUGE tic-tac-toe on your floor.  Activities to do with your kids by Simplistically Sassy

Next, find two things that you can use for each player.  My son decided to do big cars/trucks, and little cars.  It worked great.  Activities to do with your kids by Simplistically Sassy

I loved that my littles could play this, and my older kids, and I could play with them.  It’s been so fun to have.  Since it doesn’t leave a big mess, it’s fun to leave for a while and when the kids are board, they’ll find it and play for a while.

#4 Hop Scotch

Activities to do with your kids by Simplistically Sassy

Again, I just used some masking tape (I love all the fun colors that it comes in now) and created a hop scotch pattern in our entry way.  I think all of us walk down that hall and just have to do it as we pass by.  Activities to do with your kids by Simplistically Sassy Activities to do with your kids by Simplistically Sassy

I love watching my little kids try to do it.  It’s tricky for the littler ones, but so fun for everyone.  Such concentration to land just right.Activities to do with your kids by Simplistically Sassy

Activities to do with your kids by Simplistically Sassy 

My biggest tip of the day:

Put down your phone.  Put it away where you can’t hear all the buzzes and the dings and the notifications.  Don’t fuss about the mess that has been created by kids, dishes, or laundry.  Let the kids play, really, really play, and play WITH them.  They’ll feel so loved by you in those moments.  They will cherish those undistracted moment with you.  Let them be who they are and love them for that, and for the mess they make, and MAKE THE MESS WITH THEM!

How will you spend less time on your laundry and more time letting your kids be kids?

11 Laundry Stain Remover Tips

August 27, 2013

11 Laundry Stain Removal TipsToday’s Tuesday Tip is 11 Laundry Stain Remover Tips.  With back to school upon us all, stains are bound to come our way. I’ve gathered these from a few random places.  My washing machine has stain removal tips … so I just took those and shared.  Some of the other tips are found at One Good Thing by Jillee.

I’m also including a FREE printable at the bottom of the post to put in your laundry room, so you don’t have to remember these, or search and search for them! Then they can just hang up nicely in your laundry room.


1. Blood – Soak in cold water for 30 minutes with laundry detergent.  Pre-treat any remaining stain (I have a great one below and here).  Wash as directed in hottest water safe for fabric.

2. Tomato – Sponge immediately or pre-treat with stain remover (again, great one found below and here).  Rinse it out, then rub detergent into any remaining stain.  Wash as directed in hottest water safe for fabric.

3. Deodorants – Pre-treat with concentrated detergent.  Wash as directed in hottest water safe for fabric.  Treat freshly discolored stains with ammonia and old stains with vinegar. Rinse, and rewash.  GREAT stain remover below for yellow stain under arms! 

4. Grease/Oil – Rub detergent on the stain.  Was in hottest water safe for the fabric.  If the stain is still there, sponge with alcohol.  Rinse well, and rewash.

5. Grass – Use enzyme presoak (Oxi-clean type — homemade recipe below).  Was with detergent and bleach safe for fabric.  If stain remains sponge with alcohol.  Rinse really well and rewash.

6. Chocolate/cocoa – Soak in cold water and pretreat remaining stain.  Was with hottest water safe for the fabric.

7. Basic Stain Remover
2/3 cup Dawn dishwashing detergent
2/3 cup ammonia
6T baking soda
2 cups warm water

Mix and put in spray bottle.

8. Yellow Underarm Stain Remover:
2 parts hydrogen peroxide
1 part Dawn dish washing detergent

Mix together in spray bottle.
Spray onto stain until quite saturated.
Use Baking Soda and shake over stain and scrub in with a brush.
Let set for an hour or so.
Wash as you regularly would.

9. Homemade Oxy-Clean – Do Not Pre-Mix
1/2 cup washing soda
1/2 cup Hydrogen Peroxide

10.  Forgot about the laundry in your washer?  Easy fix, add ammonia and a small amount of detergent to your load and rewash.

11. Homemade Laundry Detergent – 
Gallon jug
3T washing soda
3 T borax
4 cups really hot water
2T Dawn dish washing detergent

Combine washing soda and borax in gallon jug.
Add HOT water to jug, mix to dissolve.
Add water to fill, except leave room for detergent.
Add Dawn dish soap and mix well.
Mix around a bit before use.
Use ½ to 1 cup per large wash load

Just click on the colors you’d like to print your free 11 Laundry Stain Remover Tips

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Getting rid of mildew laundry smell

January 22, 2013

Saturday I started a load of laundry (GASP!).  It was a small feat.  However … I forgot that I’d been so diligent in putting those close in the water with the soap.  I didn’t set my buzzer because the baby was napping and sleeping babies should never have to be woken up by the washer buzzer.

THEN … it was Sunday afternoon when I remembered my laundry.  I promptly decided to not care, and moved on with whatever was happening.  Monday morning came and my laundry kind of reeked 

Anyone else experience this?  What?  You’re all amazing at remembering that you’re wet laundry is in the washer and you never have this issue?  That’s so awesome!  Well, in case you happen to get distracted or forgetful some day like me … here is a little laundry forgetfulness tip …

When you open your washer and it’s been too long and the smell is awful … start the washer all over again.  Do the same settings you’d normally do as if you’re just putting the load in.  Add a bit of soap (maybe half or even a quarter as much as you’d normally do, after all, they are technically clean), and then add Ammonia!  There are directions on the back of Ammonia for cleaning.  Honestly, I have NO idea how much to add.  You could figure out from the back directions for laundry, but I just add some.  Maybe 1/2 a cup … at most.  It will NOT make your clothes smell like Ammonia!!  It just gets rid of that nasty left in the washer smell so you don’t have to have weird smelling clothes.  It’s also great to add a little when you have really stinky towels/dish clothes.

Easy peasey right?  Ammonia is super cheap too.  So it’s great to just stick a bottle in the laundry room so if you have a relapse in memory, you can act like it’s no big deal and move on with your laundry day … as long as you remember you’re having a laundry day.  🙂