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Miracles are Real

October 13, 2015

Miracles are real.  Miracles happen, EVERY day.  I have written a post about my 10 day old baby boy had a stroke, was life flighted, and had brain surgery all within 12 hours.  He recovered in just over a week, and was back home, and is almost 6 years old.  SIX!  He’s perfect.  He’s reading, and writing, and walking and talking, and laughing and crazy.  He is nothing short of a miracle in my life.  

I believe in miracles.  I know they are real.  I know that God is watching over us, and hears our prayers.  Sometimes we get miracles.  Sometimes we get heartache.  Sometimes we get trials.  We have to remember though … sometimes we get miracles.  We have to believe it’s possible.  We need to help each other believe it’s possible.

Have you heard about The Cokeville Miracle?  Before this movie came out I hadn’t ever heard this story.  Ever.  It was amazing to hear about though.  Check out the trailer here if you haven’t heard of this movie before.

Cokeville Miracle DVD_entrapment

My husband and I decided to watch this for a stay at home date night.  Those are the best kinds.  😉  This movie goes through a story about a man and his wife who take a school hostage.  They have all the kids and teachers in a room in the school and the man has a bomb that he is threatening to go off.  Then the bomb does go off.  The man and the women die.  Every single child, and teacher and person besides those two in the school come out alive.  Some are hurt, but no one died.  Then eventually it comes out, then kids are talking about the angles that were in the room.  The angles that guided them out of the school.  The protection.  The prayer that was given before the bomb went off.  It’s incredible.  The pieces of the puzzle all come full circle and it’s so heart warming to see the protection they were all given that day.

 I have four kids in elementary school right now, and I just couldn’t help but think about what it would be like to get a call telling me that my kids were being threatened with their lives.  What would it really be like to get a phone call like that?!?  I can’t even imagine.  

As we watched this movie I loved hearing the accounts of the children.  I loved seeing the change in the father.  I loved remembering the importance of miracles in our lives.  It’s important to be able to rely on God and know that He has the power to help and guide us when we need that in our lives.  He will give us strength and peace.  It’s amazing to see the love that God has for us in our lives.  We can see that every single day if we take the time to find it.


Motherhood is hard, but so important

August 26, 2014

Motherhood is Hard by Simplistically Sassy

It was Sunday morning.  My husband had a rare church meeting that would last a couple hours.  Luckily the kids cooperated fairly well, and we got all the girls bathed and dressed fairly quickly.  My fabulous husband made breakfast, and while it cooked he got himself ready.  We ate and enjoyed a hot breakfast.  Once breakfast was over, I started going through the piles of papers that had started to be sorted but were never finished.  My husband left, and I sent the boys off to get ready.  I kept cleaning.  Soon breakfast was cleaned up, the counters wiped, dishes away, floor swept and my oldest daughter was coloring a picture at the counter.  

I went to check on the boys (to see if showers were actually happening), and to find out where the two year old had wandered off to (aka to make sure she wasn’t causing trouble).  I was pleasantly surprised to find my oldest son helping his younger brother in getting the shower started.  The younger kids were all playing happily.  It was a miracle really, but I wasn’t complaining.

As I walked down the stairs and back into the kitchen to finish some undone tasks, I noticed my daughters church shoes in the family room (as they were the only things on the floor).  Motherhood is Hard by Simplistically Sassy

These cute pink shoes reminded me how grown up she’d become.  That soon, those shoes would be high heels taller than mine (I’m so much more of a flats girl), and that I’d have multiple pairs all around from all 3 of my girls before I knew it.

As I finished up a few things, I got to thinking about how my youngest son was starting preschool this week.  My eyes filled.  They have for over a year when I would think about this.  He’s my forth child!  Why would I cry about preschool now?!?  It’s always been a fun milestone I love to celebrate.  

My sweet little boy is finally going off to preschool (with one of the BEST teachers ever) and my heart is so tender with my baby boy, my miracle, not being around all the time  I’m a bit worried about how he’ll do, and if he’ll be okay.  Motherhood is Hard by Simplistically Sassy

I think mostly though … these three littles (as I like to call them) that are at the end of my family are only 2.5 years apart.  They are all right in a row in school years.  So, as Jack starts kindergarten in a year, my cute little girl will start preschool.  Then Jack will start first grade, then Hannah will go to kindergarten and my little baby will start preschool.  It’s like all the time I’ve spent looking forward to having my kids gone at school, and being able to clean my house and sit on my couch and admire it for more than 5 minutes (or more than 1 hour!), makes my mother heart hurt a little.  

I have finally become one of those mothers.  I’ve finally seen the light.  My oldest is in FORTH grade.  That’s so crazy to me!  My baby will be in kindergarten before I know it, and it’s making me sad.  When she does go to kindergarten, my oldest, who was once my baby too, will go into middle school.

Time goes so quickly, and I’ve finally realized that I have to soak up these moments.  These HARD moments.  These moments when my kids are little and so precious. 

Being a mom is incredibly hard.  It’s hard physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, every day.  It’s so hard to be a mom.  But I think we need to slow down more often.  Instead of seeing shoes out of place, look at how big they’ve gotten – or how tiny and sweet they still are.  Be slow to anger and quick to love.  When you’re kids leave for school, genuinely send them with a hug and I love you, instead of rushed one.  When your kids ask for your help, or to come to them, don’t make them wait.  Make whatever you’re doing wait.  Let them know you love them, and that they are the most important thing.  Because they are!

What Matters Most

March 8, 2013

I was recently shown this video that went right along with a message I wanted to share. Take a moment to watch it, it has an amazing message, that anyone and everyone can gain something from.

I’ve been thinking lately about taking the time to say “I love you” to my kids.  I feel that it’s so important to take a moment (or two, or three, or five) each day, and tell my kids that I love them.  Sometimes I do this quietly as they sit on my lap.  Sometimes, I do it when they’re driving me nuts and I make sure everyone hears that they’re driving me insane, but I love them.  Sometimes it’s in action.  Making sure that they know you love them in a genuine way, and not just in passing is essential.

I heard the saying a while back, “People are more important than things”.  Oh, that’s so hard to remember sometimes, lol.  I’m always saying, “Just a second, just a moment”.  I’ve been trying to stop making the kids wait.  It’s only going to take a moment to stop reading my Facebook messages to get one of the kids a drink of milk, or the toys down from the closet that they’d like, or helping them do a simple task they haven’t quite managed yet.

It’s in the small and simple things that love is shown.  Taking time and effort to help them, to snuggle up with them, to BE with them, to tell them … that is what matters most.

I have been reminded of several people that have helped me remember what is important.  I want to tell you about each of them for just a moment.

Logan is a sweet little boy with SMA.  You can check out his awesome Facebook Page, Fundraiser Page or his awesome Blog to find out more about SMA.  Logan is just a few days older than my sweet little Emma.  I “met” Logan’s mom through a parenting website, and have been inspired as I’ve read Logan’s story.  The Ruth family is truly living so fully, as much as they can.  Logan is such a happy little boy, whose joy seems to jump through the pictures that are shared.  Here is a picture of Logan and his older brother Lucas.

Logan and Lucas in their hats I got to make them.

The next little boy who I’ve very recently learned about is a little boy named Mitchell.  You can see his Facebook Page, and here is a news article that my local news did on him.  It’s so heart breaking in some ways to read about Mitchell, but inspiring (again) at the same time.  The strength that his family has is amazing. ** In the time that I first started this post, and to actually posting it, Mitchell actually passed away.  I wish his family peace and comfort at this time.  They have written many inspiring messages on their FB page in the last few days.

The next little boy is one that I knew.  I’m deeply touched by him and his courage and his family.  Caleb was our sweet neighbor for a couple years.  He passed away almost a year ago.  He has truly touched my heart. You can read about sweet little Caleb here on his blog.  My friend, and Caleb’s mom still updates it.  On the side you can see a link to start at the beginning of Caleb’s story so you can find out why Caleb is so special.

Caleb as Captain America Halloween 2011

I find it so amazing that when we have hard things happen, the strength that we somehow muster to get through it.  I told the story a while back about our little Jack.  You can go read it here.  He’s our little miracle.  I think back to those times that he was in the hospital, and all that was going on and I’m amazed at how calmly we were able to go about all of it most of the time.

Jack after coming home from the hospital.

How do you spend time telling/showing those you love that you love them?  How have you come to appreciate what you have and who you have?

What Love Looks Like

February 14, 2013
My wonderful husband and I out on a rare date this past Saturday.  Love him!!

I wanted to share something a little more personal today.  Unsure of how that’d turn out (just due to life with 6 kids and trying to make sure I do everything else that is asked/required of me …) or what exactly I’d be sharing, life has a funny way of helping things get figured out.

I think love evolves along with us.  We change as our circumstances change.  Our experiences can help us become better people.  My husband and I have been married for (almost) 9 years and it’s amazing to think about how our lives have drastically changed (for the good) in those years, and how our love has changed and expanded as we’ve had children to share that love with.

It’s also fun to see the love the kids have for one another.  They’re developing friendships and they are learning to love their friends and truly care for them.  It’s so neat to see that.  Since today in Valentine’s Day I wanted to share what love looks like to me each day!  I hope you all find love in your life today … in the many, many forms that it can appear.  Here is what love looks like in my life.

PS — Most of the blurry pictures were taken by my children, lol.  They’re fun though.

PSS — There is an awesome movie at the end … so I promise the photo bomb that is about to happen, will be worth it.  😉

Oh, and a quick shout out to my awesome friend Jen at Four Marrs & One Venus … she keeps telling me to make my pictures GIANT … so for you Jen … because I LOVE you too, here are my giant pictures of love!!  🙂

#1, no idea what the face is about.  Lol.
It’s hard to have to ride instead of walk, especially when you’re 2 and you LOVE to
run away from your mom.
Found this gem, and had never seen it.  Love that baby girl.
I have about 20 of this same picture …
Another gen!  Oh I really do love that baby girl.  She’s so cute I can hardly handle it.
#4 Dancing!  Love this kid, he’s so silly.
Love looks like protection gear to search out the mouse (mice) dead in my basement and getting rid of what “remains”.  So gross!  True love right there from my husband and my dad.
#2, and #6 … so sweet right?  She’s trying to calm her down.
#2 and #4 being best friends for a few minutes.
Working on class Valentine’s cards.
The view of my cart.
A sweet tiny moment.  She had a blast with this.
Just sitting on the doll couch.  Oh, you didn’t notice.  Let me show you …
Yep, tiny pink couch just for her (or maybe that tiny doll at her feet …)
And for your viewing pleasure … my adorable 2 year old will now sing you a song!