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Miracles are Real

October 13, 2015

Miracles are real.  Miracles happen, EVERY day.  I have written a post about my 10 day old baby boy had a stroke, was life flighted, and had brain surgery all within 12 hours.  He recovered in just over a week, and was back home, and is almost 6 years old.  SIX!  He’s perfect.  He’s reading, and writing, and walking and talking, and laughing and crazy.  He is nothing short of a miracle in my life.  

I believe in miracles.  I know they are real.  I know that God is watching over us, and hears our prayers.  Sometimes we get miracles.  Sometimes we get heartache.  Sometimes we get trials.  We have to remember though … sometimes we get miracles.  We have to believe it’s possible.  We need to help each other believe it’s possible.

Have you heard about The Cokeville Miracle?  Before this movie came out I hadn’t ever heard this story.  Ever.  It was amazing to hear about though.  Check out the trailer here if you haven’t heard of this movie before.

Cokeville Miracle DVD_entrapment

My husband and I decided to watch this for a stay at home date night.  Those are the best kinds.  😉  This movie goes through a story about a man and his wife who take a school hostage.  They have all the kids and teachers in a room in the school and the man has a bomb that he is threatening to go off.  Then the bomb does go off.  The man and the women die.  Every single child, and teacher and person besides those two in the school come out alive.  Some are hurt, but no one died.  Then eventually it comes out, then kids are talking about the angles that were in the room.  The angles that guided them out of the school.  The protection.  The prayer that was given before the bomb went off.  It’s incredible.  The pieces of the puzzle all come full circle and it’s so heart warming to see the protection they were all given that day.

 I have four kids in elementary school right now, and I just couldn’t help but think about what it would be like to get a call telling me that my kids were being threatened with their lives.  What would it really be like to get a phone call like that?!?  I can’t even imagine.  

As we watched this movie I loved hearing the accounts of the children.  I loved seeing the change in the father.  I loved remembering the importance of miracles in our lives.  It’s important to be able to rely on God and know that He has the power to help and guide us when we need that in our lives.  He will give us strength and peace.  It’s amazing to see the love that God has for us in our lives.  We can see that every single day if we take the time to find it.