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Pinkalicious Party

September 3, 2015

You know we love a good party on the budget at our house!  A while back my daughter turned 4, and wanted a Pinkalicious party.  It was super easy, and super fun!  She (of course) got all dressed up in pink, and before the party started her nails HAD to be pink as well.  Pinkalicous Party By Simplistically Sassy

The table was super easy and fun to do too.  I headed to Walmart and got their inexpensive packages of pink forks, plates, napkins, and cups.  We were having less than 8 girls, so I didn’t have to buy large amounts of these items either, which is always a bonus.

For the wall, I wanted to do something different than just a plastic table cloth.  It wasn’t covering well, and I wanted it to look nice.  I went and grabbed an inexpensive roll of wrapping paper and just fit it to the wall, and added some balloons at the bottom to give it a bit more texture.  

I usually make a cake, but she saw this cake and begged for it, so we decided we could splurge a bit and get it. 

I used pink cupcake wrappers and scooped ice cream skin care into them, and kept them frozen until the girls were ready to eat.  It was so easy and no mess during the party.  We also had pink blow pops (since Pinkalicious loves bubble gum, and we also had pink cotton candy (not pictured) for the girls to all take home.  

The cupcakes on the wall say Happy Birthday.  I created those with my Shilouete.  It was easy and fun to do.  Then I just made some holes in them and strung twine through them.Pinkalicous Party By Simplistically Sassy

We just played super simple games.  We blew up some balloon and wrote all the girls names on them, and then we let them keep them from touching the ground.  They LOVED this game and thought it was so fun to see who could keep them up the longest.Pinkalicous Party By Simplistically Sassy

Hannah and her BFF.  They’re always so fun together.  This cute little girl is the daughter of the wonderful blogger at Events to CelebratePinkalicous Party By Simplistically Sassy

This is how the birthday girl felt about this super fun and pink party.  🙂  I love her spunky and loving personality.  She’s amazing and I’m so grateful she’s mine.  🙂   Pinkalicous Party By Simplistically Sassy

Superheroes Back to School

September 14, 2014

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Superheroes back to school by Simplistically Sassy

My kids started school incredibly early this year, and with the various things that we were doing as summer ended and trying to catch up with life, and get everyone off to school, etc time flew by me.  I decided that we needed to have a Superheroes back to school party.  I wanted to focus on how the kids could be like their favorite superheroes (Captain America is a favorite around these parts, so we decided to go with him as our main theme) and be helpful, kind, help others in need, etc.  I made these super easy capes using plastic table clothes for each of the kids with their initial on the back.Super capes for Superheroes by Simplistically Sassy

We started off by inviting some friends over.  What’s a party without friends?  You all know by now that I’m all about a party on a budget.  🙂  After my (too early) morning workout, I headed to Walmart, sans kids (a miracle right?!), and grabbed everything I was going to need.  Plastic table clothes for the back drops, and the tables, poster board for the decor, M&M’s for the ice cream bar, and for decorating the cake.  I love the variety M&M’s have these days.  But really, I’m a classic lover of Peanut Butter M&M’s.  We decided that #HerosEatMMs after all.  😉  I love how many options there are … endless snacking!

I printed and cut out these bubbles with things that said various thing superheroes were known for and used them as fun little sayings that could inspire the kids to remember what a superheroes are all about.  Then I just took some yarn, and a large needle, and threaded it through the top of the plastic table cloth.  I left the table clothe folded in half so it wasn’t crazy long, and then just hung it up using some thumb tacks and nails.Captain America Superhero Party by Simplistically Sassy

Since we decided to have a Superheroes back to school dinner party with our friends, we made a Captain America shield using the pepperoni from the pizza, and cut out a cheese star to go in the middle, and then cooked it.  We had some breadsticks, some water, some veggies.Superhero Food by Simplistically Sassy

The kids loved it and dug right in.
Superheroes Eating by Simplistically Sassy

Once dinner was done, we had some games for the kids to play.  They did a little obstacle course.  Superhero Games by Simplistically Sassy

After the games were done, and the silly string gone, it was time to dig into the cake and ice cream.  The kids loved the Captain America cake.  It was so so easy to make.  I just used 2 8 inch cakes stacked, with chocolate frosting in the middle, and then frosted with white frosting.  I used plain M&M’s (my little kids sorted them out for me.  Great math and color sorting lesson) to create a Captain America shield on the cake.  I loved how it turned out, and it was crazy simple.  The ice cream bar we just had a variety of M&M’s and some classic syrups to go on some vanilla ice cream.  Shield Cake by Simplistically Sassy

My favorite M&M display we had.  The kids loved it too.M&M's and ice cream

The kids had a blast, which was what the hope was all along.  My husband and I had fun, and throwing the party, made us want to watch the newest Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  We went and rented it and both enjoyed it, and thought it was a great movie.  It’s one we’ll be buying to watch again.

So, head on over to Walmart, and use some this great coupon and grab your own bag of M&M’s and the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier.#HeroesEatMMs

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Ice Cream Birthday Party

August 21, 2014

Ice Cream Birthday Party by Simplistically SassyWe recently celebrated my baby’s second birthday with an ice cream birthday party.  That basically means, I don’t have a baby any more … I have a toddler and she’s totally becoming a spunky, sweet little girl.  We had a blast celebrating.

My cute girl loves ice cream and I thought it would be a super fun way to celebrate her birthday. We all loved how this ice cream birthday party turned out, and had such a great time.

Of course the star of the birthday was this sweet little girl.  I’m so grateful she’s part of our family.  She is so loving and kind, and LOVES to play with her siblings.  She makes us all laugh, and she’s always quick to try new things if it means she gets to be with the other kids.  I feel like she’s such a blessing in our family, and I’m so glad that she’s mine.  Emma Jane

Well, first and for most, if you’re going to have an Ice Cream Birthday Party, you better have some amazing ice cream options.  I decided I really wanted to have homemade ice cream.  So we went with it.  This was done in advance so that the ice cream could harden a little more, and so we could make 3 batches before party day.  🙂  We made vanilla, chocolate, and raspberry.  It ended up being perfect for the party, and of course it tasted amazing!!  Ice Cream Birthday Party

Of course, if we’re having an ice cream party we needed toppings!!!  We had little marshmallows, crushed up Cookies and Cream Hershey bar, chopped chocolate Hershey bar, sprinkles, crushed Oreo, crushed nuts, and chopped Snickers. Ice Cream Birthday Party Toppings

The next thing that was a must would be waffle cones, and I LOVE waffle bowls.  I loved these tiny little waffle bowls.  They were the perfect size.  We also had regular bowls for those that didn’t want a waffle cone or bowl.  🙂     Ice Cream Birthday Party Cones


I also wanted to have the options of some syrup toppings, and of course whipped cream.  Ice Cream Birthday Party Toppings


I also wanted to have beverage options.  We had milk, and then also some water bottles (with a Sharpie marker hidden from kids, but handy for parents to write names on cups and/or water bottles).Ice Cream Birthday Party Water


I also wanted to have some games at the party.  We were having quite a few kids there.  My kids came up with the idea of Pin the Toppings on the Ice Cream Cone.  I had a poster board and drew a giant ice cream cone, and then I let the kids draw the toppings.  It was perfect.  I loved the toppings that my 7 year old came up with and drew.  She did a great job.Pin the toppings


I also created a coloring page and as the guests arrived they got to color a page.  Then we hung them up on the wall so everyone could see them through the party.Kids coloring


I think everyone had a great time.  My sweet birthday girl had so much fun.  She had some of her favorite people there to celebrate with us, and I’m so grateful that they came.  Happy Birthday baby girl!!  Thanks for bringing so much fun and light into our family.  Love you!Birthday girl