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Pinkalicious Party

September 3, 2015

You know we love a good party on the budget at our house!  A while back my daughter turned 4, and wanted a Pinkalicious party.  It was super easy, and super fun!  She (of course) got all dressed up in pink, and before the party started her nails HAD to be pink as well.  Pinkalicous Party By Simplistically Sassy

The table was super easy and fun to do too.  I headed to Walmart and got their inexpensive packages of pink forks, plates, napkins, and cups.  We were having less than 8 girls, so I didn’t have to buy large amounts of these items either, which is always a bonus.

For the wall, I wanted to do something different than just a plastic table cloth.  It wasn’t covering well, and I wanted it to look nice.  I went and grabbed an inexpensive roll of wrapping paper and just fit it to the wall, and added some balloons at the bottom to give it a bit more texture.  

I usually make a cake, but she saw this cake and begged for it, so we decided we could splurge a bit and get it. 

I used pink cupcake wrappers and scooped ice cream skin care into them, and kept them frozen until the girls were ready to eat.  It was so easy and no mess during the party.  We also had pink blow pops (since Pinkalicious loves bubble gum, and we also had pink cotton candy (not pictured) for the girls to all take home.  

The cupcakes on the wall say Happy Birthday.  I created those with my Shilouete.  It was easy and fun to do.  Then I just made some holes in them and strung twine through them.Pinkalicous Party By Simplistically Sassy

We just played super simple games.  We blew up some balloon and wrote all the girls names on them, and then we let them keep them from touching the ground.  They LOVED this game and thought it was so fun to see who could keep them up the longest.Pinkalicous Party By Simplistically Sassy

Hannah and her BFF.  They’re always so fun together.  This cute little girl is the daughter of the wonderful blogger at Events to CelebratePinkalicous Party By Simplistically Sassy

This is how the birthday girl felt about this super fun and pink party.  🙂  I love her spunky and loving personality.  She’s amazing and I’m so grateful she’s mine.  🙂   Pinkalicous Party By Simplistically Sassy