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Simple Twin Size Quilt Pattern

June 9, 2014

Simple Twin Size Quilt Pattern By Simplistically Sassy

I am so excited to share this simple twin size quilt pattern with you.  

My mom is an amazing quilter, and taught me basics as I grew up.  I have been able to make each of my kids their bedspread when they have moved into a twin size bed.  

Recently I met up with Riley and Blake through a blog conference I attended and I LOVED their fabric.  I HAD to work with them.  They were awesome (ands still are) and liked my idea of doing a twin size quilt.  They sent me the fabric of my choice so I could share this awesome pattern to you.

**As a small side note – I’ve had this quilt ready since before our Hawaii trip.  I just didn’t get it put together before, and I feel like it’s taken me weeks to get myself back into real life in full, so I apologize it’s taken so long to get this done.

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Easy and Adorable Child Apron

May 1, 2014

Child Apron by Simplistically Sassy

My friend Tia, from Events to Celebrate posted a while back about a baking party.  I LOVED the idea of it, and I knew that I had to do it for my daughter who would be seven soon.  I talked with her and she was on board.  I loved planning this party.  It was so so much fun.  Make sure to check back, I’ll have full party details this week.

I knew right away that I wanted to take on the task of making aprons for the girls that would be coming.  I looked into a few ideas, and found this one.  It was similar to what I wanted, but I knew I wanted to add my own twist into it as well.

Materials for an easy Child’s Apron
1 fat quarter (or a piece of fabric 18×22)
1/8th of a yard of fabric (for ties)
Pattern (doubles as pocket)


You’re going to take your fat quarter and fold it in half, so it’s measuring 9×22.Child Apron by Simplistically Sasy

You’ll print and cut the pattern piece, and then pin it to the non folded side, and cut.Child Apron by Simplistically Sasy

Once that was done, I went ahead and surged the edge, but that is totally optional.  You could easily double fold the edge, press it, and then sewed the edge, so you’ve got a clean edge.  Even with surging it, I still folded it over, pressed it, and then sewed it down to have a clean edge.Child Apron by Simplistically Sasy


Take your two pieces that you cut from the pattern.  Put them right sides together, and sew around two of the edges, and then on the third edge make sure to leave a hole to turn the pocket right side out.

Before flipping the pocket, clip the corners of the pocket, being careful not to clip the edge you’ve just stitched. 

Flip the pocket right side out.  Then you can flip the edges of the hole down into the pocket, and sew along the outside of the pocket side that you left the hole.  Child Apron by Simplistically Sasy

Then place the pocket where you’d like it on the apron.  Pin, then stitch it onto the apron making the outside stitching that should match the stitching in the above step.Child Apron by Simplistically Sasy

Apron Ties

For the longer ties that will go around the back, I cut 2 pieces of fabric 22×3, and then for the tie around the neck I cut it 14×3.Child Apron by Simplistically Sasy

Next, I pressed each of the stripes in half to measure 22×1.5, and then I surged the ends to make a boat almost.  Again, if you don’t have a surger, just do a zig-zag stitch.  Child Apron by Simplistically Sasy

Clip the corners. like we did in a previous step, flip it so wrongs sides are together.  I just surged the edges again here, and left them like that.  However, if you’d like a clean edge all the way, you can clip the edge in, and sew down, and you’ll have an outer stitch just like on the pocket. 

Once that is all done, position the ties as you’d like.  The longer at the waist, the shorter at the top.

Sew those into place really well, and you’re done!Child Apron by Simplistically Sasy

Ta-Da!  A new adorable child apron that you can now use while you cook, bake, or party.  🙂


5 Minute Microwaveable Warmer

March 14, 2014

5 minute microwaveable warmer by Simplistically Sassy

My friend Amy posted on Instagram one day about how she whipped up a 5 minute microwaveable warmer using socks.  I thought it was brilliant.  I saw these adorable kids socks in the Target dollar section and snagged them.  The frog ones are toddler size, and the stripped ones are kids size.  You could do this with an old (clean) sock, or it’d be fun to make a super long neck warmer with a knee high adult sock.  Wouldn’t one of those toe socks be super fun to have too?  

What you need for a 5 minute microwaveable warmer:
Socks (just make sure it’s clean socks …)
Rice (although there are loads of other things you could use)
Essential oils (optional) 5 minute microwaveable warmer by Simplistically Sassy

I wrapped my sock around the funnel to ensure that I didn’t get rice all over the place.5 minute microwaveable warmer by Simplistically Sassy

If you want to use essential oil measure your rice into a plastic bag, put 2-3 drops of oil in in the rice, close the bag and mix the rice around to ensure that the oil is mixed in well.

Then I just poured the rice in.  For the toddler sock, I used 1 cup of rice.  For the kids sock I used 2 cups, but could have used another 1/2 cup at least if I’d wanted it fuller.5 minute microwaveable warmer by Simplistically Sassy

I used a cloths pin to hold them shut for a moment while I helped the kids for a moment, and so I could take them down to my dungeon sewing room.  It works well if you need a pause for a moment.5 minute microwaveable warmer by Simplistically Sassy

Then I sewed them closed in two places, to be safe.  Since they both had a stripe at the top, I did it under the stipe, and right in the middle of the stripe.5 minute microwaveable warmer by Simplistically Sassy

Once they were all sewn up they were ready to use.  Heat according to desired warmness.  🙂5 minute microwaveable warmer by Simplistically Sassy