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How to Resist Snacking

February 23, 2016

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Hey friends! Are you ready to learn how to resist snacking?

How to resist Snacking

I find that resisting snacking is SO HARD!  The kids seem to always want a snack, and even if I’m not hungry, I’m looking.  Or the kids are finally all in bed, and all I want to do is watch TV and have a snack.  Just some peace and quiet and some good food that the kids don’t even know exists in the house.  We all have that stash right?

Today I’ve got a 3 tips that will help you resist snacking, and help in your weight loss.  

#1: CHEW GUM!  Seriously you guys!  This WORKS!  The kids and I went to Target the other day (I don’t live super close to my Target, so when I go it’s like a dream of perfection.  Don’t you just love Target?  So much perfection in one little red store.) and as I was checking out I found this (plus here is an awesome coupon through Target Cartwheel for the new Extra® 35-stick pack):  Extra Gum

Do you SEE THAT?  No?  Let me get closer. Extra Gum

Now do you see why I’m so excited?  Friends, I go through 4-6 sticks of gum in ONE DAY sometimes.  Those times when I’m not actually hungry, but when I’m board and my mouth just thinks it needs to chew on something, I grab a stick of gum.  Extra® Gum Spearmint has THIRTY-FIVE sticks of gum. This makes my heart (and my mouth ) crazy happy.  Most gum packs come with far less than that.  

I have to share one other things I’m loving about this gum.  Extra gum in the car

It doesn’t just come in a cardboard package.  It has this durable recycled plastic that holds the gum.  Hooray!!!

I throw my gum in my purse, and keep it in the car, and in the pantry.  Seriously, I honestly do.  It’s everywhere (clearly I’m always munchy).  The thing I HATE is pulling my gum out only to find that cracker crumbs have make their way into the wrapper of my gum, which was laying around in my bag because having 6 kids means that they are always grabbing and searching for the gum too.  Or whatever else they can find.  I hate when my gum package is open, and spilling.  THIS IS AWESOME!  It clicks closed, and I know my gum is safe and sound, and crumb free.

PS – There is so much of this gum, it’s easy to give a little.  Sometimes I hate sharing those last few pieces, but when there are SO many pieces it’s easy to share for sure.

#2: DRINK WATER FIRST:  Alright, so when you’ve recently eaten, and you’re feeling munchy, or you feel like you’re hungry, make sure to drink a big glass of water.  Wait about 15 minutes to see if you’re ready hungry, or just feeling like you want to chew on something.  

Drink water

If you’re not really feeling that hungry, and still want something to do with your mouth, just grab a stick of gum.  I leave a package always in my pantry so when I’m grazing, I can see it easily, and just be reminded that I may not need food.  Loving that this Extra® Gum Spearmint 35-stick package just stands up nicely.

Extra Gum

#3: WHEN YOU EAT, EAT CLEAN!  If you’re going to eat something then make sure it’s good for you.  Good snacks always involve protein and can have a carb or a fat too.  It’s something that will fill you up and something that will get you to the next meal without having an in-between meal or something that you’ll regret eating.

Simple Snack

What do you think of the new Extra® 35-stick pack?  Are you excited to try it out?Extra-Spearmint-Gum

Simple Summer Snacks

June 3, 2014

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Simple Summer Snacks by Simplistically Sassy

Last week my older kids came home from school for the last time this school year.  I couldn’t believe they were done.  My kindergartener had been done for a week, and I had prepped myself all week to have all six kids back home.  See, I am SO excited to have the kids around.  I’m excited to do whatever we want, I’m excited to do fun things we’ve decided we want to make sure to, etc.  However, I’m not excited for the resistance in helping around the house, or pulling weeds, or the fighting.  I hope it isn’t the death of me this summer.  Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with summer vacation??   I wanted to make their first day out super fun.  I let each of the kids invite a friend over, and got some great simple summer snacks that would be filling and delicious for the kids.  Both are important as most days when I have all the kids home they’re endless pits that are always asking for food. The kids had a blast.  While I was getting their snacks ready, the boys had a water fight, the girls chatted, the littles just ran around, went down the slide, and followed the bigger kids.  It felt like summer!Simple Summer Fun By Simplistically Sassy  

I grabbed some Pepperoni Hot Pockets in the freezer section at Walmart earlier that week.  They’re with other frozen pizza products, but I love the individualized packaging.  Then I can make one, or I can make 12.  So perfect for #SummerGoodies, depending on how many kids are hungry for pizza in that snack attack moment.  We also grabbed some awesome fruit bars in the freezer section, but we’ll get to those in a minute. Simple Summer Snacks by Simplistically Sassy

I heated up a bunch of Pepperoni Hot Pockets, and I filled a bowl with carrots and cut up a cantaloupe and put them all out on a platter so the kids could have a grab and go simple summer snack as they played.Simple Summer Snacks Hot Pocket by Simplistically Sassy  

The kids loved the Hot Pockets.  They’ve got full sized pepperoni pieces and real cheese in them (thank goodness for protein in snacks!).  They end up perfectly cooked, and so filling.Simple Summer Snacks by Simplistically Sassy

I loved watching these little girls eat their pizza up.  So adorable.Simple Summer Snacks Hot Pocket by Simplistically Sassy

We let everyone finish and run around a bit longer before we pulled out the frozen fruit bars for a cool snack.  The kids saw that I’d gotten Dryers Outshine Fruit Bars when I went shopping at Walmart earlier in the week and were DYING to try these #SummerGoodies.  We got a bunch of different flavors.  Simple Summer Snacks Dyers by Simplistically Sassy

The most popular was the Strawberry Rhubarb and Coconut Cream.  These are awesome fruit bars that are made with real fruit and fruit juice.  I loved that these ones have veggies too!  Hello awesome!  🙂  We also tried out the Coconut and the Lime flavored bars and those were AWESOME.  The coconut makes me feel like I’m back on vacation … without the quiet.  🙂Simple Summer Snacks by Simplistically Sassy

Hello simple summer snacks that are ready in less than 5 minutes!  We’re glad to meet you for these endless pits that will be here for weeks on end.  We can’t wait to play water games, play with friends, and hang out all summer long.  

What do you look forward to doing with your kids during Summer Break?  

Let kids pack their lunch

February 7, 2014

Have you ever let kids pack their lunch for school?  It can be so helpful if you’re used to packing kids lunches getting them fed, dressed, backpacks all filled with papers, books, homework, etc.  Have a lunch caddy in the fridge and pantry can simplify this process SO much!  It’s such a simple idea that you can just let kids pack their lunch while you get other things organized.  

Let kids pack lunch

It’s so easy to let kids pack their lunch, I love it. Just grabbing a caddy, and then smaller containers or bags, and filling them (the kids could even help with this too!) with things the kids can just grab, put in their lunch bags, and then they’re good to go!  How simple, and awesome!  I love any opportunity that I can give my kids to learn how to do tasks and help around the house.

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