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Straighten Your Crown & Stand Taller

January 25, 2016

This saying has come into my Instagram feed, and Facebook feed several times lately.  It seems so fitting for life doesn’t it?  

Straighten Your Crown by Simplistically Sassy

Quote by 18Nineteen

As we become closer to Christ, and closer to the person He wants us to be, Satan tries us more.  He tries to get to us and tempt us and make us doubt our Divine Nature and our Divine Potential.  I’ve seen this in my own life as I’ve been striving to become closer to my Savior.  

Life is HARD.  Striving to be who we are meant to be is HARD.  We are all given trials that are HARD.  Being a mom is HARD.  Working all day long is HARD.  Our stresses, worries and trials can be made lighter as we turn those HARD things over to the Savior in prayer and seek His comfort and peace.  If we “take [his] yoke upon you and learn of [him] …” (Matthew 11:29) then we will be able to find those answers we are seeking after.

Over the past few months I’ve been trying to find out more about myself.  What will I spend my time doing when my kids are in school?  What do I even like to do?  Who am I besides, all that being a mother entails?  When I get a moment away from being a mom, what do I love to do?  What do I want to be when I grow up?  It’s been kind of a rough journey for me.  I’ve found out a lot about myself already, and expect to keep being surprised.  However, it would be impossible without the help of my loving Savior to help guide me and keep reminding me that I need to have faith in Him that my questions will be answered.

So, when you’re having a rough day, and the world seems to be getting you down, and you’re being hard on yourself, remember that God is NOT the one bringing you down.  Straighten the crown that you wear, and stand a little taller.  He’s on your side, and ready to walk beside you, always!